Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2365

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“Hehe, I am afraid that you won’t get two set of the spiritual spring water this time. Infernal Evil Dragon doesn’t seem to be showing you any face.”

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros said. The Divine Pangolin was outraged.

“You’re going back on your words?!”

Divine Pangolin roared in rage.

“You’re the one who goes back on your words. I just treat you the way you treat others. I am going to get the spiritual spring water.”

The Infernal Evil Dragon sneered.

“Enough. Since Infernal Evil Dragon is here, then let’s have everyone just fight the places with your own power. Let’s see if you are capable of getting the place of the Dragon Cave.”

As soon as the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros finished his words, there was an uproar among the beasts in the entire Nine Dragon Cave. None of them would want to give up the spiritual spring water. An intense battle was inevitable and it would happen anytime.

“According to the old rules, whoever can fight until the end would be the winner.”

Although the Divine Pangolin was angry, it was undeniable that he was still very fair. He did not continue arguing about getting the second set of spiritual water after the Infernal Evil Dragon arrived. The spiritual water that could only be obtained once every hundred years was extremely significant. In terms of their personal grudges, he will definitely not let the Infernal Evil Dragon go.

“Let’s see a real battle between the experts of Heavenly God Realm,” Xu Jin excitedly said.

They really wanted to join the battle of Heavenly God realm beasts, however, it was basically impossible. Hence, they could only wait for an opportunity. In that sense, the moment one of the beasts was drinking the spiritual water, they would interrupt them half-way and eliminate them who would have been injured badly by that time. That was their perfect plan.  

In the distance, Liu Quanchao and others also entered the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. Looking at those Heavenly God beasts, their heart was like suppressed by a gigantic rock. They felt the great pressure because the beasts were too formidable. None of them could match any of the beasts. Hence, they’d have to only sit silently there and watch the situation. There would definitely be a bloody intense battle in the Nine Dragon Cave.

“It is going to be an exciting show.”

Liu Quanchao said profoundly while his eyes were filled with admiration. When would he be able to become a Heavenly God? Once he succeeded in condensing the Divine Spark, then he would reach Heavenly God Realm and be different from a mortal. After all, there was still a big gap between half-step Heavenly God Realm and Heavenly God Realm.

“Yea, it’s going to be a fierce battle and it will definitely cause a storm.” Wu Qianxun said softly. 

At the moment, they could only wait silently. Only by waiting could they gain a chance to get the spiritual water. If they really went hard against the Heavenly God beasts, they would be killed anytime.

“It’s really exciting. These Heavenly God beasts are too formidable.”

Man Shuai was incomparably excited. No one was able to stay calm when waiting for the battle that was about to erupt. They were waiting for the moment when the beasts engaged in the fierce fight. Even if the beasts might have obtained the spiritual water by that time, they would have sustained severe injuries due to their intense fight. By that time, it would be the best timing for Man Shuai and others to take action.

As the saying goes, the mantis stalks the cicada, but it is unaware that the oriole is behind it. On the other hand, Yang Mingcheng and Xu Jin were also waiting for the best timing. 

“I am going to see who dares to fight me and my two brothers.”

An enormous python rose up with another two pythons following behind him tightly. If Jiang Chen or Tang Zhen were here, they would definitely be able to identify these pythons. They were the Three-headed Giant Pythons Jiang Chen and Tang Zhen encountered under the river. It’s terrifying aura swept across in all directions. All of the Heavenly God Realm beasts chose to be silent at the moment. Since the trio wanted to get a set of spiritual water, if you dared to take action against them, they would join hands to strike against you. No one dared to offend the brothers.

“Oh what a coincidence. We, the brothers of Golden-winged Heavenly Sable, want a place in the Dragon Cave as well.”

Two Heavenly Sable with golden wings took a step forward and stood in front of the Three-headed Giant Pythons. 

“Qing Zhi, Qing Liu and Qing Fang, I am afraid that it’s not that easy for you guys to defeat us only with your number but not your strength. Hehehe.”

“Seems like you still can’t get over your bastard brother’s death. Think wisely, two of you. If you confront any other beast, you might be able to live. However, if you fight the three of us, it won’t be easy for you to escape,” the eldest brother, Qing Zhi, said with disdain. 

“Every debt comes with a debtor. To take revenge, we are looking for the three of you. No matter what, we are going to have a battle.” 

The elder brother of the Golden-winged Heavenly Sable said arrogantly. Obviously, he was too lazy to continue to argue with the python. They had already made up their mind to fight with the Three-headed Giant Pythons and solve their grudges.

“Okay,  I will fulfill your wish and let you two to reunite with your brother in hell.” 

Qing Zhi smiled and said. 

However, it was going to be an intense battle as two of them were not any ordinary beasts. It will not be easy for Qing Zhi and his brothers to overcome them in the battle. 

Once they said to fight, there wouldn’t be any other way to solve the problem. These Heavenly God beasts were still beasts. Once they had made up their mind, they would be more stubborn than the human. Many beasts usually just opted to have life-and-death battles in solving a conflict. 

Not long after, they started their battles respectively. They started fighting for the places of the remaining six Dragon Caves fiercely. No one would like to miss out on the chance to get the spiritual water. Once they missed the chance, they would need to wait for another one hundred years. A hundred years later, those who already obtained the spiritual water would be more powerful and they would continue to overcome all the other beasts by that time.

That was why all of the beasts now used up their utmost effort to fight in the battle. They knew that if they acted slightly slower than others, they would become the stepping stones for others to advance better. Normally these beasts looked very peaceful and calm, however, if anything related to their personal interest was touched, they would fight at the cost of their life. In the Hidden Secret Realm, a place with very limited resources, fighting for the spiritual water became very significant to them. 

These beasts were inherently powerful and their divine strength had even surpassed the human’s strength. That was why these Heavenly God Realm beasts did not care about the human cultivators at all. Over the hundreds and thousand years, all of the human cultivators were killed here when fighting for the spiritual water.

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