Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2353

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“I am going to kill you!”

Lightning was rolling and raging out from Li Zhongheng’s palm strikes. The entire Thousand Leaves Purple Bamboo Forest was messed up by his attack, but he still could not see Jiang Chen’s figure, and the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was not affected at all. 

Li Zhongheng curled up his mouth slightly and said, “Good guy. Seems like I have underestimated you.”

“Forget to tell you something, Jiang Chen. Refining Corpse Technique isn’t the strongest skill of my sect. Instead, Ghost Cave Formation is our most powerful skill. Don’t know if you’ve heard of this peerless technique before or not. Hehe.”

Li Zhongheng’s voice resounded around Jiang Chen’s ears.

“Ghost Cave Formation of Ghost Eye Sect is extremely formidable. It is the most fearsome among all of the formations in the Linhe Boundary. It is unparalleled and it earns its reputation.”

Xue Qianying said in a low voice. Her face was filled with worry.

“Then let’s see if his technique is able to find me or not,” Jiang Chen said with full confidence. 

“Even if the Divine Emperor is here, I am still confident to say that.”

Jiang Chen smiled proudly.

“Ghost Cave Shattering Heaven Formation!”

Zhong Liheng casted his formation. No one would be able to hide away from the effect of the formation within a hundred miles. The Ghost Eye Shattering Heaven Formation was the inheritance of the Ghost Cave Clan. According to the legend, hundred and thousand years ago, Ghost Eye Sect was a branch of the Ghost Cave Clan. That was why Ghost Eye Sect had inherited everything from that clan. However, what really happened between them, only the insiders would know.

At the moment, the forest suddenly became extremely quiet. It was difficult to break the Ghost Eye Shattering Heaven Formation that was casted by a half-step Heavenly God. The formation was also one of  Li Zhongheng's trump cards. As long as he was still alive, no one would be able to break through the formation.

“Heavenly Eyes that identifies the truth. Appear now!”

Li Zhongheng opened his eyes suddenly. His bluish Ghost Eyes saw through everything within the hundred miles, however, he was not able to find Jiang Chen’s location. There was nothing showing the sign that Jiang Chen was still here.

“Impossible. It’s impossible! Why couldn’t my Ghost Eye find him? No one can run away from my Ghost Cave Formation. I don’t believe that you could do it!” Li Zhongheng roared fiercely. 

However, he strongly believed that Jiang Chen had not left the place yet. It’s just that he just could not trace his location yet. 

“Ghost Eye Rain of Sword!”

The places where Li Zhongheng scanned through were filled with falling hundreds and thousands of swords as if droplets poured down on the ground. Everything was turned into ruins and dusts within the hundred miles under his Ghost Eye Rain of Sword.

Seeing this scene, Xue Qianying was shocked as it was quite terrifying. She did not know when Li Zhongheng would be able to find Jiang Chen’s Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. If that happened, then they would come to a dead end.

“Don’t worry. No one can break through the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Even though his Ghost Eye is formidable, it is impossible for him to get me.”

No matter how strong and dreadful the torrent of swords, Jiang Chen was very calm.

“Come out! Come out!”

Li Zhongheng had used up all of his might and turned the entire forest into chaos. However, the dreadful mightiness was unable to overcome Jiang Chen. Finally, Li Zhongheng understood why even the Three Great Guardians of Clear Stream Sect failed to get what they wanted. 

“Something’s wrong. Why is this formation so dreadful? “

Jiang Chen’s countenance fell suddenly as he felt that heaven and earth were turning around at the moment. A second ago, everything was still fine under Li Zhongheng’s strike, but now the heaven and earth were really shaking. Out of his expectation, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda started trembling.

“What kind of formation is this?”

Jiang Chen was shocked as he never sensed such dreadfulness before. Although he stayed deep inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, he still felt the great pressure released from the formation. 

“This is not from Li Zhongheng’s formation!” Jiang Chen shouted.

At the same time, Li Zhongheng’s face looked terrible as well and he was terrified because an enormous vortex started forming up and spinning in the middle of his Ghost Cave Shattering Heaven Formation. It became bigger and bigger. In less than fifteen minutes, the vortex became more than a hundred metres and it absorbed all of the mountains and trees around it. One could not see the depth of the terrifying vortex. 

“This is not my technique.”

Li Zhongheng felt speechless because he never expected there was such a dreadful formation existing. 

The terrifying energy of the vortex kept increasing, forcing Li Zhongheng to keep withdrawing himself. However, he was in his own formation right now and he was stuck there. Hence, he was not able to break through the vortex and run away. 

The enormous suction force of the vortex had made Li Zhongheng struggle as he could not withstand it. After thirty minutes, the size of the vortex had become more than ten miles. He knew that he had miscreated a huge trouble. 

“Oh no! No!”

Li Zhongheng roared in rage. Unfortunately for him, without any way out, he was still sucked by the enormous vortex 

“The suction force is too strong. It’s difficult to withstand it and even all of the mountains and plants were absorbed. It’s terrifying.”

Xue Qianying shivered slightly and unconsciously withdrew herself. But then she realised that she was inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and there was no way for her to retreat anymore.

“This formation must be triggered by Li Zhongheng’s Ghost Cave Shattering Heaven Formation. What a bastard. Things are not well now. My Ancestral Dragon Pagoda is going to be absorbed into the vortex soon,” Jiang Chen said. 

He had no way to solve the criss as well at the moment. If he went out from Ancestral Dragon Pagoda now, most probably he would experience the same consequence as Li Zhongheng. 

“Such a despicable guy!”

At the moment, everyone was involved in the trouble. Jiang Chen who was in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda could only submit his fate to the heavens because the suction force of the vortex was indeed too powerful. It was not something that he was able to withstand.  

“This might be a formation that Li Zhongheng accidentally triggered its formation eye.”

Xue Qianying said. However, would such a dreadful formation really be able to absorb myriad things? 

In the vortex, there was a hymn of sanskrit echoing from the beginning until the end. Jiang Chen frowned his forehead because he could not figure out what was that. 


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