Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2348

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“Who are you?” Jiang Chen said. 

“To think you can temporarily disable my soul manipulation technique. Looks like your soul art is not weak. Ghost Eye Sect, Li Yan! Fortunate to meet you.” Li Yan smiled. 

Behind him were five Peak Mid True God experts, they were wearing a mask and they were emitting killing intent. 

“Ghost Eye Sect! Li Yan! A person that even the three great guardians of the Clear Stream Sect dare not to belittle. Looks like you’re really capable.” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

“It’s great that you know about me. My only target is you. Their lives are of no concern for me. But it would be great for me if I could use them to shave off some of your stamina. Hand over the Human Faced Demon Ginseng and Ten-thousand years Blood Lingzhi and also the pill formula. Perhaps I may grant you a swift death.” 

Li Yan’ smile was mellow but his eyes were cold and filled with killing intent. At this moment he only had his eyes on Jiang Chen. 

“Oh… you wanted my pill formula. Too bad you’ve knocked on the wrong door.” 

“I would have surrendered if I were you. Otherwise, you’ll have to suffer needless pain that comes from within your soul, which is much scarier.” Li Yan shrugged as if he gave Jiang Chen a great option. 

“One lives with the sword, one dies with the sword!”

Jiang Chen said, ignoring Li Yan as he caressed the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand.

Li Yan’s eyes were getting colder by the second. He never felt THIS humiliated in his life. This brat is unexpectedly calm. Even if he’s pretty good, he’s just a mere Early True God. How could he be this cocky? He’ll die in my hands soon. I don’t even need to act myself, the five behind me will be sufficient. 

“Hmph, ignorant fool. Looks like you’re itching for a fight. Makes you look like you’re a hero, eh? Hahaha, pity you won’t have that chance. Mount Chang’s Five Ghosts, erect the formation, kill this monkey. You all don’t need to hold back, only a deadman will stop resisting.” Li Yan said softly. 

“Affirmative.” The five of them said in unison. 

They then formed a formation that rivals a Half-step Heavenly God. Jiang Chen’s cultivation pales in comparison. 

Li Yan never thought of him as his equal. The pill formula Jiang Chen had was much more important for him. The Lingzhi, Ginseng and the wealth Jiang Chen showed at the auction had caused him to deem Jiang Chen as a big fat sheep to be savoured. 

“Attack without mercy!” Li Yan roared and the five simultaneously closed in on Jiang Chen. 

“Five little ghosts want to fight with Lord Hades? Obnoxious fools.” Jiang Chen smiled coldly. 

He then raised his blade and rushed towards the five with dominance. The Heavenly Dragon Sword accompanied with his dominating qi allowed him to go toe-to-toe against the five of them. The five Peak Mid True God experts were pushed back by Jiang Chen alone, and they could not threaten him a single bit. 

Jiang Chen’s attacks were all lethal. Each strike was infused with a terrifying sword qi, causing the five of them to not dare take it head-on as they parried and evaded those strikes nervously. 

Is this the strength of an Early True God? He’s like a mad dog!

Li Yan’s expression became slightly colder. Jiang Chen’s strength was out of his expectation. Mount Chang’s Five Ghosts could not gain the upper hand against him. 

“Form! Five Ghost Ashura Formation!” Li Yan shouted. 

The five of them instantly changed and trapped Jiang Chen. Their footwork became mysterious after they unleashed the technique, their combat prowess also increased. The formation allowed them to unleash their full potential. Nevertheless, Jiang Chen remained calm as he faced the five of them. 

The Five Ghost Ashura Formation was unique, and dangerous strikes awaited Jiang Chen if he were to act recklessly while suppressed within this formation. 

But Jiang Chen was unfazed as the Great Divination Art had already seen through the flaws and weaknesses of the formation. This Five Ghost Ashura Formation was useless against him. 

He believed that ‘in the face of absolute strength, everything else is in vain.’

Jiang Chen unleashed a slash and one fell. The other four were shocked. None of them expected Jiang Chen to instantly find out where they were within the formation. Plus, it was instant and with just a single strike. 

The four of them roared furiously as they leapt forward. This was Jiang Chen’s vulnerable moment. He retreated with the illusionary Phantom Wolf Clone Technique as he faced the attacks from the four. When the group fell into confusion, Jiang Chen drew his blade and another one fell once again. At this moment, Li Yan’s expression became cold. He had underestimated Jiang Chen from the start. 

“None of you shall leave here alive.” Jiang Chen said indifferently as he turned his body and swiftly drew his blade to finish the remaining ghosts. All five of them fell in a short span of time. 

“Trash. I hope you could provide a little more surprise.”  Jiang Chen said. 

“Great Great Great! What a great Jiang Chen. For an Early True God to possess such battle prowess. Looks like I have underestimated you. But I will let you know what a true expert looks like. A pebble like you that comes from such a weak sect is only worthy to become my stepping stone. That pill formula is mine.” 

Li Yan stepped forward and readied his stance. The iron whip in his hands had a tinge of evil charming qi on it. 

“Ready whenever you are.” Jiang Chen too readied his stance. 

“Taste some of my techniques.” Li Yan harrumphed and summoned nine black corpse puppets in front of Jiang Chen. 

“These are my Earthly Corpse Puppets. They could go toe-to-toe against a Half-Step Heavenly God. Let’s see whether you can become the tenth.” 

Li Yan’s eyes moved and the nine corpses rushed towards Jiang Chen. Those indestructible puppets were controlled by Li Yan’s mental thought. No damage could be seen on the puppets after Jiang Chen struck with his blade. These puppets were extremely strong and sturdy, akin to a divine tool. After all, the techniques of the Ghost Eye Sect were exceptional. 

“To refine a corpse puppet to the level of a divine tool. Truly worthy of the name of the number one evil sect within the Linhe Boundary.” Jiang Chen thought. 

He dared not to take this battle lightly even though he did not fall into a disadvantage in the face of nine opponents. Jiang Chen did not show any fatigue from the barrage of attacks. Li Yan’s expression became cold as he could not gain the upper hand. Looks like the rumours about this brat is true. 

Those five ghosts died a justifiable death. 

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