Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2355

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“Bullsh*t. Do you think we are stupid enough to believe what you said? The maximum lifespan of a Hierarch expert is only a hundred thousand years. But you said that you have lived up to more than millions of years, do you think you’re a Divine Emperor? Hahaha. It’s funny! Your intelligence is seriously a joke.”

Li Zhongheng sighed. He felt that this youth must be a conceited boy. Even though he used to be very formidable, right now he was only a mortal human being. In this formation, everyone was equal. Moreover, since he had been trapped here for so many years, it showed that the formation was not simple.

“A bunch of ignorant guys. Some Hierarchs might only be able to live up to ten thousand years, but what can others do to me if I have a long life?”

The youth said proudly.  

“No matter what, you are still trapped here.”

Xue Qianying said in a low voice.

The youth blushed and gave Xue Qianying an unsatisfied glance and said: 

“Do you think this is a simple formation that everyone could leave easily? Even  I, as a Hierarch, was unable to break through the formation.”

Jiang Chen could see that the formation had already driven the youth crazy. If everything was as he said, he could actually be considered as a man with great determination by not going nuts or commiting suicide after being trapped here for millions of years.

If Jiang Chen was the one trapped here for millions of years, he was not sure if he would not commit suicide. This youth was definitely not simple. 

“Anyway, master Hierarch, do you know what kind of formation this is? Where did it come from? Is it real that no one can get out of this formation? What was that enormous vortex?”

Jiang Chen’s face looked solemn. He looked at the youth without contempt that Li Zhongheng showed just now. So, the youth was still quite polite to Jiang Chen.

The youth gave Jiang Chen a glance and said faintly:

“This is a No Beginning Formation from the Formation God, King Ba An during the ancient period. No Beginning Formation began from the creation of the heavens and earth as King Ba An wanted to blend such a subtle formation into the heavens and earth. However, he was also trapped here for thirty thousand years, and only then did he manage to free himself from the formation. As the old saying goes, once one sees no beginning, all the four elements are void. The person who can break out from this formation is definitely a person who mastered the Three Worlds and Six Dao.

“Da Shi once said that the formation recycles itself every five million years and the No Beginning Formation will break itself. Perhaps, I only have to wait for about three million years more, then I will be able to return to the world again.”

He murmured while his eyes were filled with some confusion. He was excited but also a bit helpless. He was happy because there were more people to wait with him. However, he was quite helpless because he might need to be alone again after a hundred years. He had to deal with the No Beginning Formation alone for another million years.

“Avalokiteśvara? Who’s the Avalokiteśvara? Why would there be a Sanskrit hymn in the vortex?”

Jiang Chen asked again.

“You have thought too much. This is not something that you could understand. Since you’re here already, just accept the fact. It is impossible to get out of here. The world here is only limited to the Thousand Leaves Purple Bamboo Forest. Since you are here, accompany me for a hundred years. I will grieve for you when you pass away one day.”

The youth said with a cold smile.

“If you don’t try, how do you know it’s impossible to get out of this No Beginning Formation.?”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Seems like you’re quite confident in yourself. In the first ten thousand years, I had thought that way as well. However, time let you know that the No Beginning Formation is originally from the heavens and earth. Do you know what ‘No Beginning’ means? It means never stop, never end and never begins. Don’t waste your effort anymore.”

The youth’s words did not seem to discourage Jiang Chen.

“You won’t die even after a hundred thousands years but we only have very limited time.

“I am happy for you that you are still so excited after being imprisoned here for millions of years. Hehe.”

Li Zhongheng said with a strange tone.

“Once one sees the no beginning, all the four elements are void.”

Jiang Chen murmured. Facing this world of void and being trapped in this formation made Jiang Chen feel helpless as well. Even a Hierarch expert could not find any way out after a million years here. If he was able to find the exit without much effort, wouldn’t this youth lose all of his dignity for not being able to get out after so many years? 

“It’s the No Beginning Formation of King Ba An. It was said that this formation was lost in the Divine World since the ancient period. It’s still here unexpectedly.”

Red Lotus' voice resounded in Jiang Chen’s mind.

“You are awake, aren’t you? 

Jiang Chen asked. 

“In the No Beginning Formation, your Ancestral Dragon Pagoda will lose its power as well. There is no exception for the Myriad Qi Cauldron. The No Beginning Formation is very mystical. Even a Divine Emperor, such a formidable figure would be stranded here.” 

Jiang Chen was dumbstruck by what Red Lotus said. The Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus had existed since the ancient period, so literally she was a historical encyclopedia of the Divine World. Why could he forget about her? However, if the Myriad Qi Cauldron did not experience transformation in the No Beginning Formation, then Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus might not appear now.

“You know something about this No Beginning Formation by King Ba An?”

Jiang Chen was shocked and asked. Undeniably, Red Lotus’s emergence had given him some confidence.

“Not too much. But King Ba An was well-known. During the ancient period, King Ba An was popular and invincible with his No Beginning Formation. He’s truly a legend.”

“Was King Ba An a God Emperor?”

Jiang Chen asked through his mind.

Red Lotus rolled her eyes and stared at Jiang Chen.

“Do you think everyone could reach the God Emperor realm? Do you think it’s based on personal capability to master the Law of the Heavens and Earth to become a God Emperor? God Emperor is the highest realm in the Divine World. It is the peerless and invisible realm in the Divine World. Normally, a God Emperor would not appear in front of humans because they have surpassed the mortal realm. It’s said that only a Buddist master can break this formation. A God Emperor might not be willing to deal with this formation as well. The old saying is right. Once one sees the no beginning, all the four elements are void. That means that even if you’re formidable, you couldn’t display your strength at all in the No Beginning Formation. To overcome the formation, you don’t use your strength but you need to comprehend the essence of formation between the heavens and earth.” 

Although what Red Lotus said did not help Jiang Chen too much, it solved his doubt in his heart. 

“Who is the Avalokiteśvara? Do you know him?”

Jiang Chen continued to ask.

“He is one of the buddha in Buddhism. Except Avalokiteśvara, I never heard of any other that dared to call themself  as buddha under the heavens. When my father was in his highest realm, he dared not to offend Avalokiteśvara as well. Is this formation related to Avalokiteśvara?”

Red Lotus was also quite doubtful at this moment, however, she was also helpless when dealing with this No Beginning Formation. 

“I never expected that you would be so lucky to fall into the only No Beginning Formation under the heavens.” 

Red Lotus gritted her teeth and one could imagine how great was the rage and unwillingness in her heart. To be trapped here, the formation was like a forbidden existence. Except the master of Buddhism, no one had ever managed to break free from the No Beginning Formation before. This was a prison of death!

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