Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2375

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The dark grand valley was filled with a deep and strange atmosphere. The sounds of  running water filled the entire valley and Jiang Chen felt that the sounds were hitting his heart.

The surrounding place was full of cliffs, stalactites and gullies. The air was freezing and gloomy. When Jiang Chen took a step forward, he was chilled and found the coldness unbearable for ordinary people.

Jiang Chen had thought of leaving the place, but then he would be attacked by the Heavenly God Realm beasts. Jiang Chen would have no way to escape from their attacks, that was why he chose to enter the grand valley to discover something more. The spiritual water flowed out from here, but no one was able to find its source. This was because none of the people who had entered the grand valley of the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain was able to walk out alive.

This was like a curse. Although the Divine Pangolin and the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros were formidable Heavenly God Realm beasts, they had never thought of stepping into the grand valley because they could strongly sense the dreadfulness of the place. The fear of the grand valley had been instilled into everyone’s heart for a long long time. That was why everyone was curious about it, but none of them dared to step into it. The grand valley had represented the land of death that was full of perils. That was why when Jiang Chen stepped into the valley, Lang Ya and the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros chose to be silent. Stepping into the valley had meant Jiang Chen’s death.

While walking, Jiang Chen discovered that water was flowing through the valley but he did not know where the water came from. The surrounding cliff wall was about a hundred metres high and stalactites were present on each side of the walls. The stones under his foot were also very sharp. Jiang Chen could only wade across the stream by feeling his way because he did not know what would happen with his next step. Where would the grand valley lead him to? He did not know, so he dared not to be careless. 

He understood that the level of danger here was out of his estimation. Although he was confident, he was not conceited. He believed that those who had entered here to look for the source of the spiritual water were definitely stronger than him. However, wasn’t their end the same? They had all died. He was extremely careful as it was better safe than sorry. 

After walking for a long time, he finally felt that the place had become brighter because the surrounding area was full of white cold ice. It was also filled with gemstones of different colours that give off the brilliance and lightened up the entire grand valley.

It was freezing. If Jiang Chen did not have the Five Elemental True Fire to protect him, he wouldn’t have been able to walk this far. At this frozen place, he had seen hundreds and thousands of bones and corpses. These corpses had all shrunk which meant that most of them died of frost.

This showed that this place was not a joke. Without the Five Elemental True Fire,  Jiang Chen knew that his situation would be extremely dangerous. The cold here was able to sting into one’s bones. Jiang Chen was very careful with each step he took and observed the surroundings very carefully. 

He did not know how long had passed. Jiang Chen felt that there was no end in the grand valley. Since he had walked for so long, it meant that maybe he had already come to the bottom of the valley. 

Other than corpses and bones, Jiang Chen could also see many ruined divine tools around and some terrifying beast corpses. The sound of running water still echoed round the valley, but Jiang Chen could not find the source of the spiritual water at all. Jiang Chen was well-aware that if it was so easy to find it, its location would’ve been revealed in the world earlier. Right now, whether the source of the spiritual water existed or not was an unknown.

“This is a bottomless black hole. If I continue to walk like this, I really have no idea how long I have to walk.”

Jiang Chen murmured. The deeper Jiang Chen walked, the more he felt terrified. Jiang Chen was not afraid of this, but he felt a sense of pressure. This bottomless valley was so deep, no one knew how deep it was. The stalactites on the walls condensed with the ice and snow, emitting glowing light.

Between the stalactites and the snow, Jiang Chen unexpectedly saw a silhouette. It was a black human shadow, and a terrifyingly huge black eagle. Were they human or beasts who had been here?



A sharp sound came out. Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and looked forward. There were two icy beetles that were around two metres tall. They were much taller than Jiang Chen and he had never seen such dreadful icy beetles before. Wasn’t beetles only the size of a finger normally? Why would they be so huge?

While Jiang Chen was still in his amazement, the two icy beetles lunged into Jiang Chen and started their attack. The icy bettles struck an attack quickly and their labrum were as sharp as a knife. They were biting towards Jiang Chen and Jiang Chen immediately withdrew himself. He immediately drew out his sword and cleaved them into half. However, Jiang Chen could feel that the air had become colder and his blood was almost frozen.

“These icy beetles were almost at the Late True God Realm.”

Jiang Chen became more solemn now because these icy beetles generally lived in groups and they wouldn’t take action alone.

“Buzz! Buzz!” 

The buzzing sound was heard again and Jiang Chen turned his head around  and saw hundreds and thousands of icy beetles running into his back. Hundreds and thousands of icy beetles were sweeping across the grand valley at the moment. His face suddenly became green as what he was really worried about suddenly came true.

These icy beetles were even scarier than the flesh-eating ants because wherever they passed by would become barren. Their destructiveness was stronger than the flesh-eating ants. Jiang Chen had no idea if these beetles were moving their habitat or actually coming for him. When the beetles passed by, the ice on the cliff wall and even the black shadow in the ice were also devoured by those beetles.

It’s terrifying and Jiang Chen could feel the dreadfulness.

Holding his Heavenly Dragon Sword, Jiang Chen was running and retreating himself. However, the beetles’ speed completely surpassed his running speed. The imposing manner they released was like devouring Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Dragon Sword and swept across all of them in all directions. More than ten icy beetles were shattered immediately. However, as soon as the ten icy beetles were killed, hundreds and thousands of icy beetles flooded into the place again.

Jiang Chen’s imposing manner was dreadful and each of his strikes was ruthless. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was also formidable but it was unable to kill all of the icy beetles. In less than fifteen minutes, Jiang Chen could feel that more than a thousand icy beetles had died in his hand. However, there were still many many icy beetles that continued to rush into him. Jiang Chen did not know where these countless beetles came from. He was running out of options to kill them. Even though he had killed thousands of beetles, it was to no avail as he was unable to finish them all.


At this moment, Jiang Chen finally understood why so many experts were unable to walk out of the grand valley alive. A Divine King would also die of exhaustion killing these icy beetles. 

The pressure Jiang Chen felt became stronger and stronger and the space he stood became smaller as the icy beetles were slowly invading his space.

“Mother f*cker. I am going to fight with you bastards with my life.”

Jiang Chen roared in rage, sweeping across in all directions with his sword. More than a hundred beetles were killed this time. A second later, Jiang Chen casted a formation. 

“Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation!”

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