Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2321

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Xue Qianying’s eyes were staring at Jiang Chen without blinking. Of course, she hoped to see a perfectly astonishing battle. However, the winner at the end must be Jiang Chen, only then would the battle be considered as perfect.

Jiang Chen clashed with Helian Wuji with his Heavenly Dragon Sword. Everyone was stunned by this scene, especially by the terrifying sword qi that was not any weaker than Helian Wuji’s. One should know that there was a three realm gap between them. Being a Late True God, Helian Wuji was comparatively more advantageous when confronting Jiang Chen who was only a half-step true God.

“You are still too weak. Let’s see how long you would be able to withstand me.”

Helian Wuji’s strikes were extremely ruthless; each of his attacks were filled with killing intent. Jiang Chen had no choice but put in all of his effort in this battle. At this moment, he immediately used his dragon transformation. After transforming, Jiang Chen’s strength increased to Mid True God and the pressure he felt from Helian Wuji lessened. It was not only his domineeringness that had become ten times stronger, but also his strength.

With Jiang Chen’s irresistible mightiness, Helian Wuji finally felt a bit pressured.

It was out of his expectation that Jiang Chen could bring so much pressure to him despite being only a half step true God.

“This guy is monstrous. Is this still a combat strength of a Void God?”

“He’s  too formidable. I feel that I might not be a match for him.” A Mid True God expert murmured.

“Seems like Helian Wuji could not make any mistake now when dealing with Jiang Chen.”

Countless people were watching the battle and were looking forward to the result. They were well aware of Jiang Chen’s dreadfulness and they even called him a peerless monster. They had never heard of a Void God that was able to withstand a strike of a True God.

“If a monster like him is not killed, he will definitely bring disaster to us in the future!”

Helian Wuji was extremely shocked. After Jiang Chen transformed into a dragon, his combat strength increased which brought great pressure to him.

“Taichi Blade wields with the wind. I am going to shatter the heavens!”

Helian Wuji’s Taichi Blade shattered the void, and made a heavy blow against Jiang Chen. However, under the suppression, Jiang Chen was not afraid at all and used his sword to overcome the attack. He never expected that Jiang Chen could resist his attack. Both of them were repulsed by the huge shock from the collision of their attack. Other experts, including Xue Qianying, who stayed on the spot took several steps backwards to avoid being hurt by their attacks.

“This guy has become even stronger now.”

Xue Qianying said in a low tone. When Jiang Chen fought Helian Wushuang, he did not have this kind of strength, otherwise, he would have killed Helian Wushuang easily without expending much effort. It was not too long ago. Xue Qianying was not sure if she could overcome Jiang Chen now if they were going to have a battle.

Helian Wuji sneered and said, “You are indeed very strong, but I am going to see if you will be able to make it until the end.”

He then kept sending out attack after attack to Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen remained calm while defending.

“Then let’s see. I believe that you won’t be disappointed.”

Jiang Chen and Helian Wuji were fighting very fiercely, terrifying ripples of attacks erupted and shattered the surrounding plants and mountains into ashes. 

In Helian Wuji’s opinion, Jiang Chen’s dragon transformation would only wane over time. However, one could see that Jiang Chen did not show any signs of being defeated even after a long time of fighting. Instead, he had become more and more fierce and stronger. This had really astonished Helian Wuji.

“Is this all you’ve got? Haha. If this is true, then I’m afraid that you are going to be under my control later.”

Jiang Chen sneered and said while looking at Helian Wuji with disdain.

“Since you think like that, I am going to fulfill your wish. Taichi Chart, shaking the seas in all directions and shattering the universe!”

Helian Wuji drew the Eight Trigrams, creating the Taichi Divine Chart.

Boundless Divine Origin Qi flooded into the Taichi Chart in Helian Wuji’s hands. The Taichi Chart which was not bigger than nine inches was held in his hand tightly. More and more terrifying energy was absorbed into the chart, and even Jiang Chen was stunned for a second.

“It could absorb the energy between the heavens and earth and turn it into his own. Seems like you really want to turn the heavens and earth into your possession. However, I am afraid that you are not able to withstand that much energy with your current strength,” Jiang Chen thought, knowing that Helian Wuji could not withstand all of the energy between the heavens and earth. 

Meanwhile, the Taichi Chart was being formed and Divine Origin Qi had been absorbed. Such a dreadful imposing momentum shook the earth, and even created great pressure to the heavens.

“Such a terrifying Taichi Chart.”

Xue Qianying’s countenance fell. She could sense the great danger coming out from the Taichi Chart. Once it hit Jiang Chen, he might not be able to resist its dreadfulness. 

Although Xue Qianying and Jiang Chen were not very close, she still felt a sense of guilt because Jiang Chen was fighting to rescue her and she was saved by Jiang Chen once in the past.

“The Taichi Chart is not like any normal weapon.”

Jiang Chen said in a deep voice. As the Taichi Chart was becoming bigger and bigger with the strength of the heavens and earth as its foundation, its dreadfulness became unpredictable. Moreover, it kept absorbing energy for Helian Wuji to use in the battle. Jiang Chen was under the suppression of the Taichi Chart now, and he could not help but become more serious about this.

“Glad that you know but it’s too late to know this now.”

Helian Wuji snorted and pushed the Taichi Chart with his hand. The Taichi Chart suppressed Jiang Chen and covered Jiang Chen underneath. The surrounding experts could not help but start admiring Helian Wuji’s strength.

“At the end, our brother Wuji is still superior.”

“That’s right. I think Jiang Chen has no way out anymore. Hahaha.”

“Yea, the Taichi Chart is really a treasure and even comparable to a Heavenly Divine Tool.”

“Cultivation realm is still more important when it comes to a battle.”

Jiang Chen frowned, however, the Taichi Chart still could not overcome him despite its dreadfulness.

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