Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2320

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Even though Xue Qianying was facing 20 foes on her own and had an injury, she did not fall into a disadvantage, as she was a Late-True God. She evaded the barrage of arsenals that were thrown towards her and continuously struck those experts that dared to come close to her with ease. 

Nevertheless, she was greatly outnumbered. She was losing momentum and injuries began to appear, and in the end, she backed away as she coughed out blood and her beautiful face began to pale. Obviously, she was not in a shape to continue fighting. 

“Why bother trying to stop a train on its track? Now you should know what happens when you go against me.” Helian Wuji smiled and slightly shook his head. 

But Xue Qianying’s beautiful cold face did not falter. 

“I will fight until the very last moment.” Xue Qianying said, refusing to give up. 

“Girls should take a rest.” Jiang Chen appeared behind Xue Qianying out of nowhere and grabbed her shoulder with a smile. 

Xue Qianying looked at Jiang Chen in shock and her face began to blush. Because this fellow was holding onto her shoulder, tightly. 

“Jiang Chen! Looks like I finally do not need to search for you.” Helian Wuji’s eyes slightly squinted. 

The moment he saw Jiang Chen, his eyes began to lose its warmth and killing intent burst out from his body, very much stronger than before. 

Jiang Chen was his target!

“It’s you?” Xue Qianying murmured quietly, slightly stunned. 

“Yeah. Isn’t it great? The feeling of being a hero rescuing a princess.” Jiang Chen lightly smiled. 

Xue Qianying was unfazed and chose to be silent. 

Helian Wuji looked at Jiang Chen with disdain and said coldly, “A hero rescuing a princess? Hahaha, aren’t you an amusing one, Jiang Chen. Do you think you can leave here alive? Even a hero needs to know what his odds are. Since you’ve presented yourself to me, there’s no need for me to  look for you everywhere now.” 

This fella is not even a True God, what gave him the confidence to face me? 

“Looks like you’re 100% sure of killing me. How can I lose face in front of such beauty? Aren’t you all shameful for ganging up against a weak lady here with so many men? I feel ashamed for you all.” Jiang Chen sighed as he looked at Helian Wuji, feeling ashamed for him. 

“Weak lady? A dozen of us have been killed by her, does she qualify as a weak lady?” Somebody was unhappy with Jiang Chen’s statement and refuted it. 

“Then it means that you guys are trash. To lose against a woman. Aren’t you guys shameless?” Jiang Chen mocked.  

“You…… This fella really knows no bounds. A mere Void God dares to flaunt in front of us?! Wow! Heh heh. I’ll finish you first before finishing that b*tch. ” 

A Peak Early True God expert instantly attacked Jiang Chen. 

Seeing this, Jiang Chen just smiled and unleashed a slash. A bright flash could be seen and the next instant, the attacker’s head and body were separated from one another. A pool of blood puddled the ground and not a trickle of blood could be seen on the Heavenly Dragon Sword. 


Everybody clamored. Even Xue Qianying was slightly stunned, and her cold and pretty face moved a little. Jiang Chen’s blade was too fast. She couldn’t see the trail of the blade and when did he attack. That single slash instantly killed a Ture God expert. From the perspective of Helian Wuji, the fella was great in hiding his strength. A Void God that could instantly kill a True God. This was his first time seeing it. 

At least Helian Wuji was not able to do it. This fella… is he that strong? Helian Wuji could not believe it. Because even if he’s masterful in quick drawing, he may not be impenetrable. 

“This fella… is he a demon? Anyone of you saw him draw his blade?” 

“I did not see it...” 

“I… did not see it too. This guy is a true demon. The one that died was one of the top three disciples of the Flying Feather Sect. He’s only a step away from the Mid True God Realm. To think he’s instantly killed.” 

“I think Brother Wuji should handle this bastard.” 

Many of them were shocked by Jiang Chen’s blade as they unconsciously took two steps back. Jiang Chen’s aura was too scary. Helian Wuji himself may not even reenact that feat of instantly killing a True God. 

It wouldn’t be strange if Jiang Chen was a Heavenly God, but he was only a Void God. To instantly defeat an opponent stronger than him… this had caused a great ripple amongst them. They did not even have the courage to face him anymore. 

Helian Wuji slightly squinted his eyes as he was impressed by Jiang Chen’s mental warfare. In the end, Jiang Chen’s cultivation level was weaker than him. But that strike was truly impressive. 

“Are you going to face me based on that? Aren’t you a naive one… A Peak Void God. Hehe. This is truly eye-opening. Let me see how you’re going to defeat me.”  Helian Wuji said. 

“I will kill you to comfort my brother’s soul in heaven.” 

“He’s already dead. As his brother, you still have the face to continue living? Shouldn’t you go down and accompany him? If I were you I wouldn’t have lived alone.” Jiang Chen said confidently. 

“Sharp mouth. Enough of this banter. I shall kill you today. I shall let you know that I, Helian Wuji, am not one to be offended.” Helian Wuji roared furiously as he unleashed a powerful shockwave with his weapon.

His henchman quickly retreated when he  went straight towards Jiang Chen. The powerful shockwave cut through the air and cut off Jiang Chen’s path of escape.  

“Be careful...” Xue Qianying said quietly. 

“Relax. I will never lose. Since this hero is here to save the princess. I should win this battle perfectly. I’ve already killed the younger brother, let’s finish off the older one, shall we?” Jiang Chen smirked with gentle eyes as he looked at  Xue Qianying, asking her to back off. 

Xue Qianying was flustered. This brat is shameless. Even though he killed Helian Wushuang, Helian Wuji is different. He’s the most powerful disciple in the Taichi Sect for the last hundred years. He’s even a born leader, he’s not easy to be dealt with. 

Jiang Chen will face a difficult battle. 

“I hope you will not disappoint me, hero.” 

Xue Qianying, who had an unchanging expression, said. But her lips finally curved a little. 

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