Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2312

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Jiang Chen shook his head while smiling as he entered the next level. He took out the Green Jade Profound Tortoise that was thoroughly dead. Nevertheless, its shell was as sturdy as ever. 

Jiang Chen looked at the flesh and blood of the Green Jade Profound Tortoise and suddenly thought of a medicinal pill. Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill! This pill requires the flesh and blood of the tortoise and some ‘not-so-rare’ ingredients to make it. The most important ingredient was the flesh and blood, an irreplaceable ingredient. 

“Let’s try and see what grade will come out of this.”

Jiang Chen took out the Myriad Qi Cauldron, which was the most important factor when it comes to pill concoction. The Myriad Qi Cauldron was able to concoct pills and refine tools. It was truly a likeable tool. Plus, the pills concocted from the Myriad Qi Cauldron were better than others. 

“Leonurus Japonicus, Lingzhi Mushroom, Blood Sunflower, Needle Flower Heart, and lastly, the flesh and blood of the Green Jade Profound Tortoise. Let’s see how many will come out of these.”

Jiang Chen’s lips curved up with hopeful eyes, because he did not know what grade will the finished product of the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill be. 

He was controlling the flame of the Five Elemental True Fire and poured in the medicinal ingredients, and then continuously refined them as they merged with the flesh and blood of the Green Jade Profound Tortoise.

Seconds and minutes passed by, his heart was filled with extreme anticipation. And finally, a day and a night later, the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill was finally concocted. 

The process took this long because of Jiang Chen’s attention to detail and quality. On the other hand, this particular pill needed to be mild and fresh, he cannot do it too fast. Lastly, this batch of medicinal pill was more than his usual by a large margin. 

“Open!” Jiang Chen 's eyes lit up. 

The batch of Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills came out from the cauldron, the thick smell of medicinal fragrance burst out from within. A total of 97 pills, and each and every one of them were of Immortal Grade. Jiang Chen did not expect that he’ll succeed so quickly. Moreover to achieve such a grade, even though it was the lowest immortal grade it was still great, isn’t it? 

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. But he knew it was all thanks to the Myriad Qi Cauldron that he was able to concoct immortal grade pills. At best, these pills would’ve been at the peak of supreme grade if he didn’t use the cauldron. 

“Beautiful, truly beautiful.” 

Jiang Chen put all the pills away with excitement. These pills could help those below the Hierarch Realm to extend their lives span for 50 years. Plus, the pill could also help Jiang Chen recover his strength in a short amount of time. However, it’ll be too luxurious to use it just to recover one’s strength. 

Jiang Chen took out the shell of the tortoise. This time, he wanted to forge a supreme grade divine tool, a body armour that could defend against a Divine King expert’s attack, it was truly exciting. 

“It’s all on you now, old bastard (referring to the tortoise). Haha.” Jiang Chen laughed as he used the Five Elemental True Fire to melt the shell of the Green Jade Profound Tortoise.

Jiang Chen was working on the shell for three days and three nights without rest just to melt the shell but to no avail. At this moment, he was somewhat pissed. How is this bastard’s shell so sturdy? Not even the Five Elemental True Fire could melt it? Truly, the bloodline of one of the four great divine beasts that possess the best defensive abilities. 

He realized that it wasn’t because the Five Elemental True Fire was weak but the tortoise was much more powerful. Plus, he could feel the shell getting softer, the shell could be melted but god knows how long it’ll take and he doesn’t have the time to do so. 

“I refuse to believe it.” Jiang Chen once again used the Five Elemental True Fire. 

Three more days passed and a part of the Green Jade Profound Tortoise’s shell has finally melted, but it was just a tiny part. It was extremely hard to thoroughly melt it down. 

“Right! Red Lotus! She could definitely melt this Green Jade Profound Tortoise’s shell.” Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up and murmured. 

“Red Lotus, Red Lotus, Red Lotus!” 

Jiang Chen kept on calling for Red Lotus, about a dozen times, and only then did Red Lotus come out from the Myriad Qi Cauldron, albeit lazily. 

“Didn’t I tell you not to disturb me without anything important?” 

Red Lotus looked at Jiang Chen with her fiery eyes. 

“I do not have a choice. I have a problem, this Green Jade Profound Tortoise’s shell cannot be melted, hence, can you help me just this once? Red Lotus. ” Jiang Chen pleaded 

“Remember. I am only helping you this one time. Do not bother me in the future, unless you’ve reached the Peak of Heavenly God Realm.” Red Lotus said. 

Red Lotus unleashed the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus as preparation to melt the  Green Jade Profound Tortoise. But then she suddenly concentrated her gaze on the shell and her face was plastered with shock. 

“Tell me, how did you get this Green Jade Profound Tortoise?”

“I got it in this Secret Hidden Realm. Why? Is anything different about this Green Jade Profound Tortoise?” Jiang Chen frowned. 

“This is the Luo River Divine Tortoise. There’s ⅛ of the God Luo Scripture on its back. Quickly, copy it down.” Red Lotus said anxiously. 

Even though Jiang Chen did not know what was happening, he still followed Red Lotus’s instruction. 

“This Luo River Divine Tortoise, does it have any relationship with the God Luo Clan?” Jiang Chen asked. 

“Yes. The God Luo Scripture is the greatest heavenly scripture of the God Luo Clan. It was said to be the first divine scripture since the ancient era of the three worlds. It could refine the heavenly astral, search the extreme earth, and calculate the changes of the three worlds and six Daos of reincarnation. You tell me, is the God Luo Scripture powerful?” Red Lotus said seriously.

She paused for a second and continued: “There’s a legend in the God Luo Clan: A dragon comes out from the Luo water, with the river Scripture on its back. That’s the God Luo Scripture. This scripture is said to be on an old tortoise’s back, which is the God Luo Clan’s old ancestor. But it was separated into eight parts, becoming the greatest and biggest mystery in this world. If one managed to collect all eight parts of the scripture, then one will be able to interfere with the heavenly astral and go straight towards the top of the world!”

“How do you know that this is the God Luo Scripture? ” Jiang Chen was mentally shocked. 

To think that this God Luo Clan is such a powerful clan. This God Luo Scripture must be an extremely powerful scripture. 

“Because father used to have a copy of the God Luo Scripture but was stolen by that bastard.” Red Lotus said while gritting her teeth, and her expression turned gloomy. 

Jiang Chen’s expression became extremely solemn. That person… without Red Lotus saying the name, he too knew who he was. But his current strength was still far too weak. In the future, he will certainly seek for him. Because he knew how deep Red Lotus’s anger was. How could he not know how terrifying that scripture was, and it will certainly be useful to further develop his relationship with the God Luo Clan. At this moment, Jiang Chen murmured in his heart. 

“This God Luo Scripture is extremely precious. You better keep it safe. It may prove useful in the future. ” 


Jiang Chen replied seriously as he copied down the part of the God Luo Scripture. 

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