Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2398

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All the demonic beasts were kneeling on all four towards the direction of the mountain. Their eyes were filled with reverence as they kneeled and kowtow. 

They were led by a hundred or so Heavenly God demonic beasts. The scene was like an ancient mysterious cult ceremony as the beasts murmured a certain chant, however they could not understand what they were murmuring about. Jiang Chen had a strong premonition that they had complete reverence and fear towards that something. 

“Are those fellas worshipping? What are they worshipping over there?” Qin Yumo said with disdain. 

This girl was somewhat pretty but she was arrogant, not even Yu Rongyan had any authority over her.

“Hehe, they’re probably afraid, afraid that they’re going to die soon and they’re praying for their afterlife, praying that they won’t be buried in this mountain. They look like they’re going for a free-for-all slaughter feast for the mightiest of them to be born.” Dongfang Kuangyin said as he gazed towards Qin Yumo.

He looked highly upon Qin Yumo, hoping that they could have something more between them, however, Qin Yumo’s criteria for men was extremely high. Only one person was able to fit her criteria, that was the Clear Stream Sect’s number one expert, Grand Guardian Xuanyuan Canglan.

“Perhaps, Xuanyuan Canglan is in the middle of all that. I hope I could see him this time, then my search for him for these past few months will not be in vain. I think he’ll certainly be present for such a grand event.” Qin Yumo murmured. 

“Xuanyuan Canglan? Hmph, the Grand Guardian of the Clear Stream Sect. I have to see what makes him so special to make you fall head over heels in love. As long as he is not a Heavenly God, then I, Dongfang Kuangyin, still have a chance of beating him.” Dongfang Kuangyin reluctantly said. 

“You could never beat Xuanyuan Canglan even if there are ten of you, you think that the Grand Guardian of Clear Stream Sect is that easy to beat? They’re the top sect for the past thousands of years, they certainly have their resources to stay at the top. Hmph, you’re nothing compared to him. ” Qin Yumo said coldly. 

Her dream was to fight side-by-side with Xuanyuan Canglan. She’s not one to be careless at this stage. Even though Dongfang Kuangyin was pretty strong, he’s still far off compared to Xuanyuan Canglan. She had witnessed Xuanyuan Canglan managing to withstand an attack from a Heavenly God and escape. How could such a man not stand above all Half-Step Heavenly Gods? 

“Truly, one who knows nothing is fearless. You certainly are not Xuanyuan Canglan’s match.” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

“Who the f*ck do you think you are to comment about me?!” Dongfang Kuangyin shouted as he unleashed his Half-Step Heavenly God Qi towards Jiang Chen.

He could not channel his anger towards Qin Yumo, but Jiang Chen was different, a mere Mid True God dared to belittle him?! He must be looking to die.  

“You’ll have to go through us brothers!” Wu Tinghou and Wu Xianqun stepped forward, both of them had already reached the Half-Step Heavenly God Realm and they were pretty powerful if they joined hands. 

Dongfang Kuangyin got angrier as they stood in front of Jiang Chen. 

“The two of you do not have what it takes to face me! You guys are truly fearless!” Dongfang Kuangyin shouted as he launched a palm strike. 

The duo did not back off but leapt forward, instead. At that moment, Dongfang Kuangyin felt that his attack landed on a sturdy wall, he then knew that the duo was not any weaker than him. 

“Are you going to be a coward constantly protected by others?! You said that I am beneath Xuanyuan Canglan, who gave you the right to say that?! I shall take it as you challenging me if you do not give me a valid reason! ” Dongfang Kuangyin said in a fit of violent anger. 

Particularly due to the Wu Brothers opposing him, he must show Qin Yumo that he’s someone worthy too. 

“I thank the two brother’s good intentions. Since he’s dead set on challenging me, I ought to not dodge it forever, right? Otherwise, people will think that I’m a coward.” Jiang Chen smiled while shaking his head. 

“A trash like him does not require you to dirty your hands, Brother Jiang. Just watch us brothers deal with him.” Wu Qianxun said. 

Wu Tinghou, on the other hand, pulled him aside and shook his head. 

“Very well, we shall step aside and watch. Brother Jiang, please show him mercy, otherwise, Dongfang Kuangyin will lose his face.” Wu Tinghou said in a serious manner. 

Dongfang Kuangyin’s anger was further enhanced by his words. Because these brothers were playing him for a fool in the face of someone who he considered as a lamb to be slaughtered by him… 

“Since you like to be a hero, then I shall show you what a true expert is. You do not have what it takes to stand before me!” Dongfang Kuangyin said with a domineering attitude as he walked closer to Jiang Chen. 

At this moment, Dongfang Kuangyin caught the attention of Xu Jin, Liu Quanchao and Yu Rongyang. 

“What is the meaning of this? Is Brother Dongfang trying to bully a junior? He’s only a Mid True God!” Yu Rongyan said quietly. 

He too, wanted to see how great this Jiang Chen was. What made him so special for Liu Quanchao, Xu Jin and the Wu Brothers to protect and follow him. 

“Since he’s the one who started it, I will not let this go quietly. My honour is inviolable,” Dongfang Kuangyin shouted as he closed the distance, not planning to give Jiang Chen a chance to run away. 

“Dongfang Kuangyin, do not go too far.” Liu Quanchao shouted. 

“Did you not see who started this?! Me going too far?! Hehe, I think everyone knows who started this fight.” Dongfang Kuangyin said. 

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