Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2373

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Jiang Chen looked calm, however. The current situation had made him become more solemn. 

The Divine Pangolin was almost exhausted as he was under the joint attack of the nine great beasts. But he had not given up at all. It’s not only for Jiang Chen but also for himself. If he gave up, he would be giving up his own life and he was going to bid farewell to this world. The Divine Pangolin would rather use up all of his strength instead of being killed.

However, it was still hard to fight four opponents with only two hands. If he only needed to fight the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros alone, he wouldn’t be in such a disadvantageous situation at all. Unfortunately, right now there were so many beasts joining the battle and all of them had become the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros’s helpers. That was why the Divine Pangolin was pushed into a deep pit. 

Every beast was very well-aware of their current situation. They would not simply put themselves into a crisis. With more time, the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros would definitely be able to eliminate the Divine Pangolin, and this proved that they did not make a wrong choice to side with the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros. If they made a wrong decision at the beginning, death would await them. 

The Divine Pangolin was covered with injuries all over despite his enormous physique and strong defensive strength. However, the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros was here with his horn and his overbearingness was irresistible. Under the joint attack, the Divine Pangolin started being exhausted. Without the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros, the other beasts actually could not really strike any destructive attack to the Divine Pangolin. If the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros did not play out his trump cards, none of the beasts would be able to confront the Divine Pangolin.  

Looking at how the Divine Pangolin struggled and was being badly injured, Jiang Chen’s face looked solemn. Then, he shouted:

“Master Divine Pangolin, the Immortal Grade Divine Pill can help you to recover your strength.”

His shout brought some kind of hope to the Divine Pangolin. Immediately, he ate the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill that Jiang Chen gave. Indeed, his strength recovered back to the peak. At the moment, his strength was fully recovered and he began to counterattack vigorously. 

Before that, the Divine Pagonlin was exhausted under the great suppression. That was why he fell into a disadvantageous position. Right now, his strength had recovered. Of course, he was unwilling to lose now. Although he might not be a match for all these beasts, he still started striking heavy blows against the opponents.

“The Immortal Grade Divine Pill really has a well-deserved reputation. That made me more curious now. How much Immortal Grade Divine Pills does this guy have?”

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros gave Jiang Chen a gloomy glance.

“Suppress Divine Pangolin for me.”

He shouted loudly and turned around, facing Jiang Chen. He was going to target Jiang Chen this time, his killing intent was filling the air. 

Jiang Chen’s countenance fell as he could see that the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros was going to have a life-and-death battle with him. The rhinoceros gave up on aiming the Divine Pangolin and set Jiang Chen as his target now. Jiang Chen’s heart stopped beating for a second as he might not be the rhinoceros’s match yet. The rhinoceros was an Early Heavenly God, and a beast like him could shatter mountains and shake the seas. His strength was heavenly oppressive. Jiang Chen was not not confident at all. Moreover, Lang Ya was staring at him at the moment. His current situation was even more dangerous than that of the Divine Pangolin’s.

Although the Divine Pangolin recovered his strength, he still did not have any chance to make a counter-attack under the alliance of the eight beasts. He could only resist their attack and they were neck-and-neck in the battle. Without any way out, he was helpless to save Jiang Chen. 

“Seems like you guys are very determined to kill me.”

Jiang Chen said faintly.

“What you said is quite amusing. If we don’t kill you, what will happen? If we don’t do something for ourselves, others are going to kill us. This is just a principle in this world. Hahaha. You should give up, Jiang Chen. Take out all of the divine pills you have, then I might kill you without shattering your body into pieces.”

“It’s useless to speak so much. You ought to know that. Even if I die in the battle, I will not beg you.” Jiang Chen said firmly. 

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros then promptly took a step forward without speaking too much. This was the most dreadful part of a beast as they would take action immediately without giving others any chance.

“Sorrow of Unicorn!”

The old rhinoceros soared to the sky and crashed against Jiang Chen. His dreadful horn seemed like it was able to tear heaven and earth apart. It was extraordinarily overbearing.

Jiang Chen was stunned seeing as he might not be able to resist such a powerful strike. With the help of his dragon transformation, he skillfully wielded the Heavenly Dragon Sword to resist Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros’s attack.

The Sorrow of Unicorn was more dreadful than he expected. When the Heavenly Dragon Sword crashed with the Rhinoceros’s horn, its terrifying strength almost numbed his arms through his sword. Jiang Chen’s countenance fell and he was repulsed. Although the Sword of Solitude was casted, it did not help him much. The Sorrow of Unicorn was irresistible. 

Jiang Chen had no way to escape, so he could only casted the Great Void Technique to dodge the attack. However, Lang Ya was approaching him at the moment, and then used the Heavenly Shaking Cauldron to hit him and pushed him into the dead end.

Jiang Chen was repulsed once again, he’s cornered. At the moment, he had lost all of his way out. The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros’s Sorrow of Unicorn had injured him severely. Despite Great Void Technique, he was still injured by the strength of the Sorrow of Unicorn because, after all, there was a huge gap between their cultivation realms. Since the very beginning, Jiang Chen already knew that he was not a match for the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros.

However, Jiang Chen actually still had a trump card with him. If the Fire Qilin was here, he would definitely not be afraid of the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros. Provided that he had broken through the Heavenly God Realm, yet he was still deep cultivation right now. That was why Jiang Chen did not wake him. Even if he woke Fire Qi Lin up, he would not be able to help without being at the Heavenly God Realm. 

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros continued striking Jiang Chen fiercely. Jiang Chen was indeed not a match for him. Although the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros had already used quite some energy when fighting with Divine Pangolin, his true strength had actually not been used at all. That was why he could fight Jiang Chen effortlessly.

Jiang Chen right now was in a great crisis, his situation was now more dangerous than the Divine Pangolin’s as Lang Ya joined hands with the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros. 

No one understood how great the pressure Jiang Chen was bearing right now. The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros only launched three strikes to push Jiang Chen into this predicament. The twelve Fire God Guard managed to besiege Lang Ya but they were unable to stop his Heavenly Shaking Cauldron from attacking Jiang Chen. The Cauldron fell down from the heaven, pressing against Jiang Chen and injuring his back badly. He was in a situation where he was only being attacked continuously. There was no way for him to turn the tide. Not at all!

Jiang Chen wielded his sword despite being attacked. His imposing manner remained vigorous. Although he was injured now, he had not even frown on his forehead at all. The most terrifying part was that his breath did not become weaker at all despite his injuries. Even though he was only an Early True God, he did now show any fear in the face of an Early Heavenly God. 

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