Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2383

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A deafening sound echoed in the void. The enormous Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain suddenly started closing back slowly. The last spiritual spring water did not flow out and there were only eight streams of spiritual water that had flowed out in total. At this moment, the person who showed the most disappointed face was Lang Ya because he intended to get the last spiritual water. Unfortunately, nothing was coming out at the moment, did it mean that the source of the spiritual water had dried up?

Lang Ya did not know as this might be the first time something like this had happened. Or did Jiang Chen manage to enter the grand valley of the Sacred Mountain and found the source? Lang Ya did not believe this. There were so many experts and masters who had entered the grand valley before, yet none of them had managed to come out alive. 

It was a forbidden place and it was like the valley of death.

Everyone’s countenance fell as all of them, including Liu Quanchao and the Wu brothers, were injured badly. Yang Mingcheng and Xu Jin could not escape the misfortune as well. Both of them were severely injured by the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros and the other beasts. Those who were hiding were also involved in the battle. 

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros’s mightiness was irresistible! Although Liu Quanchao and the others had the Divine Pangolin as their leader, it was still difficult for them to withstand the opponents.  

The Rhinocero was oppressive and he almost swept across all of the humans there. Those half-step Heavenly God Realm experts who were hiding around could not escape from his sight as well. This only showed that the Rhinoceros was truly formidable. Under his leadership, all of the human cultivators were doomed to die the moment Jiang Chen was forced into the grand valley. 

Everyone there could not escape misfortunate because the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros had already noticed all of them. He wanted all of them to stay there and die. The Rhinoceros hated these human cultivators the most as they had always come into the Hidden Secret Realm to plunder resources. For him, humans were his biggest enemy.

The Rhinoceros sent heavy blows against Liu Chaoquan and the others with an overbearing might. Yang Mingcheng, Liu Quanchao, Xu Jin and the other half-step Heavenly God Realm experts were unable to control the situation at all. Although the Infernal Evil Dragon, Azure Flower Giant Python and the other Heavenly God Realm beasts were injured, their strength was still very formidable, hence the human cultivators weren’t able to turn the situation around at all.

Yang Mingcheng was repulsed and suffered a serious defeat, and his face looked extremely pale. Xu Jin was defeated soon after. Their original plan was ruined completely. Dealing with such an absolute suppression, any kind of plans would only be in vain.

As soon as Liu Quanchao was defeated, Wu Qianxun and Wu Tinghou were defeated as well. They could not withstand the attacks of the beasts. Being able to protect their life was already their limit.

After all, the Divine Pangolin was still an Early Heavenly God Realm divine beast, albeit with unpredictable strength. Although he had been in a predicament a few times just now, he was able to escape from death. However, there were not many opportunities to escape right now as it seemed that the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros was dead-set on not letting him escape anymore. He was only able to delay the time of being killed. 

Without the Divine Pangolin to deal with the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros, they might have been killed by these beasts already. 

No matter if it was Liu Quanchao, Xu Jin or the others, they were all pulled into the battle by the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros. They had no choice as the Rhinoceros wanted to kill them. That was how they fell into this predicament. 

Nevertheless, Liu Quanchao and the others did not forget Jiang Chen—the man who stepped into the grand valley. When Jiang Chen was forced to enter the grand valley, none of them felt good but they couldn’t do anything. Liu Quanchao desperately hoped that Jiang Chen could walk out of the grand valley and turn the tide. Everytime, Jiang Chen was like a savior who would come to turn the situation around. However, Liu Quanchao remained silent as his wish seemed unrealistic.

“Brother Liu, do you think brother Jiang Chen could walk out of the grand valley alive?” Yang Jian murmured. 

Looking at the valley that had closed, he knew clearly that Jiang Chen might have been turned into a dead soul already right now. However, was there really no hope to turn the situation around anymore? Right now whether they would stay alive or die was an unknown. Perhaps, they would leave this world forever very soon.

The Hidden Secret Realm was not only the grave for Bai Yun Fei, but also theirs.


Liu Quanchao replied in a low voice while wiping the blood away on the corner of his mouth. His heart had been trembling in fear, but what could he do? He had already used up all of his strength to try turning the situation around. However, the ending was cruel as they kept being repulsed. The injury they suffered had become more and more serious. Even the most powerful expert, the Divine Pangolin, was also struggling right now and could be killed by the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros anytime.

Jiang Chen was once their hope and saviour. But, Yang Jian and Liu Quanchao who believed Jiang Chen the most were quiet now.

All of them were defeated one by one, their hopes were being devoured as well and only despair remained. Each of them felt like they were watching how their life would end.

Jiang Hao died, Pan Hong was decapitated and Leng Lingyi was buried in the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. Liu Quanchao and Ling Long were the only two left in the Heavenly Star Sect, Earthly Hades Sect only had Zhang Lei while Profound Feng Sect only had Yang Jian and Man Shuai. Each of them suffered serious defeat and carried severe injuries. 

Yang Jian clearly remembered the words shouted out by Pan Hong before his death: The flag of the Profound Feng Sect could not fall! It’s okay that he died as long as Jiang Chen was still alive, this wasn’t the end of it. 

At this moment, Yang Jian’s eyes were filled with tears. Pan Hong still held his last hope on Jiang Chen, but would Jiang Chen come back to save everyone? This might only be a dream.

When the grand valley of Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain closed down, Yang Jian’s hope was completely crushed. Jiang Chen would not come out anymore, forever.

Lang Ya sneered and turned his head to look around, his eyes were filled with ruthlessness. He was sure that Jiang Chen died now, if not, Jiang Chen would always bring him uneasiness. Before the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain closed down, he did not dare to be reckless and simply take any reckless action.

Yang Jian was silent while Man Shuai was in despair. Liu Quanchao heaved a sigh while Ling Long looked at the direction where Earthly Hades Sect was. Before they came into the Hidden Secret Realm, they were reminded by their elders to protect Jiang Chen well. But they had gone through so much hardship and bitterness here, how do they tell the outsiders about these?

In retrospect, their eyes were full of despair. 

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