Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2361

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“Your Ten-Thousand Soul Devouring Ghosts are going to submit to me as well.”

Jiang Chen wielded the Divine Burying Flag, spinning around the universe. Winds were howling and rolling fiercely that caused birds to weep and plants to shake. 

The Ten-Thousand Soul Devouring Ghosts had become slower at this moment as the mightiness of the Divine Burying Flag was displayed fully by Jiang Chen. Although all the ghosts were spread across in every direction, all of them were still devoured into Divine Burying Flag. Countless fierce ghosts shouted at the top of their lungs and lost their strength. Under the Divine Burying Flag, the Ten-Thousand Soul Devouring Ghosts had become ‘Thousand Howling Ghosts’ and ‘Thousand Escaping Ghosts’.

“No, no, oh no! It’s impossible. The Divine Burying Flag, why do you have the Divine Burying Flag? Even my Sect Lord only has a broken Divine Burying Fire.”

Li Zhongheng’s countenance fell. Others might not recognize the Divine Burying Fire, but people from the Ghost Eye Sect were very familiar with it. The mightiness of the Divine Burying Flag was that it could turn all of those ferocious ghosts into void and edify the evil air. The Divine Burying Flag was inherited from the ancient period and it was very rare in the Divine World. Although it was only a Heavenly Divine Tool, even an Origin Divine Tool might not be as valuable as the Divine Burying Flag.

Li Zhongheng was terribly shocked. Jiang Chen had so many treasures in his person. Li Zhongheng could not get over the Divine Burying Flag because if he could obtain it, his strength would definitely advanced to another higher realm.

The Ten-Thousand Soul Devouring Ghosts had now become the ‘Thousand Escaping Ghosts’. Li Zhongheng was terrified after his most powerful strike became the biggest joke in front of Jiang Chen. Even though he was Li Zhongheng, he still needed to withdraw himself in front of the mightiness of the Divine Burying Flag. Nothing was scary if Jiang Chen did not take any action, however, once he took action, it was astonishing.

“Divine Burying Flag, I must get that Divine Burying Flag!”

Li Zhongheng looked at the Divine Burying Flag in Jiang Chen’s hand. His eyes looked ferocious and full of envy. He was like an evil lich who saw a beauty and wanted to get her. One could already imagine how tempting the Divine Burying Flag was to him.

“Let’s see if you can still laugh.”

Jiang Chen swept across in all directions with his Divine Burying Flag. Gloomy winds that contained the strength of the hurricane stirred up. Li Zhongheng could only give up attacking Jiang Chen and started defending himself. He didn’t have a chance anymore to attack Jiang Chen. Meanwhile the twelve Fire God Guards were blocking his only way of retreat. At this moment, Li Zhongheng had already lost all of his escape route.

“Ghost Eye Juro Formation!” 

Li Zhongheng’s eyes looked ruthless. Right now, he could only cast out his trump card to defeat Jiang Chen. Li Zhongheng was not slow at his movement. Being the most formidable genius of Ghost Eye Sect and a formation master who could lead an apprentice, he thought that it would not be a big deal to fight with Jiang Chen. 

The Ghost Eye Juro Formation besieged Jiang Chen with sixteen phantoms in all directions. Jiang Chen was left with no way out and his facial expression changed. He was going to withdraw himself as a way of attacking. Since Li Zhongheng wanted to use this formation to overcome him, he was going to try whose formation was more superior. 

“I wonder what kind of effect it would create if I set the formation on the twelve Fire God Guards.”

Jiang Chen came up with the idea suddenly. However, a formation that involved twelve puppets was not simple. Right now, Jiang Chen could only set up a basic formation like the Little Ashura Sword Formation which was the scale-down version of the Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation. If he was going to control so many Origin Divine Tools and Heavenly Divine Tools, he would be exhausted and the formation would not be set up well. As a consequence, he might be setting himself to failure.

“Surging Wave Earthly Formation, let’s set it!”

Under Jiang Chen’s control, he assigned the Surging Waves to each of the Fire God Guard, then the formation was set up. It became a huge killing formation of twelve Fire God Guards.

“I never expected that you knew how to set a formation as well. Oh well. If you don’t know how to set a formation, how could you break the No beginning Formation. But I guess you were able to due to luck.”

Li Zhongheng mocked Jiang Chen. However, he would know that his formation was actually inferior when it confronted Jiang Chen’s Surging Wave Earthly Formation. Moreover, Jiang Chen had set the formation on the twelve Fire God Guards. The twelve Fire God Guards had already made Li Zhongheng very embarrassed in the battle earlier. Now, they even carried the Surging Wave Earthly Formation. A second later, Li Zhongheng finally felt that he could not withstand it and he even felt that the real crisis was here.

The formation of the twelve Fire God Guards was quite terrifying, and they were actually quite skillful. Jiang Chen had instilled the formation into the body of the twelve Fire God Guards. At this moment, they immediately manage to master the formation well. Although they were all puppets, they have the spirit of a puppet with slight intelligence. Even though they could not think independently, they were able to master the formation which was set up by Jiang Chen.

“Bastard! Why did they become so powerful now? Is it because of the formation? Does he really have the talent of setting formations as well?”

Before Li Zhongheng could finish his words, he had already been repulsed by Jiang Chen’s twelve Fire God Guards. He had a headache from such a dreadful formation. The Ghost Eye Juro Formation completely lost its strength after dealing with the Surging Wave Earthly Formation. A few minutes later, it was completely broken.

Li Zhongheng was hit hard. At this moment, his face was as red as a pig’s liver. Being defeated by Jiang Chen, he kept taking steps backwards. His eyes displayed his unwillingness but he could not do anything as things had already developed into this situation. It was difficult for him to continue fighting Jiang Chen who had managed to use the formation of Twelve Fire God Guards to defeat him easily. 

It was out of Jiang Chen’s expectation as well. The power of the Surging Wave Earthly Formation was quite formidable under the combination with the Fire God Guards. Their strength was able to overcome someone who was at the half-step Heavenly God Realm. Moreover, the Surging Wave Earthly Formation was not the only formation that suited the Fire God Guards.

“I am afraid that it’s not so easy for you to run away.”

Jiang Chen sneered. He took up the Heavenly Dragon sword and started chasing Li Zhongheng.

“I will be back. Jiang Chen, this debt will be paid!”

Li Zhongheng's voice was full of unwillingness. Jiang Chen casted the Great Void Technique to chase Li Zhongheng, but in the end Li Zhongheng still managed to get away successfully. When Jiang Chen made a blow with his sword, it only hit Li Zhongheng’s clothes and there was no blood spilled. Li Zhongheng managed to run away using some kind of secret technique.

“Next time, you won’t be this lucky anymore.”

Jiang Chen looked at the sky and said faintly.


“The spiritual spring water of the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain is indeed an excellent thing. It can help revive people who died and heal the living people. Shall we go and open our eyes?”

Yang Jian said seriously.

“Yes, we shall open our eyes. Unfortunately, we don’t know where Jiang Chen is right now. Otherwise, it would be great if he’s with us in the  Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain.”

Pan Hong said in a low voice.

“Look! Are they Liu Quanchao and Zhang Lei?”

Pan Hong was surprised and thrilled. Looking over from where they were standing , he saw Liu Quanchao, Zhanglei, Ling Long and another ten people walking towards them. 

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