Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2347

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“To think Jiang Chen is such a despicable person. I would’ve given him a good beating if I wasn’t weaker than him.” A Heavenly Star Sect disciple said, showing some enthusiasm. 

“It’s too late now. To think Jiang Chen does not know what is right or wrong. I think there’s something wrong about this. His temperament is so cruel. Disregarding those girls’ well-being. This doesn’t look like his style at all.” Zhang Lei said after a deep thought. 

“Everyone has their own path. We can only walk our own path. This blade was worth it. Otherwise, Ling Long and Lady Xue may be in danger.” Liu Quanchao said.

Even though he took a blade from Jiang Chen, he did not hate him. Because this life of his was saved by him, he would’ve no qualms about it even if Jiang Chen chose to end his life there. 

“Arrogant fella. I’ll kill him the next time I see him!” Ling Long declared. 

At this moment, Liu Quanchao knew that she’s really angry. 

“That blood centipede poison. What happened?” Liu Quanchao asked. 

“We were poisoned by the blood centipede but we did not kill any innocent people. We do not know where those people came from. Do you really believe what they have just said?” Ling Long said with eyes filled with anger and hatred towards Jiang Chen. 

To think this fella is so stubborn and would join hands with those people, they must be the same kind of men. 

“He probably has his own reasons.” Xue Qianying looked afar and murmured. 

“Reasons? Hahaha, this is unexpected. He tried to kill you just now, you do realise that right? Now there’s a reason for his action?” An Earthly Hades Sect disciple sneered disdainfully towards Jiang Chen. 

He even forgot the fact that he was saved by Jiang Chen and started to diss Jiang Chen. 

“Jiang Chen is not someone that requires you to teach him how to do things.” Xue Qianying’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he looked at that Earthly Hades Sect disciple, scaring the latter to quickly turn his back. 

“If you think that Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare to kill you, don’t assume I am the same.” Zhang  Lei took a step forward. 

He would not stand by as Xue Qianying threatens to kill his sect’s brother. 

“You can come and try. We shall see who will be the one smiling at the end.”  Xue Qianying sneered. 

“Are you challenging me?” Zhang Lei squinted his eyes. 

“So what? You won’t get what you want if you want to kill me. Plus, I may not lose against you.” Xue Qianying said coldly. 

At this moment, Zhang Lei dared not to be reckless. 

“Enough. Why are you two quarrelling? Is there any meaning to this? To meet with such hostility. We have just averted death,” Liu Quanchao said. 

“You guys DO realise you have just avoided death. Hehe, then it’s all good. What Jiang Chen did was right, but it was just saddening. A motley crowd does not have what it takes for Jiang Chen to risk his life to save.” Xue Qianying turned back as soon as she finished talking. 

“Speak clearly before you go!” Zhang Lei said coldly. 

“A bunch of ignorant cowardly fools, Jiang Chen saved all of you rather than killing you. It’s up to you whether to believe it or not. But I advise you to not go back. Otherwise, you’ll be meeting lady death and that will waste Jiang Chen’s good effort.” Xue Qianying left. 

Ling Long frowned deeply as she left. Jiang Chen did it to save us? How can that be? Jiang Chen almost killed Liu Quanchao, could that be his way of saving someone?

“I must go back and check,” Ling Long said. 

“No. It doesn;t matter if it was Jiang Chen saving us or not. We’ll be walking to our deaths if we go back now.” Liu Quanchao stopped Ling Long and everyone else fell into silence. 

Yang Jian and Pan Hong were walking beside Jiang Chen as they chatted passionately. At this moment, Jiang Chen’s lips curved, sensing that Leng Lingyi and Liang Kuanping were already attacking him from behind with their divine weapons. 

Jiang Chen wanted to retaliate but was instantly suppressed by Pan Hong and Yang Jian. 

Leng Lingyi’s unstoppable spear pierced Jiang Chen. The latter could not avoid it and did not block it. But when the divine spear landed on Jiang Chen’s back, it was bounced back and Jiang Chen suffered no harm. 

Jiang Chen instantly turned his body and stabbed Liang Kuanping with his Heavenly Dragon Sword. The latter looked at him with disbelief as he slowly laid down. Yang Jian and Pan Hong swiftly attacked, to which Jiang Chen retaliated with two slaps with his blade and went straight towards Leng Lingyi. 

“Spear like a dragon!” Leng Lingyi was very strong. His spear strikes became like the stars in the sky, raining towards his opponent. 

Sparks were flying all over the place as the divine spear clashed with the Heavenly Dragon Sword. Jiang Chen forced Leng Lingyi back with dominance and vigour. After that, Yang Jian and Pan Hong joined up with Leng Lingyi and rushed towards Jiang Chen, cutting off his escape route. 

Jiang Chen wasn’t planning to lose as he had already anticipated this. Otherwise, he would not do such a risky move. 

He already knew Xue Qianying was innocent from just a single gaze. Then Ling Long was certainly no murderer. Although their situation was extremely dangerous, Xue Qianying was able to look at him with such affection. At that time, he knew that she had her reasons, plus, he could feel Yang Jian and Pan Hong being somewhat distant towards him; something was odd. 

Jiang Chen then deemed that there was something wrong about this!

Jiang Chen silently unleashed the Great Divination Art on Yang Jian and the others. He saw something was amiss with the technique. They were being controlled and the one behind them was extremely strong. Jiang Chen forced Xue Qianying and the others away because he feared that he might not win against this adversary. 

Yang Jian, Pan Hong, and an expert of the Divine Spear Sect—Leng Lingyi—were all being controlled. The one behind them must be extremely strong. 

“Let me see who is the one pulling the strings. Great Soul Derivation Technique!” Jiang Chen roared. 

The Great Soul Derivation Technique controlled Yang Jian and the others. But it will require more time to recover their senses. Because a powerful technique was placed on their souls. Jiang Chen could only bind them with his technique, but it would take a much longer time to dispel this, hence he had to find the one behind pulling the strings and kill him! 

*Clapt! Clap! Clap!* 

A series of clapping sounds could be heard. A soft voice was then heard, which made Jiang Chen frown. 

“Such terrifying technique. Truly remarkable. Hehe.” 

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