Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2407

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At this moment, Xuanyuan Canglan was extremely excited. A plan that took seventy thousand years to succeed, those years of hardship just for this very day. Furthermore, it took him a few thousand years to set up the ten thousand beasts blood sacrifice. He was constantly preparing, and constantly getting ready… 

The demonic beasts of each generation was already under his control through the power of belief. The demonic beasts surrounding the Burying Soul Mountain had become his soldiers that would even kamikaze at his will. He needed to complete the blood sacrifice to go against the will of the heavens, and those demonic beasts were his sacrifice, the blood of the ten thousand beasts was but a medium for the ritual. However, the medium itself was enough to shake the whole Hidden Secret Realm. 

Xuanyuan Canglan felt like he was now on top of the world. Once the immemorial beast revives and completes its transformation, he shall have millions below and only one above him. He had only respect and reverence towards the powerful immemorial expert. He had a glimpse of the beast’s memory, the Divine World was once a terrifying place to be, a single snap of this beast's fingers could devastate the whole Linhe Boundary. But for the whole Divine World, the beast was but a speck of land. 

Therefore, he was both incomparably fearful and excited. He was certain that he would become an expert under the immemorial beast, and he shall reign supreme not only in the whole Linhe Boundary, even the whole Lone Dragon County. 

The vibe surrounding Burying Soul Mountain was getting much scarier from the wind howling, and thunder roaring. 

“Sh*t, this blood sacrificial ritual is something else. Retreat out of the Burying Soul Mountain’s range.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Is it that scary? Do we really need to back off from the Burying Soul Mountain?” Liu Quanchao said after some hesitation. 

Although the Burying Soul Mountain looked dangerous, it’s not as serious as what Jiang Chen was saying. Plus, there won’t be any being surpassing the Heavenly God Realm in this mountain, they could certainly run away even if they could not beat it. 

“Who the hell do you think you are? Hahaha, is this a place where a True God Realm kid could butt in? Nothing is happening and you’re already scared sh*tless. I bet you’re going to sh*t yourself if anything were to happen next.” Dongfang Kuangyin sneered. 

Does he think that he’s the leader here? Witless fool! Dongfang Kuangyin obviously did not let go of this chance to taunt Jiang Chen as he regarded Jiang Chen as an eyesore. 

“I do not need you to comment on who I am. Stay if you want. At least I will leave this place. Nobody wants to accompany you to the River Styx.” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

Yang Jian and Man Shuai had absolute compliance towards Jiang Chen. However, Liu Quanchao and Zhang Lei were hesitating, including the Wu Brothers and Xu Jin. 

“Hmph, it’s just a rant coming from a coward. Just say it if you’re scared. You don’t need to hide it. Otherwise, you’ll die a horrible death. We’re here to test our mettle, to sharpen our fangs and swords. If you cannot face even a trial such as this, there’s no need to stay on the path towards the mighty. Only a coward chooses to leave. Rest assured, I will not laugh at your cowardice.” Dongfang Kuangyin said sarcastically. 

Dongfang Kuangyin’s men started laughing frantically.  Even though he was just being sarcastic, his words weren’t wrong, because they were in fact in a trial. 

Only by tampering and sharpening one’s strength and fangs could one reach the peak. At this moment, Jiang Chen was going to become a deserter, who would sympathize with him? 

“Haha, such a person is not fit to be an expert! Not to mention that he’s weak, he’s the first to ask for a retreat. How could such a shameless man exist?”  

“Yeah. He’s weak, and cowardly to boot. He’s just afraid to die, why should we stop him? Go home and feed in your mama's tits.” 

“Such a killjoy. Pui. Useless fool.” 

“Everyone has their own path. He’s not suited to be one of us. Hehe, the gap between us and him is getting wider. Perhaps, he may become food for those beasts soon.”  

Jiang Chen was silent throughout their mockery. Some people were just all talk and could achieve nothing in the end. There’s no need to force people to do their bidding. 

“I am a coward, the danger in this place is too much for me to handle. Therefore, I shall take my leave now.” 

Jiang Chen looked at the blood coloured skeletal structure that was half-submerged, his heart was getting heavier…. 

“Jiang Chen, we’re with you.” Yang Jian said solemnly and without any hesitation. Jiang Chen had become their core. 

“Same.” Man Shuai patted on Jiang Chen’s shoulder.  

“Jiang Chen, You… Haih, take care. Since you’re worried about the danger over here, then, it’s best that you leave the Burying Soul Mountain soon. I believe you have what it takes to protect yourself. ” Liu Quanchao said.  

“Good luck.” 

Xu Jin and Zhang Lei chose to stay back and clasped their fist towards Jiang Chen. The latter smiled and left without a word. There's nobody in this place that was worthy enough for him to stay back. Everyone has their own right to choose, and some chose to stay back for their trial, and gain experience. However, Jiang Chen chose to survive, to become stronger. After all, only by living could one become stronger. 

“He’s bound to be a coward. Hahaha, You’ll die in your foolishness in the future. Of course, you can back off now, but only by going through my legs… I am willing to accept your apology. Danger will still follow you even if you leave this place.” Dongfang Kuangyin sneered. 

Jiang Chen slowly turned back with his cold eyes. 

“Noisy fella.” Jiang Chen shook his head as he waved his hand and unleashed his blade. 

The wind, clouds and sky had their colour changed. The Heavenly Dragon Sword cut through the air like a meteor as Jiang Chen rode on it. At that moment, Dongfang Kuangyin’s tongue felt like it was cut in half. 

Yu Rongyan and the others instantly had their expressions changed, they were shocked. The colour of the sky changed from a single slash as they watched Jiang Chen leave. 

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