Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2390

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“Awesome! This is Jiang Chen. Hahaha!” Yang Jian’s eyes were filled with strong emotions. 

Jiang Chen had served justice for them, not even losing despite being at a numerical disadvantage. Even the powerful Grand Guardian of the Clear Stream Sect had to stop being cocky. 

“Jiang Chen is truly our Profound Feng Sect’s disciple. This time, the name of our sect shall be known throughout the world.” Man Shuai was extremely happy too. 

They, as disciples of the Profound Feng Sect, were proud of Jiang Chen’s might. At this moment, only the two of them were left, except for Wang Chongyang who was still missing, which may mean misfortune has fallen upon him. Man Shuai was filled with admiration towards Jiang Chen. 

Xu Jin, Wu Xianqun and the others also felt the same after Jiang Chen came to their rescue. A true expert, indeed. Wu Xianqun who originally looked down on Jiang Chen now changed his opinion towards him. Who would not change their opinions upon seeing a True God managing to defeat Half-Step Heavenly Gods? 

Wu Rufeng was pushed back by the Fire God Guards’ relentless attack. The trio was put in a disadvantage. 

“What are you guys waiting for? Do you want to die here? Are you guys going to keep preserving your strength? I do not wish to die here with the both of you.” Wu Rufeng said coldly. 

They all had their plans. The three of them were only in a temporary alliance, each having their own scheme behind each other’s back. It was impossible for them to rely on others and fight with their full strength. 

Fortunately, the other two finally made a decision after hearing Wu Rufeng’s words because even Wu Rufeng did not expect Jiang Chen to be so powerful. 

“We’re probably going to die if we’re going to preserve our strength.” Lang Ya became solemn as he decided on something, he was prepared to go all-out. 

Now that they’re facing Jiang Chen, their schemes would have to be thrown away. Time to fight seriously. They had already paid the price for looking down on their enemy. 

“Finally getting serious? Let’s see how powerful you guys are. I still won’t lose!” 

Jiang Chen’s Vanguard Divine Locking Formation suppressed their strength. However, they were all prodigies of their respective sect, how could they not have some ace under their sleeves? They’ll have to utilise it for the sake of their lives at this moment. 

“Devil Eye Piercing Heavens! Destroy all my enemies!” 

Li Zongheng’s Devil Eye shot out an energy beam that could corrode everything it touches. Jiang Chen retreated and unleashed the prestige of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, showering him with a golden light that rendered the beam useless. 

“Witness what a ‘real’ skill really is, your Devil Eye is useless against me, let’s see you try withstanding my Edifying Light! 

“Edifying Light!” 

Jiang Chen formed a hand seal and unleashed the mighty Edifying Light. At this moment, Li Zongheng’s expression changed. His Devil Eye was almost instantly vanquished by the Edifying Light and he suffered a backlash from his own skill. The mighty prodigy of the Ghost Eye Sect was thoroughly beaten down by Jiang Chen. 

“Heaven Shaking Cauldron, one that could melt everything under the heavens. Suppress him!” Lang Ya roared as the edifying light was useless against him. 

Although this skill was very effective only towards someone who uses evil techniques, his Heavenly Divine Tool’s power was not something weak that a True God could withstand, not even a True Heavenly God could escape it if they were careless. 

Jiang Chen was caught and pressed to the ground by the cauldron. At this moment, Lang Ya’s eyes were filled with pride as he gazed at Li Zongheng who was severely injured and whose expression was becoming much uglier by the second. Jiang Chen’s formation did nothing against Lang Ya and his technique was effective towards Jiang Chen. 

Liu Quanchao’s expression slightly changed when they saw this happen. Not every Heavenly God expert possesses a Heavenly Divine Tool. 

“Heavenly Divine Tool. A genuine Heavenly Divine Tool. Could Jiang Chen win against that?” Wu Qianxun murmured. 

Nobody knew whether Jiang Chen could withstand it as he was currently under Lang Ya’s technique. 

“Not even the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain could put him down. What can a mere Heavenly Divine Tool do against him?” Yang Jian said as he looked at Wu Qianxun. 

He was 100% confident towards Jiang Chen. At this moment, Lang Ya breathed out a sigh of relief. Not even a Divine King could break the restriction of the Heavenly Divine Tool, except for a Master Blacksmith. A Heavenly Divine Tool has already surpassed all Divine Tools. Heavenly Divine Tool’s have spiritual energy imbued within, and once it evolves into an Origin Divine Tool, then a Tool Spirit will be born. 

“Looks like Brother Lang Ya is better.” Wu Rufeng also breathed out a sigh of relief as Lang Ya had finished the job before he could unleash his move.  It was a joyous result for them. 

“Even though he’s powerful, he’s but a Mid True God. Why should we fear him? Hahaha, the Heaven Shaking Cauldron shall burn him to his death.” Lang Ya said proudly. 

At this moment, no matter how hard Jiang Chen struck the cauldron, the Heaven Shaking Cauldron didn’t even move an inch. The power of the Heavenly Divine Tool kept Jiang Chen within the Heaven Shaking Cauldron. It’s impossible for him to get out from there. 

“Great, powerful. Haha!” Wu Rufeng nodded. 

Li Zongheng sighed. He was truly unlucky, to lose against Jiang Chen twice. Jiang Chen’s attribute could suppress him, otherwise, he wouldn’t easily lose without a fight! He wouldn’t have lost against Lang Ya if they were to fight to the death!

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