Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2359

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The moment Jiang Chen broke the No Beginning Formation, he inherited the 108,000 formations, which he did not expect. The Dao sense within his heart merged with those formations in just mere moments, the inheritance of the Formation God, the No Beginning Formation… Long has been experts attempting to solve this formation that was only waiting for the fated one to unveil its truth. 

Jiang Chen slowly understood that his Dao became unique, his own Dao solved the formation.

Jiang Chen was filled with shock. These formations… just an Elementary Formation needed tens of thousands of Divine Origin Stones to activate it. Whereas those Advanced-Grade Formations needed Primal Origin Treasure as the eye of formation and countless Heavenly Divine Tools and Origin Divine Tools to form a peerless sword formation. Truly… ‘expensive’. 

When Jiang Chen formed his Dao sense, the divine origin energy within his body found a balanced boundary point. The dragon marks increased exponentially, he could almost reach the Mid True God Realm. 

“Advanced Formation, Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation. 1 Primal Origin Treasure, 18 Origin Divine Tools, 108 Heavenly Divine Tools, can kill a Divine Emperor and force a God Emperor to retreat!”

Jiang Chen’s heart waved with emotion. The Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation was extremely powerful, and it’s not the only powerful formation within the No Beginning Formation. King Ba An was mad and powerful that he could even trap God Emperors in his formation. He’s indeed stunningly powerful and he wasn’t even a God Emperor himself. 

“Even though I do not have that many Origin and Heavenly Divine Tools in hand. But I have quite an amount of divine tools. With the Heavenly Dragon Sword as the core and those divine tools as support. I wonder how powerful this sword formation will be?”

Jiang Chen even felt somewhat eager. 

He had understood the formations. He managed to gain the inheritance of the Formation God by fate through the No Beginning Formation. Deep down, he was extremely excited. This formation shall become one of his trump cards. He may not be proficient in formations but he will certainly make this formation shine after gaining the inheritance. 

“Thank you.” Jiang Chen slowly opened up his eyes and looked at Xue Qianying. 

“You do not need to thank me. I should be the one thanking you. If it weren’t for you breaking the No Beginning Formation, that place may perhaps be our home forever.” Xue Qianying blushed after saying those words. 

Those words had an ambiguous meaning behind it, and she became silent right after saying it. 

“Isn’t that a helpless choice? If that really came true, perhaps I will not be unhappy, but I’m still unwilling to accept it.” Jiang Chen said. 

Xue Qianying did not reply. The moment when Jiang Chen saw everything from the Three Worlds and Six Daos, she too saw great affection in Jiang Chen’s eyes. He shouldered too many things on his back, his brothers, his relationships. 

Perhaps I should not put too much pressure on him, I may be the only one not unhappy in that No Beginning Formation forever. 

Perhaps that place could lock his physical body away, but not his heart. 

Xue Qianying left without saying anything while Jiang Chen was busy forging divine tools in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. 

Jiang Chen took the Meteor Hammer and Storm Hammer out and started forging them. 108 divine tools was not a small task. He used the meteor stone he got from Mount Qi Ling to forge them, it was suitable for the task. 

Time slowly passed by, Jiang Chen worked hard for three whole months. The 108 divine swords were forged under the Five Elemental True Fire and Myriad Qi Cauldron. Jiang Chen held onto those blades, slightly moved as he caressed them, these blades were at Peak Divine Tool Grade. 

However, it was still far from the Heavenly Divine Tool Grade, yet they were still powerful enough. Plus, the quality of the meteor stones was great. If Jiang Chen was powerful enough, he could even forge a heavenly divine tool, but the number of meteor stones he had was only enough for him to forge 108 peak divine tools. Nonetheless, when these blades were incorporated with the Heavenly Dragon Sword and Ashura Formation, it will be devastatingly powerful. 

Jiang Chen held those divine blades while wielding the confidence to face every adversity the heavens had to offer. 

Three months have passed within the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Wherein only three days have passed on the outside world. When Jiang Chen came out from the pagoda, he once again saw Li Zongheng. 

“Looks like… you’ve finally appeared.” Li Zongheng said quietly. 

His hair was a little messy, his gaze was cold, but he still had that arrogant and dominating air around him. 

“So what?” Jiang Chen looked straight into Li Zongheng’s eyes and said coldly.  

“Even though you saved me, the score between us must still be settled. You’re also doing it to save yourself, but I have to give it to you, solving the legendary No Beginning Formation, truly remarkable.

“Especially me, Li Zongheng. I am not an unreasonable person. Hand over all your treasures and perhaps I may let you go. Since you’re considered to be half my benefactor. Hehehe. ” Li Zongheng smiled as he looked at Jiang Chen filled with interest. 

This fella’s treasures are too tempting. I have to do this. Otherwise, it’ll be bad if all of these were to fall into the hands of those three guys from Clear Stream Sect. 

“You’re a pretty good guy. But it’s a pity that I, Jiang Chen, will never do such a thing. You want to let me go? Sorry, but I never thought of letting you go.” Jiang Chen’s voice became cold, his gaze was like a blade as he looked straight at Li Zongheng. 

“Choosing the hard path? I cannot do anything against you within the formation. But now, I can easily kill you like taking candy from a baby. You won’t be able to get away from me. Since you wanted to meet Hades yourself, I shall make it easier for you. This shall be me, returning the favour from before.” Li Zongheng stepped forward, filled with vigour. His dominating qi poured straight towards his opponent.

Jiang Chen’s gaze became extremely solemn. This fella is definitely not simple, I haven’t fought a full battle with this guy. Let’s duke it out today. Otherwise, I will be endlessly pursued by this guy. 

“Come. Enough talking. You can obtain what you want from me if you can kill me.” Jiang Chen said. 

“I plan to. There’s no need to slaughter a child with a sword. Prepare to die, Jiang Chen. You deserved this, I may have ended my life if it weren’t for you. Because I cannot withstand that loneliness and helplessness. But when I was in my darkest time, you gave me hope. Now, feel my despair. Nobody shall stand in my path, including the heavens. ” Li Zongheng wielded his battle halberd with force and vigour as he charged towards Jiang Chen with intense killing intent!

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