Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2317

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“To think there are people here. This is a surprise,” Wu Rufeng said indifferently while looking at the thousand li fire that was created by the Infernal Evil Dragon. 

Thick smokes were created as the raging fire rose up towards the sky. They were attracted to the commotion. 

“Big Brother. So what now?” Wu Rufeng looked at Xuanyuan Canglan and asked quietly. 

“Are we going to save them? Or not?” 

“Save them? How do we save them? Not even six months have passed. What if we got heavily injured, our abilities exposed or forced into a hopeless situation while saving those ants. Do you think we still have a chance to become a true conqueror by then? ” Xuanyuan Canglan said indifferently. 

“But, those are our human prodigy disciples. Are we just going to watch them get slaughtered by those beasts?” Tang Zhen felt somewhat conflicted and said while gritting his teeth. 

Unfortunately, he could not do anything to help too. He could not save them alone because he couldn’t face that Infernal Evil Dragon alone. 

“A bunch of ants, what is there to pity if they’re dead.” Xuanyuan Canglan said.

“It’s the Clear Stream Sect’s three Grand Guardians.” Yang Jian’s eyes lit up. 

At this moment, they felt like they could see a shred of hope! The Clear Stream Sect’s three Grand Guardians. If without any accidents, they ought to be the strongest group in this whole Hidden Secret Realm. They have become their last straw of hope. 

“It really is the Clear Stream Sect’s three Grand Guardians!” Leng Lingyi shouted with a hint of excitement in his eyes. 

If the Clear Stream Sect’s three Grand Guardians were willing to help, then they may possibly get out of this alive. However, it might be impossible for the three of them to defeat this injured Heavenly God beast. 

Even though they have not met each other before, Yang Jian and Leng Lingyi believed that they would certainly help them. 

“Clear Stream Sect’s three Grand Guardians. I am Leng Lingyi of the Divine Spear Sect. I plead the three of you to help us! We shall not forget this gratitude and be forever grateful.” Leng Lingyi’s voice reached the whole mountain range. But Xuanyuan Canglan was unfazed. 

“Life and death, success and failure are decided by the heavens. Perhaps this is their fate. We do not have the time for this.” Wu Rufeng sneered. 

His words felt like a lightning bolt crashing down on Yang Jian and the others. Their final straw of hope dares not to help them. They conceitedly thought the Clear Stream Sect’s three Grand Guardians would help them but in the end, they got heartlessly ridiculed. It was ironic. The final spark of flame within their heart was thoroughly extinguished. 

“They are heartless!” Bai Yunfei roared angrily. 

The flame had already engulfed them, leaving only eight of them alive and the numbers were still dwindling. 

At this moment, the Infernal Evil Dragon stopped spewing out flames because it knew that if those three humans joined in the battle, then it’ll certainly threaten him. But if so… they’ll have to pay a price too. They better hope they know what they’re doing. 

“Heartless? Hahaha. Is it worth a single penny? The moment we enter this realm, you all should know that your lives are not yours to be controlled anymore. A bunch of trash, ants, not even worthy of pity if you guys are dead.” Wu Rufeng said with cruel eyes. 

But at this moment, Tang Zhen became hesitant. His brothers were completely different while they were in the sect, with great morality. They became extremely cruel and heartless now. He even had to betray Jiang Chen who had helped him and become  a treacherous person. Could this be ‘humanity’ as what they said? Tang Zhen was not a fragile flower being brought up in a greenhouse. He too knew what was important. But they clearly could’ve helped these people. Yet his brothers chose to be a cold and heartless observer. That’s all. 

The nature of men was now shown without a filter. Yang Jian, Pan Hong, Leng Lingyi, Bai Yunfei and the others fell into despair. The Clear Stream Sect’s three Grand Guardians had shattered their final shred of hope.  

Especially Bai Yunfei as the raging flame was already inching towards his body. He did not have the strength to defend against the Infernal Evil Dragon’s flame essence. 

“Big Brother, Second Brother!” 

Tang Zhen shouted. 

“Shut up. This is not the place for you to interrupt. You should know what our final mission is. This place is also dangerous for us. Are you able to bear the responsibility if we fail? Leave!”  Xuanyuan Canglan harrumphed and turned towards his back and left. 

Wu Rufeng gave Tang Zhen a good stare and followed Xuanyuan Canglan.

With the Clear Stream Sect’s three Grand Guardians leaving, this helped the Infernal Evil Dragon to finish the job and push Yang Jian, Leng Lingyi and the others into total despair. 

Bai Yunfei was slowly being engulfed by the raging flame. His eyes were filled with unacceptance and rage. But death was his only option. He did not hate Jiang Chen even though the latter did not challenge him, which gave him the chance to come here which was his dream. 

If he did not come to this place, he may have enjoyed his life without a worry in the Profound Feng Sect. But that will separate himself from the term ‘prodigy’ and become an average cultivator. He had no regrets in dying now. Because he died trying to reach a higher place. If he had to die in a secluded place like the Profound Feng Sect, then it shall become a great dagger that will stab in his heart for the rest of his life. Bai Yunfei looked at the dark sky and his lips curved into a pale smile, his expression was calm as he jumped into the sea of fire. The mortal body dies and Dao falls, everything goes back into nothingness!

“No……”  Yang Jian murmured. 

He was pretty close with Bai Yunfei. As brothers of the outer sect, they fought countless battles together. It was saddening for him to watch his friend and fellow brother die in that sea of flame. Yet he could do nothing to stop it. Because that sky-piercing flame was also creeping towards the rest of them. 

“Let this flame be fierier, be more violent! Hahaha,” the Infernal Evil Dragon sneered as he moved his body and poured his energy into the flame. 

In the end, Yang Jian and the others were feeling more stressed. It became much more impossible to run away now. 

The Clear Stream Sect’s three Grand Guardians did not even look back and left heartlessly. At this moment, their final hope had shattered. But they could not blame anyone else. Pan Hong knew it too. Although, if the Clear Stream Sect’s three Grand Guardians were to help them, they may yet to lose. He could only blame his weakness. This Hidden Secret Realm shall become their final farewell.  

Bai Yunfei’s death had become eternal. The only ones left in the Profound Feng Sect are Yang Jian and Pan Hong now. As Jiang Chen, Wang Chongyang and Man Shuai could not be contacted. 

Battles are cruel and heartless. The Hidden Secret Realm was also a terrifying place. Some of them were engulfed by the flame with pride and un-acceptance. The ear-piercing death throes caused the heart of others to tremble. 

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