Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2396

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Honestly, this Hidden Secret Realm was a pretty big trial for the Linhe Boundary, cruel in fact. Only monsters could survive the trial and stand at the peak of the world of cultivators. 

“Look, what is that?” Man Shuai said and pointed at a black cloud that was rushing towards them. 

“It’s those man-eating ants again.” Jiang Chen said with a solemn expression. 

“Such a terrifying swarm, not even a Heavenly God expert could survive from them. Look, not a single soul nor vegetation survived wherever they passed,” Xu Jin said with an ugly expression. 

“Those fellas are coming our way,” Wu Qianxun said, her feet were moving backwards. 

“Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation!” Jiang Chen roared. 

The formation instantly surrounded them and the ant wave passed through them. 

While the terrifying scene unfolded before them, floras and faunas were decimated as these beasts scourged their path. 

Within the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation, the group was able to watch, albeit nervously, the infinite ants pass through. They also witnessed countless ants crashing towards the formation and were burnt to a crisp. These ants were not strong but they’re mighty in their numbers. 

It was thanks to the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation that they're able to survive. 

An emotionless killing machine. 

“Such a terrifying swarm. Once again, thank you, Jiang Chen. ” Wu Tinghou said. 

Jiang Chen has a lot of tricks under his sleeve. To be able to calmly face these ants… the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation was able to isolate us from those ants… 

They did not need to do anything to fend for themselves. 

After half an hour later, the swarm disappeared towards the edge of the northern boundary. 

“For those man-eating ants to execute such a large-scale migration… something big must’ve happened. I saw a king within the group, a Heavenly God, however, it chose to not attack us. Probably thought that the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation is unbreakable for them. But I could also feel that the king is very anxious,” Jiang Chen said. 

Nobody refuted him as it was reasonable. Plus, it's not their first time encountering such a situation. 

“I think so too. Jiang Chen could be right. But are we going to go have a look?” Zhang Lei said.

“Agreed… Look! Oh my God. Are those bats? Is that a group of bats?” Yang Jian looked up and saw a flock of bats that covered the whole sky, causing his hair to stand on end. 

The scream that came from the bats caused them to feel nauseated, however, the bat waves could not go through Jiang Chen’s defensive formation and thousands of dead bats were left surrounding the group.  

The bats were similar with the ant wave in terms of number. As the bats flew past them from the sky, it felt like the sky had darkened and the light was gone. Jiang Chen felt pressured from looking at the colony of bats, as it too was led by a Heavenly God, similar to Fire Qilin’s strength. 

“Terrifying. I bet that those fellas must be pursuing something.” Xu Jin said as more and more demonic beasts marched towards the northern end of the realm, there must be something big happening over there. 

“Looks like we’ll have to check it out. My curiosity is killing me.” Wu Qianxun said with a smile. 

Everyone silently nodded. Curiosity killed the cat, but nobody cared about it when all of them were in the same state. 

Xu Jin and Liu Quanchao were the first to move, and the group then advanced straight towards the northern edge of the realm at an extreme speed.  

Seven days later, they finally reached their destination. Over there, they bumped into the One Word Feng Yun Hall’s Yu Rongyan. 

“I am Xu Jin. How are you? Brother Rong Yan. Hehe.” Xu Jin said with a smile as he looked at Yu Rongyan. 

There were 10 experts standing behind him, including two Half-Step Heavenly Gods within their ranks. 

“I’m fine. This is Black Feather Sect’s Lady Qin Yumo, this is Flying Hawk Sect’s Dongfang Kuangyin. They’re Half-Step Heavenly God Experts. ” Yu Rongyan replied with a smile. 

“There’s something I must tell you, Brother Yang, he… haih… died in a battle, I could not do anything to prevent it.” Xu Jin said apologetically 

Yu Rongyan’s expression changed but it immediately turned into a sigh. Who can he blame? Everything under heaven has its own course, nobody knows who’ll succeed or fall within this place, otherwise, this will not be called a trial. 

“Bah… That is probably his fate. To survive through this trial, strength plays an important part, and so is one’s luck. The three of us have killed countless people that stood in our way, from the original 100 men strong to the current group of people after going through countless dangers.” Yu Rongyan nodded as he knew that it was an unchangeable fact. 

“This is Heavenly Star Sect’s Liu Quanchao, Earthly Hades Sect’s Zhang Lei, Wuyi Sect’s Brothers Wu Qianxun and Wu Tinghou. This is Profound Feng Sect’s … ”  

Xu Jin was interrupted by Dongfang Kuangyin as he sneered: 

“Profound Feng Sect? Are those guys even worthy? More than half of them are probably on the run, running and hiding for their lives, I guess luck is also a part of one’s strength.” 

“You’re right, I hope they won’t bring us down when the time comes. Since nobody will help you in the face of a life-and-death situation if you’re incompetent.” Qin Yumo indifferently said as she looked at the trio from the Profound Feng Sect with disdain. 

Xu Jin’s expression froze, he wanted to say something but was stopped by Jiang Chen. The latter smiled without saying anything. Xu Jin could only smile bitterly in response. 

Those touches of sarcasm were nothing for Jiang Chen because he regards the other party as pebbles by the roadside. 

“You’re right, then we’ll have to fend for ourselves then.” Jiang Chen said with a pale smile. 

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