Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2325

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“Foolish. If you insist on having a battle, then I will fulfill your wish. If you were burned into ashes later, don’t blame me. Hmph. Hmph.”

Li Yanchao’s eyes were ruthless and his bloody pupils had turned gloomy. A battle was inevitable. To him, Jiang Chen had already gone into a dead end—a lamb that would be slaughtered soon.

“Do you really still have strength to fight?”

Xue Qianying was very doubtful about that as well. If Jiang Chen was defeated, both of them would be slaughtered by Li Yanchao. If that’s the case, she would be very unresigned as Jiang Chen had just killed Helian Wuji and broke through to True God Realm. If Jiang Chen had enough rest, Xue Qianying would not worry that he would be defeated. But he just experienced an intense battle, does he still have the strength to fight Li Yanchao?

“Such a young brat, do you think that I could not defeat him? He is just a brat of the Divine Pill Sect. Should I care about him? If Lang Ya is here, I might be slightly afraid of him. There is a huge gap between you and Lang Ya.”

Jiang Chen’s ridicule had irritated Li Yanchao and his face became incomparably gloomy. 

Forever the number-two, it was always his pain. How would he feel content being suppressed by Lang Ya always?”  

“Bastard. I am going to kill you.”

“Tut-tut, see someone is angry because he is not as capable as the others.”

Jiang Chen continued to ridicule, making Li Yanchao shiver in rage. 

“You see. It's his sore point, isn’t it? In fact, he is just a fake tiger that is good at acting. Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen’s words touched a raw nerve of Li Yanchao. At the moment, even Xue Qianying curled up her mouth slightly. This guy was quite mean. 

Undeniably, Jiang Chen was actually prodding Li Yanchao into action with his taunts. Lang Ya was like a phantom in Li Yanchao’s heart. Lang Ya was the number-one genius in Divine Pill Sect while Li Yanchao was only number-two. How would Li Yanchao be content?  

However, he could not blame anyone if he was not as capable as La Yang. After Jiang Chen said that bluntly, his anger was provoked completely. 

“You are finding a hole for yourself. Since you have said so, then I am going to let you see my true colour. You shouldn’t think that you are peerless under the heavens even though you have defeated Helian Wuji. Although you have made a breakthrough, you are still only an Early True God.”

Li Yanchao smiled coldly and crashed towards Jiang Chen. 

“Be careful. Li Yanchao isn’t that powerful compared to Helian Wuji, but you are already injured now,” Xue Qianying worriedly said. 

At the moment, Jiang Chen did not have the mightiness that he had during the Lightning Tribulation. Moreover, Li Yanchao was not Helian Wuji who would make foolish mistakes. Li Yanchao had premeditated this for a long time and apparently he had quite a good understanding of Jiang Chen. This battle would not be that easy anymore for Jiang Chen.

“Don’t worry. Who said that I won’t be a match for him even when I’m injured? Here, catch this.”

Jiang Chen threw a piece of Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill to Xue Qianying, and then he also ate a piece of the pill. Suddenly, his strength was recovered, and he now wasn’t afraid and worried in dealing with Li Yanchao now.

“This is?”

Xue Qianying body shivered for a moment. Even Li Yanchao who was standing far away was dumbstruck by the intensity of the pill and his countenance fell. 

“Immortal Grade Medicinal Pill!”

Li Yanchao took a deep breath. This guy, Jiang Chen, wasted a precious treasure as he had used an Immortal Grade Pill just to recover his strength.

“Is it really an Immortal Grade Medicinal Pill?”

Xue Qianying was shocked as she never expected that Jiang Chen would give her such a precious medicinal pill.

“Eat it. Once your strength is recovered then we can deal with this guy today. Is it okay?”

Jiang Chen said and simply smiled, not caring about the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill at all.


Xue Qianying took a deep breath and swallowed the pill. Immediately, she felt the pill spread out in her body. The terrifying recovery power filled her body and she recovered from all kinds of injury she had suffered. 

It’s indeed an Immortal Grade Pill.

Xue Qianying thought but she did not talk too much. She did not express her gratitude to Jiang Chen anymore even though Jiang Chen had saved her for a few times. No matter what she said, words could not express her gratitude. What was the point of saying that much then? 

“The two of you are really detestable. Those are Immortal Grade Medicinal Pills but you have eaten them as if they were nothing! Argh!”

Li Yanchao went nuts. If one took those two pieces of pills to auction, he might get more than ten thousand High Grade Divine Origin Stones. It’s a priceless thing and even Heavenly Gods would chase after it. The value of this Immortal Grade Pill was immeasurable.

“Why do you feel bad about it? Is that yours?”

Jiang Chen sneered and glanced at Xue Qianying. She nodded then both of them crashed into Li Chaoyan and pressed against him immediately.

“Stupid. Even if you two join hands, I won’t be afraid.”

Li Yanchao snorted and went to confront them without any fear.

After Xue Qianying recovered her strength, she was extraordinarily formidable. As a Late True God, her strength was not weaker than Li Yanchao. Moreover, Jiang Chen’s strength advanced to a higher realm and he joined hands with Xue Qianying, Li Yanchao actually did not dare to confront them face-to-face。

Li Yanchao was holding the Phoenix Feather Golden Ranseur and his mightiness was oppressive. Although he was fighting two people, he was not at a disadvantage. But he had to always be aware of Jiang Chen in the battle. Even though Jiang Chen was only an Early True God, one should not forget that he had killed Helian Wuji. Li Yanchao seems not to worry but he was not reckless like Helian Wuji as this was a matter related with life.

Moreover, Xue Qianying’s strength exceeded Li Yanchao’s expectation. He never expected that Xue Qianying would be this terrifying after she recovered from her injury. She was holding the White Jade Divine Sword, filled with an extraordinary aura.

“Freeze the thousand miles!”

Xue Qianying shouted with her beautiful voice. Her strikes swept across the area within a thousand miles. Li Yanchao, with his Phoenix Feather Golden Ranseur, fought Xue Qianying fiercely. Jiang Chen assisted from the side with his overbearing Heavenly Dragon Sword. 

Numerous mountains were shattered while everything between heaven and earth was shaken. This battle could be considered as a highly intense fight, compared to Jiang Chen’s battle against Helian Wuji. 

“Heaven Fate Deduction, Great Divination Art!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were ruthless and his killing intent spread across everywhere. His Great Divination Art had helped him to anticipate Li Yanchaos’ attack and movement, which helped him to fight better with his Heavenly Dragon Sword. 

Not to be outdone, Xue Qianying also enhanced her attack strength and pressed against Li Yanchao with Jiang Chen. Althgouth Li Yanchao was very confident in himself to fight the two of them, it was a bit hard for him to handle their attack now because their battle strength was too strong. Jiang Chen was only an Early True God, but he was not any weaker than Xue Qianying. 

Jiang Chen had no weakness at all and he had made Li Yanchao fall into an inferior position where he could only defend without any chance of attacking. He looked extremely embarrassed.

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