Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2380

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“You… the one frozen inside the ice, are you the immemorial one?”

“Immemorial… It’s so far away, such an ancient existence. Is King Beidou still alive? Is the Lord of Bewilderment still alive? Is the Heavenly… Heavenly Dao that person?” The ice block replied, sometimes coarse, sometimes confused. 

“Looks like I am the ice throne of the Destructive Ice God.  I refuse to believe that I would lose to a mere piece of ice, are you the spiritual essence of the one within the ice?”

“I do not know, I don’t know……” 

Their clashing continued, and Jiang Chen was bewildered by the situation as he could not get close to the both of them. 

“Can you hear their conversations? What did they say?” Jiang Chen asked. 

King Beidou, Lord of Bewilderment and the Heavenly Dao, who are they? He didn’t know, because these things are probably unknown even in the Divine World.  

“Since when did they talk? Aren’t they fighting against each other?” the Fire Qilin said.

Jiang Chen was startled by the Qilin’s reply. The Qilin can only see them fighting but cannot hear what they’re talking about?  Another question popped out in Jiang Chen’s mind. Why could he hear them? 

“I can hear them conversing against each other.” Jiang Chen said. 

“What? You’re saying that those two spiritual beings are fighting and conversing against one another?” The Fire Qilin was confused by Jiang Chen’s words. 

Myriads of mysterious and unknown things exist under the heavens. The secrets within the Ice Palace went way above their imaginations. They were only here to look for the source of the spiritual water, but they found two extremely mysterious treasures instead. 

“Yes. However, their consciousness is somewhat in a confused state. Especially that block of ice, it doesn’t look like the one within the ice is controlling it, because the other doesn’t have any signs of being alive.”

If anyone heard what Jiang Chen was saying, they would’ve thought he had gone mad. However, the Qilin’s memory has something with regards to this, everything under the heavens has a spirit. A high-grade medicinal pill has a pill spirit, a high-grade divine tool has a tool spirit. 

“Looks like those two things are something way above our current abilities. ” The Fire Qilin said quietly. 

Even though his memories were in pieces, his inheritance should at least tell him what those two things were. 

“Why can’t I hear them?” The Fire Qilin looked at Jiang Chen. 

If it wasn’t for him having complete confidence towards Jiang Chen, he would’ve thought he’s bullshitting him. 

“I don’t know.” Jiang Chen shook his head. 

The two treasures were closing towards where they were standing as they were chatting. The Qilin quickly retreated but Jiang Chen wasn’t lucky as the throne was coming towards him, and he’d surely die if the throne really landed on him. At this moment, he quickly summoned the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to protect himself, yet, he was still pushed back by the force and the pagoda shook from the powerful clash. 

On the 66th floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, an old, mighty figure appeared. At this moment, his expression was extremely solemn and somewhat afraid. 

“What is this? That person looks like he’s from the Immemorial Era.” The old man frowned. 

The one inside the ice block must be extraordinary as the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was even afraid of it, that ice throne must not be simple too. 

“The ice throne of the Destructive Ice God? Truly domineering. Even though the Destructive Ice God has already died thousands upon thousands of years ago, his ice throne is still powerful. Who is the one residing inside the ice block? ” The old man murmured. 

However, he could not leave the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Unless the 99th floor of the pagoda was unlocked, only then could he possibly regain his body. But it’s not easy to reach that level. 

The old man looked at Jiang Chen with a sigh and helplessness. Even though this kid is talented, he’ll need to reach the Divine Emperor Realm to open up the 99th floor of the pagoda. Nobody has ever reached that level in the Divine World after so long, however. The youngest Divine Emperor attained that level at the age of 270,000 years old. 

“Just like the old tortoise said, nothing is permanent in the Heavenly Dao, lacking only the cycle of reincarnation, everything has their own path.” The old man said as he succumbed into deep thought, immersing himself in his memories. 

At this moment, the ice throne rammed towards Jiang Chen once again, the void shattered and he received a great shock, and even the pagoda felt like it was getting sucked into the void. Although the pagoda could protect Jiang Chen, it doesn't mean that it won’t take any damage from it. 


The ice block and the ice throne clashed. This time, the ice throne was pushed back several hundred meters and the ice block was guarding in front of Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen looked at the person within the ice, one that has been dead for god knows how many years. But at this moment, Jiang Chen felt like the ice block was trying to protect him as it pushed the ice throne away from him. 

“The one within the ice, the one within the ice, why is there such pain within my heart?” Jiang Chen murmured. 

As he gazed at the person within the ice, his heart suddenly started to feel pain. 

“It’s certainly a person from the Immemorial Era, it’s a prohibition, the Nine Tranquil Prohibition!”

In the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, the old man said in a shock. Then, he became silent and disappeared, because he could not materialize for too long due to the pagoda’s condition. It was extremely lucky for him to be even awoken in the first place.  

Jiang Chen stared at the person within the ice, and the pain within his heart suddenly vanished without a trace. The curiosity he had towards the person grew. But the throne came rushing towards him once again. The clash between these two treasures has put Jiang Chen and the Qilin towards a dangerous situation. 

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