Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2392

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“You really have the gift of gab. But these may be your last words because Jiang Chen won’t exist anymore after today.”

Wu Rufeng laughed coldly and said with eyes filled with ruthlessness. The battle seemed to be about to break out soon.

“Then let’s see if you have such capability. We are going to see if you are just bragging or really have the capability.”

The Fire Qi Lin grinned and helped Jiang Chen increase his fighting spirit. As Jiang Chen had not taken any action yet, he would not take any action as well. He did not understand why Jiang Chen must take action by himself, but it’s true that Jiang Chen’s strength was more terrifying than his. Wu RuFeng just didn’t know how formidable Jiang Chen was.

“This guy is really extraordinarily powerful.”

Since the Divine Pangolin settled down, he has been resting and recovering his own breath. He had been watching Jiang Chen’s actions all the time in the battle. Although Jiang Chen’s strength was incomparable to him if he’s in the best condition, it was quite rare to see a True God overcome a Half-step Heavenly God. Moreover, the Divine Pangolin was even slightly terrified by Jiang Chen’s dreadful aura. The Fire Qi Lin, who was not any weaker than him and was even a sacred beast and king among the divine beasts, was willing to work for Jiang Chen under his own free will. From this, one could see that Jiang Chen definitely was not an ordinary man.

The Divine Pangolin was clear that if Jiang Chen did not take action earlier, everyone here might have already died, severely injured or even became prisoners. That would’ve been very terrible because no one was willing to work hard for others’ achievement. Those beasts felt the same.

At the beginning, he chose to stand by Jiang Chen. Then after he was suppressed by Lang Ya, he remained silent all the time because he could not even resist the mightiness of the Fire Qi Lin.

Jiang Chen stared at Wu Rufeng without blinking. Both of them were ready for the battle anytime. One could not simply underestimate Wu Rufeng’s strength because the name of the Three Great Guardians of the Clear Stream Sect wasn’t just for show. Living under the name of Xuanyuan Canglan, Wu Rufeng was definitely seen by the public as a less superior expert. However, a true expert was capable of going through challenges, and obviously Wu Rufeng was an expert. He did not worry about Lang Ya of Divine Pill Sect and Li Zhongheng of Ghost Eye Sect at all, and this was how an expert should act. 

Wu Rufeng was filled with a fierce momentum as he crashed into Jiang Chen with his mace. Jiang Chen took every step carefully when dealing with such an oppressive attack. Wu Rufeng’s mightiness of being a Half-step Heavenly God was displayed fully to suppress Jiang Chen.

It was indeed interesting to watch how Wu Rufeng handled the battle effortlessly, his combat strength was indeed formidable. Jiang Chen could only take a defensive position in the face of Wu Rufeng’s dreadful attacks, leaving no chance for Jiang Chen to take a breather. Jiang Chen looked solemn. He did not dare to be slow at all because Wu Rufeng was really powerful. Underestimating an opponent's strength would put his own life at risk.

“This is the Azure Dragon Flag that could stir up the galaxy and universe. Today, I am going to show you the mightiness of the Half-step Heavenly God realm.”

Wu Rufeng said faintly while holding the Azure Dragon Flag. Sounds of howling and wailing echoed between the void unceasingly.

Countless formidable wind blades slashed through the sky and surrounded Jiang Chen, leaving him no room to escape. Nevertheless, Jiang Chen remained calm and steady while the Heavenly Dragon Sword kept breaking those wind blades apart. However, Wu Rufeng’s Azure Dragon Flag was very dreadful with its terrifying wind blades that swept across in all directions. Jiang Chen just kept on dodging the attacks. Under those blades of wind, Jiang Chen’s face became more and more serious.

“Even if I were in my best condition, I might not be able to handle attacks like these for more than ten seconds.”

Xu Jin heaved a sigh and felt ashamed of his own strength. Those dreadful blades of wind were like a nightmare to them. However, Jiang Chen could handle those attacks relaxingly and confidently without much pressure. All the blades of winds casted by the Heavenly Divine Tool were resisted by Jiang Chen successfully. Wu Rufeng’s attacks could not pose any threat to Jiang Chen at all at this moment.

“You’re right. Such dreadful blades of wind. If I were him, I would have been killed much earlier.”

Liu Quanchao smiled bitterly and said with a terrible looking face. 

Everyone was praying silently as Jiang Chen had to deal with three different opponents. Two of them had already been defeated, and now he only needed to handle Wu Rufeng. If he managed to kill the last opponent, he’s indeed very irresistible.

“Trust me, Jiang Chen is going to win this battle.”

Yang Jian smiled faintly and sat on the ground calmly. He became more confident in Jiang Chen’s victory. Yang Jian’s cultivation realm right now had already reached the peak of True God Realm but it was still quite far from Half-step Heavenly God Realm. However, during this time in the Hidden Secret Realm, the battles and experiences he had gone through had made him grow. Only after going through crises and near-death experience, could one grow to be a formidable cultivator. 

Throughout this period of time, Yang Jian had seen how his brothers fell one by one, and he was heartbroken each time. However, he kept holding his dream as he knew that he was the hope of Profound Feng Sect. He must overcome these obstacles and survive.

Jiang Chen was the saviour who saved their lives from a crisis. That was why Yang Jian trusted Jiang Chen so much. Since the grand valley of Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain could not hold Jiang Chen down, how could it be possible for Wu Rufeng to overcome him? Jiang Chen would definitely defeat Wu Rufeng.

“Show me how long you can sustain.”

Wu Rufeng smiled coldly and his attacks became more and more dreadful. He kept pressing against Jiang Chen and the latter could only retreat. With such dreadfulness, a normal Half-step Heavenly God would have been defeated already. 

Jiang Chen looked cold. If a tiger did not show his mightiness, were you going to see it as a cat? Jiang Chen took out the Divine Burying Flag and stood on the void with pride. The Divine Burying Flag started spinning around even with the absence of wind. 

“It’s the end for your Azure Dragon Flag.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldy and took a step. He was holding and wielding the Divine Burying Flag. The winds casted out by the Divine Burying Flag were as dreadful as the breath of thousand ghosts. It even managed to tear those blades of wind apart. Even though the Divine Burying Flag was just a Heavenly Divine Tool, a normal Origin Divine Tool might not even be as powerful as the Divine Burying Flag. It was especially powerful to those dark tools and items. If it was just an ordinary battle, its mightiness could only display the might of a Heavenly Divine Tool 

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