Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2369

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The eyes of both the Divine Pangolin and Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros, plus the other Heavenly God demonic beasts, became red from the temptation of those two Immortal Grade medicinal pills that Jiang Chen took out as bargaining chips. It was enough to cause these beasts to be restless. If it weren’t for the Divine Pangolin and the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros being there, they would’ve pounced straight towards Jiang Chen. 

“It’s him, it’s really him! Hahaha, Jiang Chen, you finally showed up! I said it before, he’s certainly alive.” Yang Jian’s eyes lit up with unexplainable happiness and excitement.  

The group became heated after Jiang Chen arrived at the scene. Pan Hong and Liu Quanchao’s group will have a powerful reinforcement now who wasn’t afraid of those Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts. Which means Jiang Chen must have some cards up his sleeve. Now, he’s standing face to face against Lang Ya and is filled with vigour.

“He’s Jiang Chen? I heard he killed Zhu Mingyang of the Overlord Sect and Li Yanchao of the Divine Pill Sect, very strong, monstrously strong, however he doesn’t look like what the rumours say.” Wu Qianxun said quietly. 

“One shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Qianxun, remember, never look down on anyone. Especially those who are famous. We do not know how powerful Jiang Chen is, hence, he’s much scarier than Lang Ya.” Wu Tinghou’s words made Liu Quanchao and the others look up to him. 

Because what he said was true, he was giving Jiang Chen the credits he deserved. This Wu Tinghou was a good judge in character. 

“What is that fella’s background? He dares to stand against Lang Ya? Plus, there are quite a number of Heavenly God demonic beasts behind him, ballsy… Hmph…”  Yang Mingcheng harrumphed as he looked at Jiang Chen. 

“That fella must be Jiang Chen. I saw him at the Ancient Dragon City’s auction. Arrogant, prideful. Hehe. He’s probably a guy that only ‘looks’ strong. He’s seeking his own death, facing Lang Ya… Even though he said he has two Immortal Grade Medicinal Pills, do you think he has what it takes to leave this place with his life?” Xu Jin sneered as he judged Jiang Chen as a person who does not know his own place, and he’ll pay for his arrogance with his own life. 

“Then, we’ll just have to watch and see. Hahaha, I bet that Lang Ya is no weak fool. Let them fight against each other. Nobody knows who’s going to be on top in the end… Those two demonic beasts look like they’re ready to fight. This is beneficial for us. ” Yang Mingcheng said. 

“Those two beasts are the most dangerous. Lang Ya is not someone that we can both overcome. The other demonic beasts are a pain too.” Xu Jin said quietly as those demonic beasts were worrying him. 

“You’re pretty ballsy. But I do not like to bargain with humans. Plus, I don’t like to be ordered around,” the Divine Pangolin said. 

Lang Ya smirked when he heard what the Divine Pangolin’s words. This fella is not easy to deal with and it looks like Jiang Chen has offended him too.  

“That pill is going to be mine after killing you. Isn’t that a sure-win for me? Why should I listen to your demand? Puny human.” 

Jiang Chen smiled, not getting angered. 

He then threw both of the Immortal Grade Medicinal Pill towards the Divine Pangolin. The latter was slightly stunned but swiftly took both of the pills and kept it away. 

“Is this sincere enough? Senior Divine Pangolin. If you think that I am using you, then you can just sit back and do nothing. Since you have already gotten your Immortal Grade Pills. Of course, you’ll suffer if you fight against the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros. Consider me doing the best for all the parties involved.” 

“Are you threatening me? Are you trying to anger me?” 

The Divine Pangolin threw out a punch on the walls of the Nine Dragon Caves. A powerful shock trembled across the mountain, surging straight towards Jiang Chen.  The latter instantly teleported and appeared right in front of the Divine Pangolin.

At that moment, everyone gasped in awe. Nobody thought that Jiang Chen could teleport instantly through the void. Just from this alone, these demonic beasts could not touch Jiang Chen. 

“I’ve underestimated this fella.” Lang Ya said coldly. 

However, he will not let this go. Jiang Chen must be killed, otherwise, Jiang Chen will surely become a threat for him in the future. 

“You have successfully angered me. Of course, your scheme towards me is also useful. Because I refuse to believe that the rhinoceros could do anything against me,” the Divine Pangolin shouted. 

He got what he wanted, two Immortal Grade Medicinal Pills, which was a very good deal. Jiang Chen could do nothing if he chose not to fight against the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros. But as a demonic beast, he has his own dignity and honour. 

If he chose to retreat now, then everyone would think that he’s afraid of the rhinoceros. Since he has already received the Immortal Grade Medicinal Pills then he must help Jiang Chen out, as the reward was already more than enough. They have their own honour and dignity, it was important for beasts like them even though they were savage by nature. Jiang Chen was betting on the Divine Pangolin to fight and the result was…  he was correct. 

Jiang Chen was clear that the battle between the Divine Pangolin and the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros was on the verge of eruption. However, he must be sure that it will be set off and he must find someone to help his cause. The pangolin was the greatest choice since Lang Ya and the rhinoceros was on the same side, he’ll certainly lose if he chose to face the both of them. A Peak Early Heavenly God Realm demonic beast was no easy foe to be up against. 

“I have to work my worth after taking my pills. This portion of spiritual water is also mine to take. Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros, let’s duke it out.” 

The Divine Pangolin and the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros finally started their battle. Everyone held their breath as the battle ensued. Both the pangolin and rhinoceros were also itching to fight, as the last time they had fought was over 10,000+ years ago when they had just reached the Heavenly God Realm. At that time, they were on par against one another. This time, they shall see who’s the stronger one between them. 

“Puny human, you and that pangolin will meet Lady Death herself today.” 

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