Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2345

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Yang Jian, with his Three Point Two-Edged Sword, broke through the void. He made a heavy blow that almost shattered everything while Ling Long and Xue Qianying immediately kept themselves away from the strike. It was a critical moment. Yang Jian was extremely cruel to take action against two ladies. He was ruthless. Yang Jian was blocking the way in front of them while Leng Lingyi was behind them. With their encirclement, the two ladies were completely blocked. If the two ladies, however, were in their best condition, they would not be afraid of them despite being women. However, they were now suffering from injury, there was no chance for them to escape. 

Leng Lingyi looked at Ling Long and lavicously said, “Run, why don’t you run anymore? Hehe. I gave you a better choice but you choose punishment from me. Ling Long, you’re mine now.”

“I would rather die than fulfilling your wish,” Ling Long said faintly.

“Life or death is all about destiny. Attack us now. I will not regret it even if I die,”  Xue Qianying said in a deep voice. 

The two ladies demonstrated impressive toughness and determination at this moment. However, Yang Jian and Leng Lingyin did not show any compassion at them.

“I am going to be a hypocrite gentleman now for once. Hahaha.”

Yang Jian burst into laughter but the coldness in his mouth was extraordinarily terrifying. 

“You weren’t like this last time, Yang Jian. You’re polite and humble. Or are you now finally showing your true colours?” Xue Qianying said.

“A leopard cannot change its spots. I am done with being a hypocrite. I am going to be crazy for once. Hehe. In order to get you, I can break my principle.”

Yang Jiang sneered while approaching Xue Qianying. 

“Let’s fight! Even if we die, we can’t submit to them.”

Ling Long looked at Xue Qianying and their eyes were filled with incomparably strong determination.

Xue Qianying and Long Ling both were truly outstanding female heroes as their strength was formidable. Although they were hurt, not wanting to be outdone, they were going to fight with their utmost effort. 

Xue Qianying confronted Yang Jian. At first, Yang Jian did not get the upper hand as he was actually not a match for Xue Qianying. However, later on Yang Jian managed to display his vigorous strength with his Three Point Two-Edged Sword. His momentum was irresistible. Even though Xue Qianying had confronted the opponent with all of her strength, she was still struggling in the battle and her injury had become more and more serious.

On the other hand, Leng Lingyi was not weaker than Ling Long at all and both of their battle strengths were at the similar level. However, Ling Long’s Nine-Segmented Whip created not much threat to Leng Lingyi as his long spear was sweeping in all directions fiercely. Ling Long could only keep withdrawing herself and her weakness had been exposed in the battle.

In the battle, Leng Lingyi did not show any mercy at all. Although Ling Long struck madly like lightning, she still did not manage to dodge Leng Lingyi’s oppressive spear attacks.


Leng Lingyi’s spear hit heavily on Ling Long’s shoulder. Ling Long was repulsed backward to a hundred metres away and a mouthful of blood spurted out from her mouth. She looked extremely pale. At the moment, she finally knew that these two men had no compassion towards women at all. All they wanted was to conquer her and Xue Qianying.

“If I die, then I will bring you together with me.”

Ling Long sneered coldly, and then kept attacking with her Nine-Segmented Whip. Although she was injured severely, she was still overbearing and she still released the mightiness of a True God. Her counterattacks were not weaker than Leng Lingyi’s spear attacks. They were neck-to-neck in the battle. 

However, it was impossible for Ling Long to withstand her opponent’s attacks for too long in the battle due to the poison in her body. At the moment, she was strained and exhausted. She kept being repulsed by Leng Lingyi’s continuous attacks but she did not lose her elegance under such an embarrassing situation. 

Xue Qianying was also the same. The two of them kept being repulsed and lost their battle strength completely at the end.

Leng Lingyi smiled and said, “How are you going to fight me?”

“Hand out all your treasures. Otherwise, we are going to act like beasts.”

Liang Kuanping grinned while his eyes gave off brilliance. Xue Qianying and Ling Long were extremely solemn as they never expected that two of them were defeated by despicable humans. 

Ling Long smiled and said coldly, “If I am in my best condition right now, would you guys still dare to fight me?”

“There’s just a hypothesis. Right now, the two of you are in my hands.”

Yang Jian shouted.

“If you want to kill or steal anything, just do it.” Ling Long said.

“Kill you? You have thought too much. Hahaha.” Liang Kuanping said cunningly.

“A group of despicable guys. I don’t really care about life or death anymore.”

Xue Qianying said with disdain.

“Indeed, women are not inferior to men. Since you have the backbone, then I will not kill you. Instead, I am going to torture you. It will be very comfortable.”

Liang Kuanping sneered and walked closer to Ling Long. His eyes release a strong lascivious desire.

Yang Jian looked at Leng Lingyi and said, “Be careful! Someone is coming!”

At the moment, a strike from the Hammer of Strom fell in front of Liang Kuanping.

“If you dared to take a move, you can try.”

A cold voice resounded from a grand figure standing in the void . 

“Jiang Chen, is that you? It’s great.”

Yang Jian said with surprise.

“Is it you? Senior Yang.”

Jiang Chen was stunned for a while and his face had expressed his surprise. 

“These two are Leng Lingyi of Divine Spear Sect and Liang Kuanping of Impermanence Sect. Oh ya, where have you guys been? Are you alone?”

“We are here.”

Man Shuai, Jiang Hao, Liu Quanchao, Zhang Lei and others walked towards them. Jiang Hao’s broken arm was shocking to them.

“Senior Pan, senior Yang, I never expected to see you guys here.”

Man Shuai flashed his friendly smile. Except for him and Jiang Chen, there were fewer and fewer people of Profound Feng Sect in the Hidden Secret Realm. Hence, Man Shuai of course was thrilled to see people of Profound Feng Sect.

“Jiang Chen, I never expected that you and those guys are from the same sect.”

Ling Long said in a deep voice while Xue Qianying was staring at him without saying anything.

“Why did you tie them up?” Liu Chaoquan asked. 

Ling Long was the goddess of Heavenly Star Sect, so Liu Chaoquan was unhappy to see this at the moment.

“What happened? Senior Yang?”

Jiang Chen looked at Yang Jian with his burning eyes.

Yang Jian shook his head and said, “Sigh. It’s hard to explain. The two of them were poisoned and they killed whoever they saw. More than ten of our brothers were all killed by them. We had no choice but to tie them up.” 

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and looked at Xue Qianying and Ling Long. Ling Long’s eyes were full of ruthlessness and resentment, but he saw a sense of affection from Xue Qianying’s eyes. 

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