Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2397

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“You all look pretty rugged, did anything happen while you guys were on your way here?” Xu Jin looked at yu Rongyan and asked. 

“You’re right. I’ve killed a Half-Step Heavenly God demonic beast, he said that a peerless divine beast will appear in the Burying Soul Mountain on the northern part of the realm. This peerless divine beast may change the whole situation of the whole Secret Hidden Realm. Hence, we came here as fast as we could. We bumped into two waves of migrating demonic beasts, it was extremely dangerous.” Yu Rongyan said solemnly. 

Even though their relationship wasn’t great, they all knew that it was impertinent for them to ally themselves and be able to laugh until the end. Since they’re all here for the peerless divine beast, at least they’ll be able to do something with the men they had. 

“We bumped into groups of bats and ants migrating on our way here too, could this peerless divine beast be a great treasure?” Liu Quanchao said in a serious demeanour. 

“Probably so. But we cannot ignore other possibilities that may happen. After all. this place is a place of death. I heard the seniors from my sect said that the Burying Soul Mountain was simply a place to bury the dead. Other than that, there’s nothing special about this place, so it's rare for people to come here. But this time around, this place might not be so simple since even countless demonic beasts gathered.” Yu Rongyan said. 

“We’re betting our lives in this operation, I hope there won’t be others who would bring us down. Hehe, at that time, we won’t be that lenient about it. Only the true experts are qualified to live in this world. One could only get so far under a person’s protection. It’ll be too late to regret when the time comes.” Qin Yumo’s lips slightly curved, it was a smile of sarcasm. 

“Then, there’s no need for us to join hands. Since some of you look down on us… we do not need to discuss this matter any further.” Xu Jin shook his head. 

He felt that Jiang Chen was wronged. They’re just flaunting their strength, you really think you’re hot sh*t? Jiang Chen could easily sweep the floor against all three of you without a problem. 

“Enough, Yumo, we need to gather all the available resources for this operation and our chance of survival may increase. This Burying Soul Mountain has gathered countless demonic beasts, we must not look down on them.” Yu Rongyan said quietly. 

He values heavily upon this alliance.

“I am just worried that somebody may become a piece of baggage in this operation.” Qin Yumo sneered. Although she’s pretty, her heart was ice cold and only sarcasm could be heard from her. 

Jiang Chen was unfazed. Same goes for Yang Jian and Man Shuai even though they were dissatisfied with it. 

“Look, that must be the Burying Soul Mountain.” Someone spoke. 

Giant dark clouds hover on top of the mountain, and a black qi then pierce through the sky as if the earth was being moved by it. 

Dominating qis surged out from the surrounding area of the Burying Soul Mountain as hundreds of Heavenly God demonic beasts unleashes their qi. At this moment, everyone’s hair stood, they did not know how many groups of monsters were under those demonic beasts, but it was certainly a force to be reckoned. What is happening over there? Those dark clouds were covering the thousand-meter radius of the mountain range. 

“Something’s different about this Burying Soul Mountain. To attract these many demonic beasts over here, something great must be coming out from there. But it’ll be impossible for us to get out of the encirclement from these many beasts.” Wu Tinghou said quietly. 

However, everyone knew deep down, even though he did not say it, that just a single one of those Heavenly God beasts could wipe them all out, more so now that they’re hundreds of them. All of these demonic beasts most likely came rushing towards this place. 

“It’ll be impossible for us to join into the fray, but in this distance we’re still able to observe and see what’s happening in the Burying Soul Mountain. Let’s stay put and be an audience, we’ll take our chance when there’s an opportunity, but if there aren’t any, we’ll just let sit this one out. The Hidden Secret Realm’s portal is opening soon, it won’t be worth it for us to risk our lives for such a thing. Hehe.” Yu Rongyan said with a pale smile. 

“What are those demonic beasts doing in this place?” Yang Jian couldn’t help but ask. 

“Yeah. There’s a lot of demonic beasts over there, it’ll be a great battle if they all decided to clash, we’ll be in luck if we’re not caught in between their battles.” Man Shuai added. 

“You’re right. Hehe, we’re weak compared to those Heavenly God demonic beasts, we’ll just be an observer if the situation does not allow it, this operation is not an easy one.” Jiang Chen said quietly. 

“It’s great that you understand it, but why aren’t you running away? hahaha.” Dongfang Kuangyin suddenly appeared beside Jiang Chen and the gang. 

“Nobody will think that you’re a deaf even if you remain silent.” Yang Jian sneered. 

“Your strength is barely acceptable. But you’re the same as an ant if you haven’t attained the Half-Step Heavenly God Realm. It’ll be impossible for you to fend for yourself. ” Dongfang Kuangyin said. 

“Sometimes, one’s strength does not dictate all, a person could also win against fate.” Jiang Chen laughed. 

“Are you joking? Win against fate? Who do you think you are? Or you’re just that good-mannered? I hate guys like you the most, guys who act as if he’s some hot-shit, a weakling should act as a weakling does. Hmph.

“The other two are not qualified except for you. Mid True God Realm… Heh, it’ll be your loss if you don’t listen to your senior’s advice.” Dongfang Kuangyin looked at Yang Jian and turned away. 

It caused Yang Jian and Man Shuai to be furious. But at this moment, Jiang Chen was still unfazed by his action as he gazed upon the Burying Soul Mountain. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen clearly saw that there were countless tribal groups under those Heavenly God beasts, their numbers were at least millions… 

However, they were unexpectedly kneeling on all four towards the Burying Soul Mountain. 

Jiang Chen’s heart slightly trembled from the sight of it. That was a form of worship, the power of belief, a power that stands above all, one that could even pierce the heavens and utilise the stars according to their whims. 

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