Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2350

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Li Yan attacked Jiang Chen using his whip filled with killing intent. 

Jiang Chen quickly teleported away. The current Li Yan was unparalleled. The strength of a Half-Step Heavenly God was unimaginable. This was Jiang Chen’s hardest battle where he did not have a sure-win method but at least he wouldn't lose so easily against him. Moreover, he did not know what cards Li Yan still have. Hence he had to be passive to probe what scheme his opponent had. To win a battle, one must understand one’s opponent. 

Li Yan charged forwards and Jiang Chen kept on retreating. The latter backing off gave the former the confidence to charge at head on. Li Yan managed to land two attacks as Jiang Chen got careless. That fiery pain that could strike one’s soul shocked Jiang Chen. This fella is pretty darn strong. 

Li Yan managed to push Jiang Chen into a corner in just an instant and whipped Jiang Chen back if he tried to charge forward. 

Jiang Chen who was under the Dragon Transformation was forced to be passive. He could not confront Li Yan head-on. Fortunately, Li Yan did not rush for a close-quarter battle. 

Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid of his opponent while under the Dragon Transformation and with the Profound Heavenly Armour but that whip was something else. Even the Profound Heavenly Armour wasn’t able to defend against its effect. Hence, he felt somewhat threatened by it. 

His strength was at its peak. Yet he still couldn’t really injure Li Yan, and was even pushed to the corner by him from the very start. As a result, Jiang Chen needed to fight harder than ever. If he was any other average person, he would’ve been exhausted from getting whipped by Li Yan. Jiang Chen did not give up and fought on, not giving an inch to the enemy to take advantage of. 

“Soaring Heavenly God Striking Whip!” Li Yan roared. 

The whip changed into a strong wind that sliced from the sky. His aura suddenly became extremely savage. Jiang Chen’s expression changed drastically, and he immediately retreated. However, he was still struck by Li Yan’s attack. He tumbled and flew backwards from the force. 

Jiang Chen coughed out a mouth full of blood and his expression changed. He felt Li Yan’s killing intent through that attack. This fella is quite terrifying. 

“Great Divination Art!” 

With the Great Divination Art as the base to fight against Li Yan, Jiang Chen could finally unleash his strongest skill. 

Jiang Chen and Li Yan clashed against one another. However, even after using the Dragon Transformation, Jiang Chen couldn’t win against a Half-Step Heavenly God. 

“Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique!” Jiang Chen roared. 

This was his first time unleashing the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique after Dragon Transformation. This time, his whole body was covered with dazzling golden scales. The Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique instantly raised his cultivation level to the… Half-Step Heavenly God Realm!

At this moment, Jiang Chen felt like he had gained the power of the Gods, he was filled with vigorous energy and killing intent. Li Yan was dumbfounded by this scene. How could Jiang Chen suddenly reach the Half-Step Heavenly God Realm?! 

Li Yan’s expression became solemn after that momentary shock. He unleashed his full strength and dared not to dawdle. 

A vast sea of energy began to fill Jiang Chen’s body. It could crumble the earth and shatter the heavens. It could change the terrains and decimate the myriads of living beings living under the heavens. 

Jiang Chen felt like the world was his to take. This strength, this energy, this explosive power course through his veins and meridians, he felt like he could take on the world. 

Jiang Chen slashed with his Heavenly Dragon Sword, mountains were split, the river roared, myriads of being crumbled. This single strike managed to heavily injure Li Yan, the might of that slash was devastating!

Even Jiang Chen did not expect that the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique would temporarily raise his cultivation to the Half-Step Heavenly God realm. Raising one’s cultivation by two levels. Plus, with the help of the technique, his brute strength was also raised by several folds, in addition to the Dragon Transformation. 

With the both of them being on the same cultivation realm, Li Yan was instantly pushed back by Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen wasn’t planning on giving him a breather. At this moment, he charged and launched the powerful Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal.  The Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique also increased the power of the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal by several folds. 

A ripple went through Jiang Chen’s mental state, and he found it hard to control himself. One’s cultivation is the true hard fact in this world. Nobody could win against a much more powerful one whose words are the law. Who can stop a truly powerful being? 

Jiang Chen knew that his cultivation was still too weak. He wouldn’t have been so passive earlier if he was a Half-Step Heavenly God too. 

Li Yan was heavily injured by the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal. He did not expect Jiang Chen to have such cards under his sleeves. To forcefully raise one’s cultivation realm by two levels, this was unheard of! Truly eye-opening!

“How can this be?” Li Yan couldn’t believe it. 

But it was the fact, he was pushed back twice by Jiang Chen, without any resistance whatsoever. Even though they were both Half-Step Heavenly Gods, he was like a child without any strength. The situation has turned around, he became the one getting smacked by his opponent. 

Li Yan felt that Jiang Chen’ strength was somewhat unstable. He’ll certainly suffer a backlash as he forced himself to increase his cultivation. As long as I persist, he’ll certainly revert back to his original strength. 

“Are you waiting for the chance to attack when I am weakened? You may not have that chance.” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!”

The Five Elemental True Fire formed into a terrifying dragon seal. With the help of the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, its power had also peaked. It was extremely effective towards those evil beings. 

It should be said that Li Yan’s cultivation was much more unstable compared to Jiang Chen, because he had already forced his cultivation to increase when he first entered the Hidden Secret Realm. 

At this moment, the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal along with the Five Elemental True Fire burst towards his chest. Li Yan felt his internal organs were burning. 

“N… Stop…” Li Yan’s eyes finally showed terror. 

After he felt the threat of death, he knew that he would be killed if he moved slow. 

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