Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2386

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“Li Zongheng, are you trying to go against the world? The people here are disciples of the famous sects in the Linhe Boundary, aren’t you afraid of getting attacked by all of these sects? ” Xu Jin said with a hideous expression. 

He did not want to be controlled by Li Zongheng and become his puppet. His honour and everything will be destroyed.

“Yeah. Are you trying to do the taboo? We’re all disciples from famous sects, aren’t you afraid of being targeted by our sects?” Wu Qianxun said in agreement. 

They were filled with anxiety as Li Zongheng may not be threatened by them. They were at his mercy, it won’t be easy for them to run away from him. Li Zongheng probably has his ways to get away from doing such atrocities. Plus, people of the Ghost Eye Sect were ruthless, even the people of the Clear Stream Sect avoided them. 

“Aren’t you all naive? Hehe, do you guys think I’ll let you all see the sun after leaving Hidden Secret Realm? Your worth is only within this realm, after that… kakaka!” Li Zongheng’s eyes were cold while gazing upon these lambs. 

He was like the demon that governs hell, he’s the death scythe that harvests the soul of the living. 

“You’ll get a share of the spiritual water, the demonic beasts and these guys are all yours.” Lang Ya said. 

“Just one? Aren’t you greedy? Hehe. ” Li Zongheng looked at Lang Ya and said indifferently. 

Li Zongheng then added, “You must know all of them are useful for me, but there’s no need to burn the bridge behind you, right? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll control all of their souls and take care of you afterwards?”

“Hmph, would I be standing here if I’m afraid? You got what  you wanted, this spiritual water is enough for you. I need a tremendous amount of them to concoct my pills.” Lang Ya said. 

“What does it have to do with me, that you need a lot of the spiritual water? Are you trying to take my share of the spiritual water?” Li Zongheng squinted as he looked at Lang Ya. 

“I’ll give you another share, this is my limit, now, you got what you wanted, this should be an easy job for you. Plus, I even spent an Immortal Grade Pill for this, you wouldn’t deny this, right? From the start, you didn’t spend a single thing and got all of these.” 

Li Zongheng became silent after hearing Lang Ya’s words. Because he really got what he wanted and Lang Ya had really spent a lot of resources for them. That Immortal Grade Pill was really tempting even for someone like him, but is it that easy to get it? 

“Alright, then, we’ll part ways here. ” Li Zongheng said. 

Both of them were not planning to cooperate further. Now, he needs to recover control of Liu Quanchao and the souls of these demonic beasts, and he’ll be invincible. So many beasts, they’re powerful beings, any one of them could easily dominate this place after their strength is recovered. 

“Hehe, Li Zongheng is truly bold and vicious. Lang Ya of the Divine Pill Sect, pretty good too. But for such a great item, whoever sees them should have a share, isn’t this shameful for both of you to hoard all of them? Aren’t I right, Brother Lang Ya?”

A pale laugh could be heard, and a blue figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere. His aura was stronger than both of them, this fella may become the hope of the remaining people, they may not know him, but he’s certainly powerful. 

“Wu Rufeng! Are you here for a slice?” Lang Ya said coldly. 

“I am just reminding both of you, good things must be shared with everyone, aren’t I right? Brother Zongheng. You may become the public enemy number one if you’re too selfish. I like to make friends, the more the better.” Wu Rufeng shrugged calmly. 

“It’s Wu Rufeng! The second Grand Guardian of the Clear Stream Sect!” 

“To think it’s him?! No wonder… Land Ya and Li Zongheng are wary of him.” 

“If Wu Rufeng is here, then the other two grand guardians must be near.” 

“Looks like this battle is getting spicier. I hope both of them beat each other up, hmph hmph.” 

Liu Quanchao and the others were excited to see Lang Ya and the others duke it out. If Wu Rufeng were to join in the fray, then Lang Ya and Li Zongheng will not get out from this unscathed. If that happens, then they will certainly be safe. 

“Moreover, Brother Zongheng’s techniques are commendable. Hehe.”  

Wu Rufeng was like their saviour! 

“The Clear Stream Sect is the most powerful sect in the Linhe Boundary. Senior Wu will certainly not just watch.” 

“Yeah. We’re saved. Hahaha. Senior Wu will certainly not let them go, the Clear Stream Sect is undoubtedly the number one sect.” 

“Senior Wu, you need to help us, that scum of the Ghost Eye Sect wants to enslave us. Wicked indeed.” 

As Wu Rufeng’s appearance became the major key in this matter, Lang Ya chose to back down. 

Lang Ya gritted his teeth with an ugly expression; Wu Rufeng’s appearance had truly given him great pressure. 

“I am willing to offer two of the spiritual water and share it with Brother Rufeng.” 

Lang Ya looked at Li Zongheng. Li Zongheng’s not feeling great about it. Bastard, I only have two spiritual waters.

Since Lang Ya has made his statement, Li Zongheng must do something too, otherwise, Wu Rufeng may not take it well. 

“Then, I must not lose against others, hahaha. Brother Rufeng, I only have two spiritual waters, I am willing to share one with you.” 

Li Zongheng gave Wu Rufeng a share of his spiritual water. At this moment, the three of them reached an agreement. Wu Rufeng has joined the other two. Liu Quanchao and the others had their jaws dropped to the ground, they couldn’t believe that one of the three Grand Guardians of the Clear Stream Sect to be this shameless. Their supposed saviour became their enemy in an instant. 

At this moment, they understood one thing, there are no friends nor enemies in the face of absolute benefit, everyone could become friends as long as they’re in agreement. 

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