Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2318

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“Kakaka…. looks like there are people trapped over there. Looks like a few great specimens for my puppets. ” A feminine voice said. 

On the sky, five figures appeared, all of them were Peak True Gods. Behind those five was a 15-year old-ish looking black-robed youth who was at the Peak Late True God Realm. 

The youth’s forehead had two horns. He’s a pretty handsome youth that had a pair of blood-red pupils, and he gave off a harmless feel to others, but he was in fact, the leader of those five. 

“These four are not bad, keep them as ghost slaves.” The youth said indifferently. 

He was one of the Ghost Eye Sect’s twin princes, Li Yan! A Half-Step Heavenly God.  

“Alright!” The five of them nodded and instantly joined into the battle to fight against the Infernal Evil Dragon.

“Are we saved?” Pan Hong looked at the sudden appearance of the five people that helped them fight against the Infernal Evil Dragon.

“It’s the Ghost Eye Sect! Li Yan!” Leng Lingyi shouted. 

He never thought the honourable, virtuous Clear Stream Sect’s three Grand Guardians would run away. Yet the cold-hearted, murderous Ghost Eye Sect would help them. The affairs of humans are truly unpredictable. 

“To think there are still people trying to stop me. Hehe. Cocky fools, die!” The Infernal Evil Dragon spewed out its evil flame towards the five Ghost Eye Sect disciples and Yang Jian’s group. 

In the meanwhile, Li Yan unleashed a black great seal that covered the sky and the flame. 

“Such a terrifying seal!” 

The Infernal Evil Dragon quickly retreated after the clash. The seal then attacked the beast after it extinguished the flame. Li Yan then launched three more seals towards the Infernal Evil Dragon, causing the dragon to falter and retreat. 

The Infernal Evil Dragon, while suppressing its anger, said, “Puny humans, are you guys going to be a busybody?” 

As it was forced back thrice by this dark great seal, the beast knew that this battle would not be easy to win now. 

“Those who stand against my path shall die!” Li Yan said with extreme arrogance. 

He did not back off even though he was facing the Infernal Evil Dragon.

The Infernal Evil Dragon was furious. But at this moment, it was somewhat feeling fearful towards the youth’s black great seal. 

“If I were at my peak… would you guys dare to come at me?!” The Infernal Evil Dragon shouted. 

“That is ‘if’ you’re at your peak. If you want to fight, let’s fight. This seal is forged by 9,999 souls. It’s called the Heaven Upheaval Ghost Seal. I don’t mind fighting if you want to try it.” Li Yan smiled, it was a serious smile. The Infernal Evil Dragon was faltering against the red-eyed youth. 

“Good, good, good! This old dragon shall remember this day! Wait and see! The day when you all die shall be the day when I recover my strength,” the Infernal Evil Dragon roared and unwillingly left. 

The thousand li flame became smoke and slowly died out at this moment. 

Yang Jian and the others breathed out a sigh of relief and said, “Many thanks to the Ghost Eye Sect’s Prince Li Yan. Truly grateful.”  

Li Yan frowned and said, “Only four of you guys? The others died? Many have fallen.” 

“Seventy plus of us died. Only four of us are left. I am Leng Lingyi of the Divine Spear Sect. These two are from the Profound Feng Sect, Yang Jian and Pan Hong. That is the Impermanence Sect’s great disciple, Liang Kuanping.” Leng Lingyi greeted them. 

They were all injured and were saved by the people of the Ghost Eye Sect by luck. How could they not be grateful? 

“You guys are pretty lucky. I bet that evil dragon must’ve been angered and it chased you guys down to this place. It’s not easy to make a dragon pursue you all for such a long time. Plus, that dragon looks like it was injured by you guys.” Li Yan lightly smiled and the four of them felt somewhat weird about it. 

“It’s me. I stole it’s dragon egg and caused such things to happen. I am the cause of it. This dragon egg shall be a gift to you, brother Li Yan.”  Liang Kuanping said with a tinge of unwillingness in his eyes. 

But without the help of Li Yan, they would’ve died and this egg would’ve been useless. Plus, he feared that the dragon would come seeking for him again in the future, it’ll be a great risk for him to keep the egg. He had to give it out even though he was unwilling. In fact, this was to preserve his own life, he had no choice. 

Li Yan’s eyes shone. He was drooling for the egg. But to think Liang Kuanping would be this obedient and hand it over to him without a fuss, this saved him quite a bit of trouble to obtain it. 

“Alright. Then, I will not reject it.” 

Li Yan took the dragon egg immediately. The energy that was contained in the egg could compensate up to several tens of thousands of High-Grade Divine Origin Stones and more. This would certainly go up to a high price if this were to be auctioned. 

“Obviously. Hehe. A great item will find its use in the hands of a great person.” Liang Kuanping said with a smile. This ‘ass-kissing’ was on point. 

“Do you know why I saved you guys?” Li Yan kept the dragon egg away and suddenly said as he looked at Yang Jian, Leng Lingyi and the others. 

“Brother Li Yan’s great benevolence could never be repaid and will be forever remembered in our hearts.”  Leng Lingyi said.

“Really? Hehe, I don’t think so. I saved you all. You guys have to do something in return, right?” Li Yan’s words made Leng Lingyi and the others slightly stunned. 

“If there is any request, we will not reject it. Brother Li Yan, please tell us.” Pan Hong said solemnly. 

Since he has saved their lives, they will certainly do anything whatever that may be. 

“Alright. Since fellow brothers are such virtuous people. Then I will not hold back. My Puppet Formations still lacks four puppets. Hehe, what do you guys think? Are you willing to help me? ” 

Yang Jian and the others’ expression drastically changed after hearing Li Yan’s words. They unconsciously took two steps back and Li Yan’s gaze became much colder. 

“You came prepared.” Leng Lingyi’s gaze instantly became cold. 

Li Yan’s words were extremely obvious. He wanted to make them his puppets. 

“Keep dreaming. It is impossible!” Yang Jian shouted.

He would’ve rather been killed by the Infernal Evil Dragon if he was going to be made to become a puppet. 

“We will fight towards the end even if it means our death.” Pan Hong said while clenching his teeth. 

Li Yan’s eyes became cold and said, “Is this how you should act? Didn’t you guys say that you will do whatever you’re asked? Hehe, not credible guys aren’t ya? I will still make you guys my puppet after saving you guys. Then, you will all be obedient. Hehehe.”

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