Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2332

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“It's dreadful!”

Liu Quanchao’s countenance fell because the both of them were their last hope. They could not fall at this critical moment.

“Let’s fight!”

Liu Quanchao rushed into the battle with his long sword. 

“Heavenly Astral Sword Stained with Royal Blood!” 

The sharpness of Liu Chaoquan’s sword fell down from the heaven which caused a deafening bang. Magma were rolling fiercely and fire towered to the sky. It’s full of overbearing momentum but Old Macaque remained calm and unaffected. 

Old Macaque made another strike of Blade of Soul which instantly overcame Liu Quanchao’s Heavenly Astral Sword Stained with Royal Blood effortlessly. Not to be outdone, Zhang Lei took action against the attack but failed to wound Old Macaque. Both of them were repulsed and looked embarrassed. They were Late True God experts, but they were still not a match for Old Macaque.

“Even if he is just a spiritual entity, his strength has reached the peak of True God Realm. With the Great Yu Soul Forming Light in his hand, we definitely are not a match for him.”

Zhang Lei smiled bitterly and kept withdrawing himself. His face was filled with despair. At then end, they were utterly routed and lost all of their hope.

“Are we really going to be buried here? I never foresee this. Never.”

Liu Quanchao closed his eyes as if he was waiting for death. Old Macaque completely suppressed their souls and he could kill them anytime with his Blade of Soul.

“A bunch of punks. Accept your destiny of death.”

Old Macaque said faintly, but his eyes were burning with passion. He finally could truly live like how he was living a hundred thousand years ago. All of these years, he had been living in the Great Yu Soul Forming Light and each day was like a year for him. He would finally be free soon.


The sound of mountains cracking came out from their head. Everyone looked at the void above and realised that the seal was shattered. As the mountain rumbled, the entire peak of the mountain sunk into the magma. 

“Who is that?”

Old Macaque raised his head up suddenly and looked at the void. A thin physique stood on the void with his overbearing aura.

“It’s him! Jiang Chen!”

“Has Jiang Chen come to save us? Are we going to be saved?”

“It’s him! It’s him!”

Jiang Hao looked at Jiang Chen. He felt that Jiang Chen was extraordinary at this particular moment. Jiang Chen’s arrival had also proved that he had a good judgment on people’s character. They had made an effort to break the seal but failed to do so but Jiang Chen managed to break it. 

Zhang Lei and Liu Chaoquan exchanged a glance and saw that each other's eyes were filled with surprise. Some of them even almost shed their tears of joy. The suppression of the soul had almost defeated all of them. Although they had not even fought yet, their heart actually had collapsed. But when Jiang Chen arrived, he was like an unparalleled war god who gave them hope. 

“You have ignored the seal?” 

Old Macaque stared at Jiang Chen while gritting his teeth. 

“Is it very strong? The mountain was shattered after I made a blow.”

Jiang Chen clapped his hand while he looked solemn. 

“He’s only an Early True God, how could he possibly be …..unless…. He is the person who sealed the mountain!” 

Old Macaque’s eyes carried a sense of surprise but he was not sure about that. Even a Heavenly God might not be able to break the sealed mountain. But Jiang Chen, who is a True God, managed to do that. This had shown that he was the person who sealed the mountain! However, it was not possible. How would it be possible that the person who sealed the mountain was still alive in the world?

Actually when Jiang Chen first left Mount Qi Ling, he had already found this mountain was unusual as there was no trace of any monster or beast. That was why he returned and casted the Great Divination Art with enormous effort. He managed to figure out what had happened in the past in this place and obtained some blurring impression. That was why he was sure that there were people trapped here. The Great Divination Art had helped Jiang Chen to make the decision and saved their lives now! 

“You’re just an Early True God. How daring of you to meddle in my business. All of you are going to stay here and help me refine the wick of Great Yu Soul Forming Light.”

Old Macaque’s eyes released intense killing intent. In order to be reborn and make great achievements, he wouldn’t let go of anyone here even if the person was a Heavenly King. 

Although he was a bit concerned about Jiang Chen’s arrival, he would not spare anyone who wanted to stop him right now. Jiang Chen was only an Early True God, even if he was able to shatter the seal on the mountain. Old Macaque did really find Jiang Chen impressive and felt suspicious about his identity. From the facts, the person who sealed this mountain should be already dead. Furthermore, who would want to seal a young guy that was only at the True God Realm?

In Man Shuai’s heart, he was incomparably excited after finally seeing hope. Jiang Chen was always able to create miracles. His arrival was confronting everyone. Regardless of win or loss, at least they were not going through the battle by themselves. He felt that Jiang Chen was his true comrade as he was the only remaining one from the Profound Feng Sect. Jiang Chen’s arrival had strengthened his spirit. 

“Although Jiang Chen managed to break through the seal, will he be able to save us from this misery?”  Zhang Lei questioned. 

Jiang Chen had demonstrated great strength in their past encounter, but he was still only an Early True God. Did he really have the battle strength to deal with Old Macaque whom they, as Late True God, failed to resist? 

“Hope so. What you have thought is unnecessary,” Liu Quanchao said with a low voice. 

When they first entered the Hidden Secret Realm, their Sect Lords had reminded them to always help Jiang Chen. However, it was out of their expectation that the situation was turned around. Right now, they needed Jiang Chen to save them. Undeniably, it was a ridicule to Zhang Lei, Liu Chaoquan and others. Unfortunately, it was a fact that they were not a match to Old Macaque. 

After some time to calm themselves down, they started to see Jiang Chen’s arrival in a rational way. Were they really going to entrust their hope of living to a True God disciple? Moreover, he had just advanced.

“Jiang Chen, are you confident?” 

Liu Quanchao asked.


Jiang Chen said faintly but he looked relaxed which created a prominent contrast. Compared to others, he looked indifferent.


Zhang Lei frowned slightly and he could not help feeling worried deep in his heart.

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