Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2366

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Heavenly God realm experts cannot enter the Hidden Secret Realm. But it’s different for the resident demonic beasts. 

Plus, they grew ever stronger, yet none of them was able to reach the Divine King Realm. Which was a mystery for the last millions of years. No matter how powerful they were, they will always be a Late Heavenly God, yet it was enough to become the kings of the place as no humans could stand before their might. 

The Divine Pangolin, Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros, Golden-winged Heavenly Sable, Azure Flower Giant Python, Flying Mantis and Six-foot Divine Elephant. All these powerful Heavenly God demonic beasts were like gods and immortals, unparalleled. The battle that ensued was intense, mountains collapsed, crumbled, and lightning struck. 

Heavenly God realm demonic beasts fell one after another. The victors too suffered different degrees of injuries. Those who survived will stand up and fight again, only the victors were allowed to become stronger, or death awaits! 

It was a tragic scene, even Xu Jin and Yang Mingcheng gasped in awe seeing that Heavenly God demonic beasts fell one after another and the victors were covered with scars and holes as they were only Early Heavenly Gods. For beasts like the Divine Pangolin and Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros who had reached the Peak Early Heavenly God realm, they were able to stand out from the rest. In this Hidden Secret Realm which has a scarce resource, it was very hard to increase one’s own cultivation. 

For these beasts to reach the peak, they would’ve stepped onto countless corpses to reach it. 

“This is tragic… ” Liu Quanchao’s expression changed. 

In the face of such powerful Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts, even with their numbers, they couldn’t even face one of them. That was the gap in their strength. Each of those beasts was a powerful being that had fought through countless battles, blood flowed across the sacred mountain and the nine dragon caves. 

“Most likely there won’t be many demonic beasts left if the battle continues.” Wu Qianxun sighed. 

“Isn’t that great for us? Otherwise, how many beasts could we handle?” Wu Tinghou sneered. As he was accustomed to death and slaughter, he was extremely calm in the face of such battle. 

The battle between the Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts was one that opened up their eyes. They watched the battle with total concentration. Hundred-meter blood pillars shot up towards the sky from the battle, and those Heavenly God beasts fell towards the ground but immediately stood up straight.  

Moreover, those beasts pounding against one another caused the mountain to shake from the tremor between poundings. These beasts that were born from the heavens and earth were strong but also bloodthirsty. None could imagine that their battles would be so straightforward, just like how the wrestling match of the humans but more intense and bloody. 

As these beasts covet the gains ahead, unaware of danger behind. They, the humans, will not act recklessly and wait for an opportunity to strike. They will act after the beasts get their hands on the spiritual water. 

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros and Divine Pangolin had their position secured. No one dared to challenge them. The top position was also empty, it was reserved for their boss. 

Three Azure Flower Giant Pythons faced-off with two Golden-winged Heavenly Sables, the latter was unfazed. However, the Azure Flower Giant Pythons won against the  Golden-winged Heavenly Sables in a one-sided battle. As the two sables were already injured. However, the pythons too suffered considerable damage. 

The three Azure Flower Giant Pythons could go toe-to-toe against the Divine Pangolin if they were to join hands together. After finishing off the Golden-winged Heavenly Sables, those three pythons stopped their conquest. This was their limit. Because the others will certainly come for their place if they were to continue fighting. Which would benefit the other beasts…. 

“Pity… in the end, those two Golden-winged Heavenly Sables died by the jaws of the Azure Flower. These fellas are pretty good, they may possibly reach my level after a few thousand years. By that time, the three brothers will be a troublesome foe. Hehehe,”  the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros said indifferently with a tinge of gentleness in his lips. 

On the other side, the Infernal Evil Dragon was exerting dominance even though it hasn’t recovered from its injuries. It fended off two beasts without issue. The dragon was one of the top contenders, however, due to it being injured, other beasts saw it as a chance to attack the dragon. Otherwise, no beasts would dare to challenge its might. Still, the dragon was a top predator and these beasts will pay the price. 

“I suggest… the Infernal Evil Dragon is our target! I am not a human if this demonic beast is not slain!” Yang Jian said. 

At this moment, the Infernal Evil Dragon was on its last legs. Plus, this time they have more members in fighting this battle. The dragon will not get away easily this time and the spiritual water will be theirs to take. 

“Alright. Even though this Infernal Evil Dragon is powerful, it’s injured and it’s not at its peak anymore. Let’s see when he’ll take his share of spiritual water.” Liu Quanchao nodded heavily. 

He knew how important the spiritual water was, hence, he will not be too calculative when they got their hands on it after helping Yang Jian and the others in getting it. He will follow Yang Jian’s order in regards to the distribution of the spiritual water. Liu Quanchao as their leader would also think of his own benefit. That was human nature. 

There aren’t any unselfish people in this world, just people. Nobody will clash when there isn’t any conflict of interest. But sometimes drastic measures have to be taken even if there wasn’t any valid reason. 

In the end, only eight were left from the original twenty-plus Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts. Three Azure Flower Giant Pythons took a dragon cave. The other five took one. And each for the Divine Pangolin and Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros. The last one and the top dragon cave was left but no one dared to compete for it. 

“Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain, a drop of Spiritual Water is worth ten thousands gold. ” Liu Quanchao’s eyes were filled with envy. 

The top dragon cave could easily fill a giant bottle of spiritual water. Whereby the  Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros and Divine Pangolin’s dragon cave could only fill a small bottle. The remaining six dragon caves could only produce several tens of drops or even a dozen drops of spiritual water. 


At this moment, the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain started to crumble!

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