Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2328

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“Zhang Lei, what do you think?” Liu Quanchao asked quietly as he looked at Zhang Lei while waking towards the front of the group. 

“We’ll have to see how great our luck is. If it's really the Great Yu Soul Forming Light, I bet it won’t be easy to get it. It’s impossible for a peerless divine tool to not have something guarding it. Plus, it's something that even surpasses a heavenly divine tool, it might have a spirit inside it. However, if it’s not the treasure that we’re looking for, then it must be a powerful beast over there. We’ll certainly face an immeasurable danger.” Zhang Lei answered. 

Nevertheless, as they were all filled with curiosity, nobody chose to back off. Zhang Lei, Liu Quanchao and the others. If they do not have the courage to move on, what meaning do they have to continue living? 

Experts and prodigies are people who need constant motivation to keep moving upward. Though they may die in the process, some will still continue regardless of the dangers. 

The mountain was tall and steep. The air up there was extremely cold. Zhang Lei and Liu Quanchao looked at each other, they all then leapt up towards the top and saw that there was a flat grassland on the top of the mountain. On the centre of the grassland was an empty piece of land with a giant hole in the middle, inside the whole was a pool of red hot magma. 

Purple-ish light rose up from there which caused Zhang Lei and Liu Quanchao to fall into confusion. The hole connects down to the underground with magma covering it and the purplish light comes from the magma. 

“That… magma looks threatening. You and I may not even withstand it.” Zhang Lei said.

“We have to understand what that light is before exploring further, let’s check it out.” Liu Quanchao whispered. 

“We do not know what’s inside. If it’s filled with danger from all sides. We’ll… die. ” Zhang Lei somewhat hesitated. 

“Do you want to back off?” Liu Quanchao looked at Zhang Lei. 

“We have two choices now. Continue forward or retreat from this Mount Qi Ling and we’ll possibly face many more beasts, especially those Flying Praying Mantis that are as smart as humans. From the fact that no beasts dares to come in this place itis obvious that something abnormal must be here.”

“Decide, Brother Liu. We’ll follow you guys. Going out from the mountain may not be right, but we’re willing to risk it.” 

“Yes. We’re willing to try. Or else we’re sitting ducks here. It’s unbearable.” 

“We’ll just die anyway if we don’t have the balls to continue forward, we’re not qualified to be called as the disciples of the four sects! We’ll go check it out even if we have to dive into a ten thousand zhang abyss.” 

Everybody made a bold statement, fervent. But Liu Quanchao could not make a perfect decision, this was something that he and Zhang Lei were having a headache about. They may have to watch their innocent brothers die if anything were to happen. Mount Qi Ling, as the name implies, was a place that takes one’s soul. Was it worth taking such a risk in such a dangerous place, they were not sure. 

“Very well then, since everyone has made their point. There’s no reason for us to stop. Let’s go. We’ll have to move forward, no matter if we live or die, we shall not stop. Even though there’s danger in front of us, at least we know we have hope in it.” Zhang Lei smiled.

The usual cold and serious Zhang Lei became much more relaxed. Both of them were the hope of the four brotherly sects. Who knows what might happen next? These two may not even live to see another day. 

He’s not selfish, but only those who are heartless may live longer in this environment.

Liu Quanchao and Zhang Lei rushed forward and kept their eyes open to the minimum, avoiding the shining purple light as they approached the centre of the mountain. 

The place was covered with red hot magma, both of them were already sweating madly even from a thousand metres away. That terrible heart was not something that could be generated from your average magma. 

Liu Quanchao was extra vigilant towards his surroundings, not letting go of any changes that might occur. On the centre of the mountain, a dozen-li radius opening in the magma could be found. Flame pillars that were at least a few hundred metres high spew out from the opening, it was a magnificent sight to behold. 

In that fiery place, the temperature was at least 60-70 degrees, at a thousand-metre radius from the opening, the temperature was a few hundred degrees. The magma itself could melt a person to be bone. 

“This is way too hot. I’m getting barbecued.” 

“Yes. I’m out of breath too.” 

“Nothing special over here. Just a place filled with magma. Let’s get out of here fast. I can’t take it anymore.” 

Everyone was sweating like mad, even after getting out from the thousand-metre radius they could still the raging heat. 

Liu Quanchao and Zhang Lei’s expression was solemn because the purple light vanished after they entered the place. 

“Something’s not right.” Liu Quanchao murmured. 

Zhang Lei also noticed it. Where did that purple light go? 

“Guys, look! That’s a pretty large flower.” Somebody shouted. 

A purplish-blue flower grew on the wall of the mountain where the light of the magma could not reach. It was a giant flower, six metres tall, two metres large. Its petals emit blue light and the centre emits purple light. The flower had mysterious energy that caused people to watch it. 

“I see it. I see it.” 

“I see it too. That is……  ” 

“That flower is very very big.”

A dozen or so of them murmured. 

In the next moment, they started walking towards the flower, one step at a time, like a mindless puppet. 

Zhang Lei instantly closed his eyes. Just a second ago he felt his soul being sucked away. The source of it? It was obviously that flower. 

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