Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2388

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“Since you found the source… that means you’ll have plenty of spiritual water on you.” Wu Rufeng’s eyes shone. This fella is loaded with treasures. 

“This is unexpected. We meet again, Wu Rufeng. You’re alone today?” Jiang Chen looked at Wu Rufeng coldly. 

“I alone am enough to kill you, just like taking candies from a child.” Wu Rufeng said arrogantly. 

“A mere Mid True God dares to stand against me? Foolish, hah! I shall spare you if you bend the knee now.” 

“Lang Ya, Wu Rufeng, Li Zongheng, all three of you are present. There will be blood today, nobody shall be able to escape. All those demonic beasts and people that had pushed me to the corner shall die today! ” Jiang Chen declared indifferently. 

A cold, cruel, terrifying battle intent was unleashed from Jiang Chen. Li Zongheng’s blood felt like it got frozen for a second. 

“You won’t be able to run away this time!” Jiang Chen stared coldly at Li Zongheng. 

The three of them were one of the few strongest humans in the Hidden Secret Realm. Probably, only Xuanyuan Canglan stood above them. Nevertheless, at this moment, Jiang Chen was looking down upon all of them with killing intent, ready to fight at any given second. 

Li Zongheng looked at Jiang Chen with a cold face. He’s probably afraid of Jiang Chen if he’s facing him alone, but now there are two more people beside him, what is there to fear? 

Moreover, Lang Ya and Jiang Chen also had some beef with each other. Wu Rufeng included. Li Zongheng was feeling lucky and happy that the three of them could join hands together to kill Jiang Chen, it should be easy for them to do so. 

However, he was worried about the Heavenly God realm Fire Qilin. It’s on par with the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros and Divine Pangolin when they’re at their peak. They’ll be at a disadvantage if the Qilin joins in. 

But he was still confident. What he only needed now was the time to control the souls of the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros and the other demonic beasts, becoming the true owner of these beasts. 

“Rest assured. The one who needs to run away this time… should be you. Hehe.” Li Zongheng said confidently. 

“It must be fate that we meet again. I hope you enjoy the shower of death later. Jiang Chen, us three brothers have been looking for you for a long time, the heavens have not forsaken us, I finally caught you now.” Wu Rufeng said arrogantly. 

For him, killing Jiang Chen was a piece of cake. He was only worried about the Fire Qilin behind him. This fella is obviously acting tough thanks to the Fire Qilin. Otherwise, what gave him the balls to be so cocky? 

“You’re right. Jiang Chen has a Fire Qilin, so what? Today, the three of us will kill you and nobody can stop us.” Lang Ya said. 

“Come, all three of you together. Saves me the time to look for all of you individually. But, the three of you will just be a start. Relax, I know what you’re afraid of, the Fire Qilin will not join in the fight. I alone am enough to kill you all.” Jiang Chen said confidently. 

“What? You’re extremely cocky. Hahaha, you? Trying to fight against three of us alone and slay us? If it wasn’t for the Fire Qilin, I doubt you’re that confident, hahaha.” Wu Rufeng laughed with tears in his eyes as if he had heard the most preposterous joke in the world. 

The young people these days do not know their place… Wu Rufeng looked at Jiang Chen in disdain while thinking that he did not need to use his full strength to kill him. 

“An ignorant fool looks like you’re getting more and more arrogant. Jiang Chen, you really think we’re like those second-rated weak fools? You think you’re invincible? Oh… a Mid-True God, I’m so scared. One versus three, you’re mad, don’t tell me you hit your head while you’re inside the mountain?” 

Lang Ya and Wu Rufeng looked at each other and laughed unceasingly. Jiang Chen will pay for his arrogance. 

“To look down on your enemy is foolish, it’s playing with your own life. I will fight this battle whole-heartedly.” Only Li Zongheng said solemnly. 

After all, Jiang Chen managed to defeat him while being just an Early True God at that time. With the inheritance of the Formation God, Jiang Chen’s strength was unknown. Li Zongheng was concerned about the secrets he gained from the Formation God. 

Lang Ya and Wu Rufeng’s expression became normal. Now, they look at Jiang Chen with a solemn expression. A battle was soon to erupt!

“Is Jiang Chen joking? He’s not going to use the Heavenly God realm Fire Qilin?! One versus three, a Mid-True God against three Half-Step Heavenly Gods. Hehe, is he that confident?” Wu Qianxun laughed in disbelief. 

Honestly, Jiang Chen has become their only hope, they hope that he’ll do his best. But they never thought that he’ll be this reckless, the three experts will certainly take this opportunity, and not even the Heavenly God realm Fire Qilin may be able to help him. 

“Jiang Chen never loses. We can put our faiths on him, as long he’s alive.” Yang Jian said firmly, 100% confident towards Jiang Chen. Although he too was somewhat doubtful but… he’s Jiang Chen! 

“I also hope that he will bring us an unexpected surprise if he could really fight those three alone and defeat them. I, Xu Jin, will follow him without complaining,” Xu Jin declared. 

An expert has their pride, Jiang Chen will go against the norm of the world, challenging the impossible. Plus, he knew that three of them would become confident when they knew that the Fire Qilin would not join the battle. 

Moreover, Jiang Chen had reached the Mid True God Realm, the Twelve Fire God Guards too had reached the Peak Late True God Realm, hence they could easily kill an average Half-Step Heavenly God. 

“Jiang Chen has his own reason for doing so, plus, he has the ability to do so.” Liu Quanchao too understood Jiang Chen’s character and was feeling positive about it even if he could not determine Jiang Chen’s level now. Nobody knew how powerful Jiang Chen now…   

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