Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2314

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“I can’t take it anymore. I’m going crazy. I will surely die if I stay here any longer.” A person was scratching his head and shouting continuously. 

Unfortunately, it was pointless. In this dark and gloomy mountain range that was filled with chilly cold air, it’s just hell that the devils dwell and these humans are to be eaten and sucked dry. 

Currently, the people of the Profound Feng Sect that were also in this gloomy mountain range were the inner sect's great brother Pan Hong, Yang Jian and Bai Yunfei. Wang Chongyang and Man Shuai were separated from the team, and it’s unknown whether they’re still alive. People were getting scared in this Hidden Secret Realm and most of them had lost their abilities to defend themselves. Some of them had even given up and were waiting for the God of Death to take them away. 

Countless experts, a dozen or so True God prodigies were dying here and there which caused the people to fear for their lives. 

“We’ll surely be doomed if this continues on. Are we going to die here?” Bai Yunfei said with a tinge of despair in his eyes. 

No news about Jiang Chen, Man Shuai and Wang Chongyang. Only the three of us are left from our sect. The others are all dead. 

“Our fighting power is getting weaker and weaker. Plus, we do not know what dangers we might face ahead. As for Jiang Chen and the others, I hope they could escape with their lives. At least I pray they’re not like us, getting heavily injured after each encounter. The only capable battle strength left in this group are around 20-ish people, the others are already on their last legs.”

Pan Hong said with an ugly expression and a bitter smile. His body was covered with scars and bloody injuries. 

“Senior Pan is right. We can only hope that we’ll not encounter any more foes that our current battle strength could not handle. That Infernal Evil Dragon has already surpassed the Heavenly God Realm. We only managed to barely run away with a large number of casualties. Our chance of leaving is getting smaller… This Hidden Secret Realm, in reality, is a frightening battlefield of hell. Life is worth less than the ants out here. ” Yang Jian sighed.

The powerful have their own weaknesses. In this westernmost region, they did not find any treasures. And although they made a coalition of seven sects, they were still left with thirty people, it’s most likely that they’ll face a terrible fate down the road. Staying put will 100% lead them to death. This realm was an extremely cruel place. 

“I finally know why so many prodigies could not walk out from this hellish battlefield with their lives. Because only those unparalleled monsters that are able to withstand the trials of this hell and continue to mow down all their obstacles and become a true devil god could be qualified as the final winners.” Bai Yunfei sighed. 

He knew that his life may very well end in this place because he knew what his abilities and talent were. Even though he may have gained quite a lot in this period, he still couldn’t reach the True God Realm. He was pretty talented yet not as much as those unparalleled prodigies. 

Bai Yunfei knew how much he’s worth. Because currently, Yang Jian has reached the Peak Mid True God Realm and was now on-par with Pan Hong. Standing beside Yang Jian and Pan Hong, he felt like he was baggage to them. 

The Profound Feng Sect was not a strong sect, in fact, they are one of the weakest if they’re compared against those powerful and wealthy sects. Their final hope was placed on Yang Jian and Pan Hong. 

“I think that Jiang Chen fella will not die so easily,” Yang Jian said.

Even though that was just his guess, there was nothing wrong in hoping. After all, they have witnessed Jiang Chen’s strength with their eyes. Although whether Jiang Chen could get away from the dangers and come out victorious was something he had to face, alone. At least they were luckier than Jiang Chen.  

“I also think that fella is exceptional. Let’s hope for the best.” Pan Hong said quietly. 

*Roar~ Roar~*

At this moment, a loud roar was heard, everyone’s expression drastically changed. 

Ear-splitting, heaven-shaking! 

“It’s that Infernal Evil Dragon again. That damned dragon caught up.”

“F*ck. Is that true?! Didn’t we ditch it? How could this be?!” 

“It’s useless to talk about that. Prepare to fight. This mountain range is that beast’s territory. It’s impossible for us to run away.” 

“You’re right. We’ll have to make our last stand.” 

Everyone was roused. The people that favoured battle amounted to a dozen or so and those that were scared chose to be silent because they just wanted to continue running. But could running away solve anything? 

The answer was no. 

They’d just be regarded as prey that was constantly being hunted if they continued running. Only heartless slaughter awaited them if they continued running. They may possibly grab a hold of that lifeline if they stand up and fight. 

“Are you guys mad? That Infernal Evil Dragon had already killed many of us, have you guys forgotten? Trying to be a hero now? You want to bring us all down?” 

“Yeah. We’ll only die if we stop running. Even though that dragon is injured, it’s still a Heavenly God beast, how could we possibly face it?” 

“I don’t care. I don’t want to be eaten by that beast alive. I’m not doing it!” 

Seven or eight people ran away crazily at this moment. Unfortunately, while running away, they were swallowed by another giant beast, a beast that was a few hundred zhang tall. It then slowly stood up and covered up the sky with its giant figure. Everyone was getting scared for their lives as they witnessed that scene. 

“What beast is that? Terrifying. The people of the Flying Tiger Sect and Gold Money Sect have been swallowed by that giant monster!” 

Everyone held their breath. A hundred-ish zhang giant pangolin that was on-par with the Infernal Evil Dragon stood up on the other side. This had become their nightmare. 

“It’s a Divine Pangolin! This is my first time seeing one. I’ve only seen them in the records. It’s an ancient beast and the weakest among them are at the Heavenly God Realm. Why is it here?! ” Someone said with a pale expression as he continued to stagger backwards. 

Their hearts felt like it was hammered by a giant hammer. Enemies from both sides, the twenty-ish of them had nowhere to run now. 

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