Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2352

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Jiang Chen’s countenance fell and immediately casted the Great Void Technique to dodge the following attacks from Li Zhongheng. Li Zhongheng looked solemn as he never expected that Jiang Chen would have a trick like this. Li Zhongheng was clearly unfamiliar with the Great Void Technique. This was a kind of technique that even a Hierarch expert might not be able to achieve. However, it was perfectly displayed by Jiang Chen who was only a True God. It was truly unbelievable. 

At the same time, Li Zhongheng had become even more curious about Jiang Chen now because this guy might give him great surprise. 

“Heavenly Great Fortune Palm!” 

When the palm struck, even someone who was a hundred miles away could feel the great suppression. Jiang Chen couldn’t dodge this strike that had blocked all of his escape route. Moreover, his strength was indeed too weak right now. 

“Be careful!”

A soft voice shouted. Jiang Chen was stunned for a while then a green figure brought him down and protected him.


Jiang Chen was shocked as this strike almost shattered Xue Qianying’s meridian and she was injured severely.

“Bastard!” Jiang Chen cursed while gritting his teeth. 

He immediately held Xue Qianying up and retreated. The Great Void Technique was fully displayed by Jiang Chen and he galloped and swooped just to escape from Li Zhongheng. At this moment, he definitely was not a match for Li Zhongheng. If the Fire Qilin was here, he would not be this embarrassing. However, the Fire Qilin was now cultivating with the Heart of Magma, so Jiang Chen could not disturb him. Jiang Chen would never do it unless he really had no choice.

If he did not choose to battle and just run away using his Great Void Technique, Li Zhongheng would have no way of catching him.

Jiang Chen was holding Xue Qianying at this moment. Xue Qianying was willing to sacrifice her life to save him at the most critical moment and even suffered an attack just for him. He felt really bitter and furious but he was not a match for Li Zhongheng right now due to his injury. That was why he knew that he could not risk himself to battle with Li Zhongheng recklessly. 

“Why would you be that naive.”

Jiang Chen said while running.

“You always choose to deal with the danger for everyone’s sake. Why couldn’t I be fearless and save you?” Xue Qianying replied faintly. 

She did not think too much at this moment, but Jiang Chen felt guilty deep in his heart.

“If I was even late for a second to take you away. You might have died. He is a half-step Heavenly God. It is impossible for a Late True God to withstand his strike.”

Jiang Chen said angrily, but it was too late for him to say anything.

“Let me see where you are running to. Just give up.’

Li Zhongheng's voice echoed between the mountains. Jiang Chen turned his head to have a look but he did not slow down at all. With the Great Void Technique, he started his great escape.

“Put me down, otherwise, you won't be able to make it.”

Xue Qianying said.

“Seriously? If I abandon you now, am I still human?”

Jiang Chen patted Xue Qianying’s ass hard which made her blush.  She was annoyed for a moment but only pouted her lips tightly, and she did not say anything.

Jiang Chen did not care what Xue Qianying said. Fortunately, he had the peerless Great Void Technique, otherwise, Li Zhongheng would’ve caught up by now. However, Li Zhongheng still did not give up chasing Jiang Chen even though they had run for more than a hundred thousand miles. He did not stop his footstep at all. A half-step Heavenly God’s strength was much superior than Jiang Chen, that was why Jiang Chen could not easily shake off Li Zhongheng.

The Great Void Technique could only temporarily help them not to be caught by Li Zhongheng immediately. It could not harm Li Zhongheng at all. Although the Great Void Technique could help Jiang Chen shuttle through the void for thousands of miles, he had actually not yet achieved the highest realm of the technique.

In their escape, they had gone through glaciers, mountains, forests, rivers, lakes and countless ruins. Jiang Chen had already forgotten where he was heading. Now, he reached an enormous bamboo forest that was full of trees and hills. On the mountain wall, the words Thousand Leaves Purple Bamboo Forest could clearly be seen!

Jiang Chen had been dashing wildly throughout their escape and the Great Void Technique almost used up his final strength. At this moment, he was exhausted and unable to continue running anymore. The two of them were severely injured and stranded at the Thousand Leaves Purple Bamboo Forest. 

“Finally you decided to stop.”

Li Zhongheng smiled faintly and looked calm. After flying for so long, Jiang Chen finally took a rest and caught his breath. However, Li Zhongheng actually had been standing in front of him.

“You’re quite determined.”

Jiang Chen sneered. 

“You’re right. Because I want to know what is the reason Xuanyuan Canglan wanted to capture you.” 

Li Zhongheng smiled.

“This is the reason!”

In a flash, Jiang Chen and Xue Qianying entered the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and disappeared immediately.

“A Spatial Divine Tool?”

Li Zhongheng was stunned and his countenance fell. He had heard his master say before that Spatial Divine Tools were very rare between the heavens and earth. Refining a Spatial Divine Tool was more difficult than refining a Spatial Ring.  It was very rare to have a Spatial Divine Tool that could house humans. Spatial Divine Tool was like the existence of the feather of the phoenix in the Divine World. Because of its rareness, Li Zhongheng knew very well about the Spatial Divine Tool. 

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. It was out of his expectation that Li Zhongheng would know this much.

“What’s this place? A Spatial Divine Tool?”

Xue Qianying’s countenance fell and she looked around. Li Zhongheng was standing not far away and he looked gigantic.

Of course, Xue Qianying heard about the Spatial Divine Tool before as well. However, she never knew that Jiang Chen was this dreadful to have a Spatial Divine Tool. No wonder the Three Great Guardians of Clear Stream Sect and Li Zhongheng kept chasing him.

“I know that you must be hiding in a Spatial Divine Tool. Do you think by doing that I won’t be able to get you? Hehe. You have underestimated my sect.”

Li Zhongheng said in a deep voice. Jiang Chen finally felt a bit relieved now that he was inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda but he dared not to be careless. If Li Zhongheng really had some tricks to find him, that would be a crisis for them. 

“This is my supreme divine tool. You don’t need to worry here. It’s safe here. I just don’t want to be trapped here. I guess I will need some time to recover my strength. I am sorry that you have to be here with me during this period of time.”


Xue Qianying said in a low voice. She did not have any complaints because she was also injured severely. Jiang Chen took out a piece of Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill for Xue Qingying. She did not hesitate and took the pill immediately. In an instant, her strength was recovered partially. Although the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill was effective and mystical, it would still take one or two days for her to fully recover as her meridians were badly injured. No matter how, she was still dumbfounded by Jiang Chen. 

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