Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2319

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Yang Jian’s expression was getting colder by the second. This was not an issue of fulfilling any request asked by Li Yan but the latter had ulterior motives. Li Yan wanted their lives, he had never thought of saving them from the very beginning, they’re just tools to be used for him. 

They knew that they could not do anything towards this prodigy. But they refuse to give up without fighting and be controlled by others. Especially the Ghost Eye Sect. Those who manage to enter the Hidden Secret Realm are prodigies, people who are prideful and arrogant. How could they accept becoming a puppet, and willingly to boot? 

“You’re dreaming!” Liang Kuanping said furiously as his eyes became cold. 

Unfortunately, he had already given the dragon egg to Li Yan. At this moment, he had lost the right to talk further. 

“Really? Hehe. I don’t think so. Well… I saved you guys and you promised to do whatever I requested. How could you disappoint me? Relax, it’ll be comfortable. Being my puppets, that is. You will become the strongest puppets in this world.” Li Yan smiled with his feminine gaze. 

These words were extremely sharp to the four. This meant that they are being pushed down into despair. 

“You’re seeking your own death! You will certainly be attacked by the other sects when this goes out.” Pan Hong shouted. 

“Go out? I have my ways to hide it after I go out. Hahaha. But now, you guys are my slaves that will assist me in battle! Great Soul Absorption Technique!” Li Yan roared and his eyes lit up with a blood-red colour. 

Pan Hong and the other’s expression instantly changed, immediately retreating. However, they were too weak and heavily injured. They did not have any means to retaliate as they were surrounded by Li Yan and five others. 

“No. I do not want to become a puppet. No……..”  Liang Kuanping roared in anger. But the four of them were slowly drowning in Li Yan’s Great Soul Absorption Technique……  

These days, Jiang Chen spent his time walking alone in the darkness, killing countless beasts, even Peak True God beasts. As a result, he was now on the verge of breaking through to the True God Realm. He was just suppressing the energy within his body because the lightning tribulation was another trump card of his. As long as the opponent was not a Heavenly God, they will surely perish in the lightning tribulation. 

Jiang Chen dared not to be arrogant when meeting a Heavenly God beast, he would turn away and run or even hide inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Heavenly God Realm beasts are not beings that he could face right now. 

In this one month's time, Jiang Chen’s body was covered with bruises and scars. Fortunately, he had the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills and had no worries on consuming it. Nevertheless, he didn’t consume those pills without really being in great danger. He wasn’t THAT wasteful as to take immortal grade pills as regular tonics. Since he only had 90+ of those in his inventory. 

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes as he felt a bad premonition. At this moment, in front of him, there was a group of people. Over twenty people were surrounding a white-robed girl. 

“I do not want to kill another person. Moreover, I don’t feel like killing a girl. Otherwise, you would’ve died by now.” A cold voice came from the green-robed youth. 

A bunch of people were behind this youth who posse. The girl suffered quite an injury and was frowning. 

As she was caught in a dangerous situation, the white-robed girl’s eyes became cold.   

“You won’t be that eager to act if it wasn’t for the Reincarnated Datura. right?” The white-robed girl sneered with disdain, 

“Well… you’re out of options, do you think that you could still escape today? I’ll give you one last chance, hand over the Reincarnated Datura and answer one question of mine. My brother. Is Jiang Chen the one who killed him? Or is it someone else?” The green-robed youth said indifferently. 

Deep within the youth’s eyes was an undetectable ripple. He was none other than the prodigy of the Taichi Sect, Helian Wuji. 

Whereas the white-robed girl was Lotus Cloud Sect, Xue Qianying, as beautiful and pure as ever. 

“So what? Your brother's death was his own undoing. If you want this Reincarnated Datura, you will have to go through my dead body first.” Xue Qianying said coldly. 

She suffered major injuries after going into the forbidden place. But she successfully managed to increase her strength, yet there were still lingering repercussions left in her body. This Reincarnated Datura was extremely useful for her in completely curing her body.

Therefore, Xue Qianying used all of her strength and managed to get the Reincarnated Datura and got out from the encirclement of countless people. For the past 15 days, she was pursued by Helian Wuji’s group. Now, she was dead tired and could not run anymore. She killed a dozen or so men from his group, but the latter had the number advantage. She was alone and she was also injured while getting the Reincarnated Datura. 

Helian Wuji and his gang were taking advantage of  Xue Qianying’s situation, making her feel lthat these people were despicable. But she also knew that moral values and virtue are useless in this place. Others may stab you in the back even when you’re virtuous and upstanding. That is human nature. 

“Looks like you’ll do this until the end. You should know your body well, you think you still have hope of getting away?” Helian Wuji said indifferently. 

His green hair moved alongside the wind, giving off a mysterious feel. Xue Qianying had no plans to surrender even at this moment. She will die an honourable death. 

“You’re willing to help a stranger. I am quite impressed. But you will die soon and my next target shall be Jiang Chen. He too, will not get away from my grasp.” 

“So much nonsense for what? Come and fight if that is your wish. I, Xue Qianying, shall accompany you until the end.” Xue Qianying pointed her blade towards Helian Wuji. 

This battle was unavoidable. 

“Brother Wuji, why talk so much with this b*tch? She killed many of our brothers. She needs to be torn into pieces.” 

“That’s right. Brother Wuji. I request to fight her. We must get this demoness and avenge our brothers.” 

“Everyone, attack her together. Do not give her any chance. This b*tch is crafty and cunning.” 

“No need to hold back.” Helian Wuji said indifferently. 

Over twenty people immediately surrounded Xue Qianying after Wuji gave the order. Her face was still cold, however, not even a frown could be seen on her face even though she was facing over 20 opponents. 

“A bunch of ants. It’s not that easy to kill me.” 

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