Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2404

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“I feel that my heart is trembling, and the feeling of fear is getting stronger and stronger. Maybe we shouldn’t be here from the very beginning,” Wu Tinghou said in a low voice. 

Discouraging words like these terrified everyone here. But they knew that Wu Tinghou was not talking nonsense because they felt what he felt as well. Each of them felt the same but only Wu Tinghou spoke out their worry. 

“Are we really going to leave here? Humph. A group of cowards.” 

Dongfang Kuangyin said indifferently. He always had this arrogant attitude when facing Jiang Chen and the others. Among these people, he only felt that Xu Jin and Liu Quanchao shared the same standard with him as both of them were Half-step Heavenly Gods. Jiang Chen was only able to defeat through luck. That was why he was unhappy with Jiang Chen. If they were in a real battle, he would definitely beat Jiang Chen easily.

Yang Jian smiled coldly and said, “If you are so capable, why don’t you go into the bloody grand valley? Aren't you just saying something you wouldn’t dare to do? You are not even a match for a Mid True God, how daring are you to brag about yourself?”

He detested people like Dongfang Kuangyin the most who looked down upon others. One should not bully others as no one knew who was going to be the winner at the end. 

“A bunch of rubbish. Hahaha. Do you think you can come to this Burying Soul Mountain? You’re doomed to be buried here. I swear.” 

Dongfang Kuangying said proudly.

Xu Rongyan looked irritated because this man was too arrogant. Moreover, if he kept his attitude like this, everyone in their alliance would be unsatisfied. 

“Let’s see then.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He did not argue with Dongfang Kuanying anymore because there was a hurricane stirring up at the bloody valley. The hurricane started very small in size but then it expanded with a lightning speed. It was spinning in the valley and soon it would sweep across the entire Burying Soul Mountain. 

On the top of the mountain, Xu Liang could be seen standing with his sword. He looked calm and solemn as he stared at the bloody river. In his eyes, he only cared about battle as he was a true battle maniac. He only had one purpose upon entering the Hidden Secret Realm. He was here to train himself and build up his strength in order to get ready for the Xuan Wu Gate Battle at the Lone Dragon County. Although these golden stones were not very strong, they would also be beneficial to the battle of the same grade.

Of course, he valued what was currently happening in the Soul Burying Mountain the most. He did not really know what was hiding inside but it doesn’t matter because there’s no failure in the White-clothed Sword God’s eyes. He had always conquered everything he faced. 

At the moment, there were some dreadful bloody lines appearing in the sky. It looked like an incomparably huge skeleton. When the hurricane was stirred up, all of the blood was splashed on the void and on the skeletal lines. No one knew what the huge skeleton was. But everything was going on in a structured way. 

A thousand miles away, a black figure was standing in the sky with his invincible pressure. Who would he be if he was not the Great Guardian of Clear Stream Sect, Xuanyuan Canglan?

His eyes looked incomparably solemn as he watched the most important moment for the Burying Soul Mountain. It was fully covered by blood after hundreds and thousands of beasts were buried there. The blood sacrifice was almost coming to an end and what had changed Burying Soul Mountain were exactly these beasts. 

“Unexpectedly, even White-clothed Sword God is here. Hehe, seems like the Burying Soul Mountain managed to attract the true expert to come.”

Xuanyuan Canglan said, the corner of his mouth was overflowing with a smile. Even though he had to deal with Xue Liang, he was not afraid at all. Obviously, he was absolutely confident of himself. 

“Seems like you are relevant to this incident, aren't you?”

The White-clothed Sword God looked cold. He gave Xuanyuan Canglan a glance and said.

“The incident happened because of heaven and earth. Why would it be related to me? Hehe.” 

“Don't have to pretend anymore, Xuanyuan Canglan. If it is irrelevant to you, why would you be this relaxed and calm? Your sect always loves to play tricks. What do you aim to do this time?”

Xue Liang said with a cold smile. He knew very well about Clear Stream Sect’s style. When the competition between Clear Stream Sect and Forgotten Sword Tomb was very intense a thousand years ago, the people of Forgotten Sword Tomb chose to give up the top position to Clear Stream Sect. It’s because the people of Clear Stream Sect loved to catch the public’s eyes while the people of Forgotten Sword Tomb preferred peace and ease. So, they chose to avoid the world and become an unworldly sect. It was very rare for their disciples to appear in public.

“So what? Was Forgotten Sword Tomb planning to be part of it? Hehe. Do you guys qualify to do so?”

Xuanyuan Canglan said with disdain.

“Does that mean that you have admitted that you knew the secret of the Burying Soul Mountain?”

“Hehe. You want me to reveal you something, don’t you? You are so naive, Xue Liang. Do you really think that you’ll be invincible in this place? If we are outside of Hidden Secret Realm, I might still show you some respect. But, you’re only a Half-step Heavenly God here, what can you do to me? Who knows, maybe you would be killed here.”

Xuanyuan Canglan said with a smile.

“Let’s see.”

Xue Liang smiled too.

“For sure.”

Xuanyuan Canglan stared at Xue Liang ruthlessly. The grudges between the two sects were all shown in this moment. Although Clear Stream Sect and Forgotten Sword Tomb had not disturbed each other throughout the thousand years, they were actually irreconcilable. 

Jiang Chen moved his sight and saw two experts going to have a fierce battle soon. It’s a battle between the top experts of the young generation, but it was also a glorious battle between Clear Stream Sect and Forgotten Sword Tomb.

At the same time, the skeleton on the void had slowly become complete but no one was able to see clearly what was on the bloody skeleton. 

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