Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2401

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Tang Zheng had many reasons behind but he could not explain them to Jiang Chen. “If I don’t kill him, I would die”— these words had stopped Tang Zhen from talking. It was impossible to turn the situation around. Only one of them could stay alive. Tang Zhen knew his second brother’s personality and he would never let Jiang Chen go. However, he was still very shocked that Jiang Chen was capable of killing his second brother. He never thought Jiang Chen would be this terrifying.

Since they had been brothers for about ten years, one could easily imagine how angry Tang Zhen was right now. He took out his sword and pointed it at Jiang Chen, which terrified everyone except for Jiang Chen, who was the only one who stood still there. When he took out the sword, the sword cut off some of Jiang Chen’s hair. Tang Zhen looked at Jiang chen coldly and took a deep breath in. His imposing manner was spreading across in all directions, but his heart was devastated. Right now his family member had died, his brother had left. This made Tang Zhen suffer great pain psychologically. 

Moreover, Tang Zhen was a person who cared about relationships.

“It’s a world based on the law of the jungle. Why don’t you run away?”

Tang Zhen was outraged and he felt heartbroken at this moment.

“Because, I see you as my friend.”

Jiag Chen said.

Tang Zhen shivered for a while and he shook his head, and smiled bitterly. Holding his sword, he turned around and left the place.

“Hahaha, our friendship has fallen apart from today onwards”

When Tang Zhen left, everyone finally felt relieved because this guy was really powerful and he could overcome everyone here except Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was the only one who could fight him. 

“The Third Great Guardian of Clear Stream Sect really lives up to his reputation. I am afraid that Tang Zhen is not any weaker than Wu Rufeng.” Liu Quanchao said solemnly. 

Everyone felt the pressure while also doubting if Tang Zhen’s words were reliable. He said that the Burying Soul Mountain was going to fall and the ground would be broken apart. There would be chaos. But who was able to foresee all these? No one could answer this but their mood became gloomy because of Tang Zhen’s words.

“That's right. I am afraid none of us is able to fight an expert like him.”

Zhang Lei said seriously. No one was willing to strengthen their enemy’s spirit, but what Zhang Lei said was the truth. Tang Zhen was so powerful that none of them would be able to fight him alone. None of them would be his match. In terms of strength, he had already overcome all of the people here. Jiang Chen was the only one who dared to stand face to face with Tang Zhen. He did not even take a half step backwards. He remained steady and calm under Tang Zhen’s sword.

Yu Rongyan, Qin Yumo and others were stunned as well. Jiang Chen had the most overbearing manner they had ever seen in their life. Except Jing Chen, who dared to deal with Tang Zhen’s sword just now? 

Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment as he watched Tang Zhen leaving. He could not help smiling bitterly. He would like to explain to Tang Zhen about everything as well. However, it would not make any difference because they had different stands. No matter what would be said would not help the situation as they were still standing against each other. At least, he would not go to kill Tang Zhen. However, he would never let Xuanyuan Canglan stay alive. 

“Look! The beasts have started jumping into the grand valley in the Burying Soul Mountain.” Yang Jian exclaimed. 

Not only did they jump into the valley, what was shocking was that when they jumped into the valley, all of them burst into a bloody mist and spread across the sky. Hundreds and thousands of beasts unexpectedly burst into a bloody mist. Everyone took a cold breath as they watched the scene. These beasts seemed like courting death by themselves. 

“This probably is a blood sacrifice.” 

Zhang Lei said in a low voice while his eyes looked incredibly solemn. His tone was extremely depressing because of the intense smell of blood. The entire Burying Soul Mountain was like under the cover of the smell. It was very bloody and brutal.

“What’s blood sacrifice?” 

“Blood sacrifice is a kind of ancient ceremony. It uses the fresh blood of hundred thousand beasts to build up a blood pond to glorify the Ancestral God. Once the blood sacrifice succeeds, it’s believed that a bloody rain would pour down all over the place. At the end, the Ancestral God would come out and step across the universe with his mightiness.”

Zhang Lei said in a deep voice, his heart was filled with fear. No one would dare to attempt this kind of blood sacrifice because it required the blood of a hundred thousand beasts. 

“What a blood sacrifice. It is a way of calling for all the beasts to kill themselves.” 

Yu Rongyan said coldly. This method was indeed too bloody and brutal. These beasts were also living beings like humans. It was magnificient to see hundred and thousands of beasts committing suicide but it was also depressing.

“Isn’t it too brutal and tragic? It’s a pond built by fresh blood. The grand valley of the Burying Soul Mountain has already been completely stained by blood now. What a tragedy.”  

Man Shuai said with a deep voice.

Everyone was extremely worried. What Tang Zhen said once again resounded in Jiang Chen’s ear. That guy must have known something, so he gave advice to Jiang Chen to leave this place as soon as possible. But Jiang Chen could not understand the reason behind. He was afraid that what would happen in this place was not that simple. The major beasts that disappeared in the Nine Dragon Cave might not present yet because of this Burying Soul Mountain. 

Jiang Chen had a lot of doubt and confusion in his heart. His questions might be solved one by one in this Burying Soul Mountain. 

Stepping on the void, Jiang Chen looked to somewhere far. Indeed, the grand valley was filled with blood right now and a river of blood was flowing out from the valley. At the same time, more and more beasts run into the valley without hesitation. 

Hundreds and thousands of Heavenly God Realm beasts worshipped the valley and they were all like under a curse, crashing into the valley without any regrets. At the end, all of them were turned into bloody mists. 

It's a heartbreaking tragedy. Man Shuai and others could not help feeling slight empathy for these beasts. It’s terrifying to witness this bloody sacrifice. Looking at the stream of blood, everyone’s mind went blank and they could only feel depressed.  

“Are these beasts really willing to kill themselves like this? Or there is a terrifying strength that pushed these beasts into death?”

Jiang Chen murmured but he also realised something wrong at the moment.

“A strength that causes this?”

Jiang Chen frowned his forehead. His spiritual sense was always quite sharp. Although he did not know what his spiritual realm had reached, it was at least not weaker than any Heavenly God Realm experts.

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