Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2323

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“Such a terrifying sword qi! It could resist my attack. Not bad,” Helian Wuji said.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen was not that satisfied because Sword of Solitude was one of his strongest strikes because it failed to defeat Helian Wuji. This only showed how dreadful Helian Wuji was, especially his Taichi Strength, which was the essence of Taichi Sect. It was reasonable why Helian Wuji was called the peerless genius of Taichi Sect that only existed once every hundred years.

However, Jiang Chen did not acknowledge this. After all, if they were both in the same cultivation realm, then his strike of sword would definitely be able to defeat Helian Wuji.

Regardless of the gap of their cultivation realm, the Sword of Solitude still managed to suppress Helian Wuji. Helian Wuji felt an enormous hindrance, it felt like his battle strength and mentality were affected by Jiang Chen’s Sword of Solitude. The Sword of Solitude was that overbearing and even his strongest strike, Taichi Strength, was shattered completely. It was out of his expectation that Jiang Chen’s Sword of Solitude indeed impacted his performance. 

At the moment, more and more thunderous strength was rolling in the sky under the Lightning Tribulation. Once the Nine Layer Lightning Tribulation falls, Jiang Chen would definitely be struck by it. 

Helian Wuji was well aware that there would still be hope if there was only one person here to receive the Lightning Tribulation. However, if there was another person here, the Lightning Tribulation would be even more fierce and powerful. They would not be able to withstand that amount of lightning energy.

“Are you going to kill me here?”

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and looked at Helian Wuji.

Helian Wuji looked at Jiang Chen coldly and said, “Seems like you are not that foolish. I am going to use my Taichi Chart to suppress the pressure, but I am going to see how you are going to deal with the Nine Layer Lightening Tribulation! Hahaha.”

How daring Jiang Chen was to transcend the tribulation here. Helian Wuji looked at Jiang Chen as if he was a fool. This guy was definitely a fool, otherwise, why would he choose to do something so stupid?

Who would transcend tribulation in such a reckless way. If he was injured by the Lightning Tribulation badly, someone might take the opportunity to kill him. Almost everyone would find a hidden place to transcend their tribulation in order to avoid any accident happening. Some people might even find transcending their tribulation very difficult. If they could not withstand the lightning strikes of  the Lightning Tribulation, then they might be shattered into ashes directly. Helian Wuji was well aware that it would definitely not be easy for Jiang Chen to transcend the tribulation here.

“This guy is too stupid to choose this timing to transcend tribulation, isn’t he? Even if he can’t defeat Brother Helian, why would he choose to do such a reckless thing? Hahaha. It’s really amusing.”

“That’s right. Actually this young man can be considered as one of the geniuses in this generation. But it’s out of my expectation that he would do such a stupid thing. It’s sorrowful and regretful. Haha.”

“But as we can see, Brother Wuji is going to kill this guy at this moment. As a Late True God Expert, Brother Wuji must be very confident in withstanding the mightiness of the Lightning Tribulation. On the other hand, Jiang Chen is only a Late Void God. This is the first time I saw two people confronting a Lightning Tribulation together. Hope that he would be killed by the lightning later.” 

“Even if he isn’t killed, I guess he will suffer severe injury. Hehe. Nothing to pity about if he dies.” 

With so much doubt and harassment flying around, Xue Qianying was the only person who could still remain calm because she had seen before how Jiang Chen withstood a Lightning Tribulation. Moreover, Helian Wushuang was killed by Jiang Chen in the Lightning Tribulation.

“You… you.. You are so despicable. You wanna to kill me during the Lightning Tribulation!”

Jiang Chen took a few steps backwards with a terrified look on his face. 

“You finally realised all these but it seems too late. If you want to breakthrough, you should know about the consequences of transcending the tribulation here. Humph.”

Helian Wuji looked at Jiang Chen with disdain. A fool like Jiang Chen did not deserve to be his match.

“I thought that it would be a fair battle. Unexpectedly, you still manage to pull me into your trick. It’s all destiny.”

Jiang Chen looked like crying but without any tears. At the moment, Xue Qianying curled up her mouth. This guy was quite good at pretending to be weak. His acting skill was quite admiring.

“This is a world that emphasises the law of the jungle. If you manage to survive, then you are truly an expert. Those who die have no right to talk about this. It does not matter how I killed you as you will still become ashes soon.”

Helian Wuji somehow could foresee how Jiang Chen would die under Lightning Tribulation and his eyes were filled with pride. 

“I will not accept this! I hate it!”

Jiang Chen kept shaking his head. At the moment, the Nine Layer Lightning Tribulation came crashing down. In the surrounding thousand miles, everywhere was covered with the dreadful thunderous strength. The dreadful Lightning Tribulation befell unceasingly in a terrifying way. Obviously, the target was Jiang Chen and Helian Wuji.

When the first lightning struck on Helian Wuji, he spurted out a mouthful of blood immediately and his face became pale.

“This is……”

“Dawn Sky Golden Lightning. Normally, only Heavenly God experts enjoy such Lightning Tribulation. How do you feel? Comfortable, right? Do you feel surprised that I let you enjoy this?”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Dawn Sky Golden Lightning?”

Helian Wuji’s counternance fell and his heart trembled slightly. 

The people who were watching the battle found this scene unbelievable. Who knew that the Lightning Tribulation Jiang Chen transcended was not any normal Lightning Tribulation but the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning that only appeared when Heavenly God experts transcended. The strength of the lightning and thunderstorms were incomparably terrifying. It was absolutely not something True Gods could withstand.

“That’s right. That’s right. Seems like brother Helian is quite knowledgeable. How do you feel about the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning?”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.


When Helian Wuji just opened his mouth, another Dawn Sky Golden Lightning struck on him immediately. It was irresistible, and the power was even stronger than the one before. Helian Wuji was not able to resist it at all.

Helian Wuji spurted another mouthful of blood. Even though he had tried to use his utmost effort to resist it, he was still injured by the Dawn Sky Golden Lightnings badly. His face became really pale this time.

“Why? Why don’t you feel anything?”

Helian Wuji was stunned while looking at Jiang Chen. 

A number of lightning struck Jiang Chen but they made no injury on him at all. He was just walking around confidently and calmly under the Lightning Tribulation. Helian Wuji was completely dumbstruck by the scene.

Jiang Chen thought for a while and said patiently, “Perhaps it’s because of morality. Apparently, you are not as righteous as me in terms of morality.”

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