Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2349

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Jiang Chen also went all-out. The nine Earthly Corpse Puppets unleashed lethal strikes after one another without fear as they were not living beings but puppets—a tool or a weapon for war. They charged forward without fear, forcing Jiang Chen to be reluctant to face them head-on. If Jiang Chen does whatever these puppets were doing ‘An eye for an eye’, Li Yan could act anytime as he was standing on the side. That would be detrimental for him. 

“Let’s see how long you’ll last.” Li Yan said coldly as he planned to attack anytime. 

He was just waiting for the right moment, the right time to deliver a lethal blow onto Jiang Chen. Plus, he’s a Peak True God, he wasn’t afraid of Jiang Chen. However, the latter exhibited strength that was over his cultivation realm. Li Yan chose not to be hasty, to ensure total victory. 

Jiang Chen was finally angered. He unleashed the Dragon Transformation, hoping to fight a battle of death against those puppets. He could easily sustain the blows of the puppets under Dragon Transformation, and he could also effectively attack them, causing cracks to be seen on the puppets.

Jiang Chen’s mighty fists landed on the puppets. Li Yan’s puppets were on-par with divine tools but Jiang Chen’s body was stronger than divine tools after using the Dragon Transformation. Jiang Chen did not fear the puppets and could land blows after blows onto them. At this moment, under the barrage of Jiang Chen’s mighty fist, each of those puppets was starting to crack. 

“Damned brat! No!” Li Yan’s expression became solemn. 

Jiang Chen’s Dragon Transformation allowed him to reach the Peak Mid True God Realm. Hence, he could easily face these puppets now. 

Li Yan once again felt Jiang Chen’s extraordinary abilities after seeing one puppet’s chest was punctured by Jiang Chen’s fist and Jiang Chen then tore open that sturdy puppet’s body in half. 

Jiang Chen was like a mighty tiger that was let out of the cage. The corpse puppets were like a child in the face of Jiang Chen. Five corpse puppets fell one after another as the battle went on. At that moment, Li Yan finally could not standstill. If this goes on, those years of effort would go to waste. This is a trump card prepared for a Half-Step True God. Now it’s destroyed by a mere Early True God. A decade of effort went down to the drains. 

Li Yan’s heart was bleeding. These Earthly Corpse Puppets were his treasure. 

“I will kill you! You shall become one of my Earthly Corpse Puppets.”

“Let’s see whether you have what it takes to do it.” 

Jiang Chen charged towards the puppets and tore them all to pieces. At this moment, Li Yan was shivering in anger as his nine corpse puppets were all effortlessly destroyed. Is this guy a monster? He had to give Jiang Chen a lesson. Let him know who was the true expert here. The prince of the Ghost Eye Sect was not an easy man to beat. 

“You have angered me.” Li Yan leapt towards the sky with his iron whip and attacked Jiang Chen like lightning. 

Jiang Chen grabbed the whip with both his hands but was forced back by the attack, making his expression solemn. 

“Half-Step Heavenly God Realm!” Jiang Chen said. 

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes as he felt immensely pressured. This fella is not an easy foe. Even though Li Yan’s cultivation realm was a little unstable but a Half-step Heavenly God has reached the doorstep of a true Heavenly God. 

“Not bad, great eyes. Now you know. Hmph. You’re not my match. The moment I entered the Hidden Secret Realm, I had just reached the Half-Step Heavenly God Realm. As the crown prince of the Ghost Eye Sect, I must not fall behind. I might be slightly afraid of you if I was a Peak True God, but I can easily kill you now.” Li Yan wielded his weapon with vigour as he walked on the sky proudly. 

At this moment, his expression was extremely cold because Jiang Chen had destroyed his corpse puppets. He vowed that Jiang Chen will become his first new puppet. This brat is stronger than most of the people out there. 

“I have to say… I will be worried if you’re allowed to grow stronger. I’ll have to kill you before you truly grow. You shall become a part of history and today shall be your death anniversary.” 

“Half-Step Heavenly God Realm. I have never faced one before. Looks like today will be a challenge.” Jiang Chen was calm. 

He leapt up towards the sky with his blade. He knew that he couldn’t run away from this battle now. He must fight with all his might, he has no other choice!

Half-Step Heavenly God Realm was something out of Jiang Chen’s expectation. Fortunately, there was no one around him. Otherwise, he could not ensure their safety and would become fodders because it’d be not easy for him to defeat this guy. He could probably defeat a Peak True God but not a Half-step Heavenly God. The magma beast was a Heavenly God but its attribute was in favor of Jiang Chen. 

“Your challenge shall become your end. I love the fresh blood of the experts to become nourishment for my Profound Iron Whip. It will be exciting.” Li Yan’s lips curved into a smile. He had already imagined the scene where Jiang Chen was kneeling down begging for his life. 

Xue Qianying was looking at this scene from afar with her cold eyes. She correctly guessed Jiang Chen’s gaze and he too understood her gaze. He did all of that and faced the risk alone for the sake of others. Yet he was misunderstood by the others. At this moment, she felt Jiang Chen’s action was not worth it. 

But nobody could change this fact. Jiang Chen chose this path even though he knew it was risky. He bore the risk of this danger and the misunderstanding from the others. Jiang Chen had no confidence in this battle. Otherwise, why would you use such a roundabout method to chase them away? 

“That fool.” Xue Qianying murmured as her always calm mental state had a ripple at this moment. 

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