Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2329

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“Everyone! Stop looking at it. Something’s wrong with that flower!” Zhang Lei shouted. 

Liu Quanchao and Zhang Lei realised that something was wrong at the same time. However, a dozen or so of them had already started walking towards that blueish-purple flower. Plus, no matter how hard Liu Quanchao shouted, they still continued walking as if they could not hear them.

“Zhang Heng. Come back here!” 

“Mo Qiancheng, you bastard! Can’t you hear me? Come back!” Liu Quanchao shouted furiously. 

They were like puppets, their eyes were in a daze as they slowly walked towards the flower. The moment they got near the flower, they were instantly sucked inside it, without a bone to be seen. The colour of the flower became much more vibrant and a tinge of red could be seen on it. 

Liu Quanchao and the others quickly backed off and opened their eyes wide. The terrifying attraction energy towards their soul did not stop, however. 

The others were shocked. A terrifying scene indeed. That man-eating flower was vicious and its soul-attraction ability was hard to resist. 

“Terrifying. Is that the legendary Dead Flower of Paradise?” Zhang Lei took a deep breath, he dared to not relax. 

“Dead Flower of Paradise?” 

Everyone looked at Zhang Lei.

“Yes. The Dead Flower of Paradise. An evil but charming man-eating flower. I’ve read about it in an ancient text in the Earthly Hades Sect’s library a long time ago. It could see a person’s past and current life. Once your soul is controlled by it, you’ll become food for the flower. This flower is born from thousands of souls and its source of nutrients are the souls of humans. Luckily we’re quite far away from it, otherwise, we’ll all be dead.” 

Even then, the group retreated a dozen li back and observed whilst wearing a depressed expression, they were now left with less than 20 comrades… 

Hearing Zhang Lei’s explanation, every one of them felt tense, none of them dared to step forward anymore. However, they still felt that something was pulling them, enticing them deep within their soul to move forward. That charming Dead Flower of Paradise was flowing with purplish light, its spores spreading across the field. 

“Sh*t. The smell coming from it could charm a person’s mind, close your mouth and nose, and don’t breath in those flower spores.” Zhang Lei said as he continued his retreat. 

They were in a dangerous situation. They even had to be extra wary for just a single Dead Flower of Paradise as it could easily devour them all. 

“I refuse to believe! Watch me cut off that flower. Let’s see how it’ll react to this.” An Earthly Hades Sect disciple said and stepped forward with his eyes closed. 

He used his other sense to move towards the threat. 

“Wang Zexu, Stop!” 

It was too late when Zhang Lei shouted, however, because Wang Zexu had already rushed into the territory of the flower. 

The Dead Flower of Paradise suddenly grew to a hundred-metres. Its leaves and flower petals suddenly grew out of nowhere and instantly devoured Wang Zexu. Although he managed to struggle a little. But the moment he opened his eyes… everything was too late. 


Zhang Lei’s eyes became cold as he sighed. That fella is too reckless. Always acting like a hero. Now, he was undoubtedly devoured by the flower. 

Zhang Lei then said furiously, “Those who dare to defy orders! Consider your life forfeit!” 

Everyone’s heart shivered and nobody dared to act recklessly anymore. 

“It’s a flower that could charm a person’s heart. The Dead Flower of Paradise could see through one’s past and past life.” Liu Quanchao said. 

“We can only retreat for now.” 

“Yeah. Otherwise, we’re all going to be killed by that flower. I don’t want to die in the hands of a plant.” 

“Hear, hear. Looks like we’re fated to get the legendary Great Yu Soul Forming Light.”

“We will have a chance in the future. I rather fight a beast than die by getting devoured by a flower.”

Obviously, they were afraid of the flower. Only a deadman could really be still unfazed from encountering anything in this world. 

“We... should back off and consider our next plan.” Man Shuai whispered. 

Now, he was the only disciple of Profound Feng Sect in the group. Although, the other sect’s members weren’t a lot too. However, they’ll certainly be annihilated if this continued. 

“You’re right. The Dead Flower of Paradise is hard to deal with. We may all possibly die here.” Jiang Hao said as the representative of the Profound Feng and Yellow Flame sect. Even though these two sects were weaker compared to the other two. 

His suggestion was in-line with the majority, nobody cared about whose sect was stronger now, what mattered most was staying alive. 

“Alright. Let’s go down from this mountain and decide what our next move shall be.” Liu Quanchao said even though he was unwilling. 

That Dead Flower of Paradise was not something they could handle. Even Zhang Lei who knew about the flower had no solution for it. 

“We can only back off for now. Perhaps, the Great Yu Soul Forming Light is not ours to take.” Zhang Lei looked at Liu Quanchao, clearly slightly disappointed. 

However, it was a matter of life-and-death. He cannot play with the lives of his comrades. Even if he and Liu Quanchao have the strength to protect themselves, the others don’t. 

He must make a decision, whether to retreat or move forward. 

Zhang Lei actually wanted the Great Yu Soul Forming Light even though countless seniors were buried in this place. Mount Qi Ling was really a place of death. But he would still try to obtain the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. After all, everyone has their own dreams and this was his. 



A sharp voice resounded in everyone’s ears. Most of them were shocked by the voice and scanned their surroundings. The sky suddenly became dark, the pillar of magma that was spewing out from the hole became higher and higher. 

“What is that sound?!” Liu Quanchao said quietly. 

It’s certainly not something good. No point staying here any longer, bad things may happen.

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