Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2311

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Jiang Chen’s expression changed as he quickly ran away. At this moment, he did not care about anything else. Plus, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, he was originally worried about Xuanyuan Canglan and Wu Rufeng attacking him together but it looks like it was a needless worry. 

Xuanyuan Canglan and the others were extremely fast and they started their retreat. 

“Jiang Chen!” Tang Zhen’s eyes almost popped out as he was pulled away by Wu Rufeng. 

The trio ran away from the place at maximum speed. The pythons’ voices were exceptionally loud, the soundwave could easily kill off any person. 

Tang Zhen wanted to go save Jiang Chen but he could not do anything about it. Because the beast had locked off all exits and Jiang Chen was probably dead. 

A hundred Li away from the site, Xuanyuan Canglan and Wu Rufeng finally breathed out a sigh of relief after successfully escaping an extremely dangerous situation. If they ever get locked on by that beast, they would surely be dead. 

“Big Brother, Second Brother. You have truly disappointed me.” Tang Zhen murmured with a sad expression. 

As the third grand guardian of the Clear Stream Sect to be this distressed. But what saddened him the most was his brothers… as they appeared to be completely different from his perfect image towards them. 

“Third Brother, you have to grow up. This world is not as great as you think. You think you’re a good guy, but in actual fact, you’re a weakling. To differentiate between good or bad is how you think. There is no such thing as good guys and bad guys. Only experts and weaklings. ” Xuanyuan Canglan said. 

“Then, you guys can just force others to do your bidding? Moreover, Jiang Chen helped me. How can I face him after this? How?!” Tang Zhen suddenly stopped. Face him? Can I even see him? Right now, god knows whether Jiang Chen is alive in this world. Those beasts can cause such devastation, could Jiang Chen get away from those beasts? 

“He should be dead. Those three phytons… Hehe. It’s scary just by thinking about it. Pity, god knows where we can find that pagoda now.” Wu Rufeng sighed. 

“Let’s search for it some time later. If those beasts are still there, then we’ll have no chance to get it.” Xuanyuan Canglan said. 

“Third Brother, you better buckle up. It is impossible for a human to be enslaved by feelings alone. Only true experts have the qualification to stand at the top.” Xuanyuan Canglan strongly tapped Tang Zhen’s shoulder and leaves. 

Jiang Chen looked at the three Heavenly God Realm pythons with a calm expression. It was impossible for anyone to stop him if he wanted to leave now. 

“What are you looking at? Three bumpkins trying to fight me?” Jiang Chen roared. 

“Puny human. I declare that you’re dead.” The leading phyton said. 

“F*ck you. Who do you think you are? You think I’m afraid of you? Keep dreaming. I’m leaving now.” Jiang Chen harrumphed and he then instantly vanished. 

The three  pythons looked at each other with a blank expression. They completely lost track of the human’s trail. 

“Where did he go?” 

“I didn’t see it.” 

“You’re asking me, who do I ask? Did he go through the void?” 

“He’s just a Half-Step True God, how could it be?” 

“That little bastard. He was cursing at us before he disappeared.” 

“F*ck. Find him even if we have to dig the whole place out.” 

The three pythons discussed with one another but they could not find where Jiang Chen was hiding. As for where did he go? They’ll never know. 

Three minutes later, the three pythons started devastating the area. The whole ten li riverbed was turned upside down. Yet they still couldn’t find Jiang Chen and in the end, they let it be. 

Jiang Chen was sitting in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda calmly. The pagoda changed into a tiny dust particle that was floating in the void. At the moment, he was happily looking at the three giant angry beasts destroying and devastating the area. 

“Where is this place? Why do I feel like I’m being locked up.”

The Fire Qilin suddenly appeared. He jumped down from Jiang Chen’s shoulder with a dumbfounded look as he surveyed his surroundings. Plus, they could see what’s happening in the outside world. 

“This is inside my Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Why? Shocked?” Jiang Chen said with disdain. 

The Fire Qilin did not act and only came out until I’m safe. What do you call this? 

“Oh. Something’s not right… holy sh*t! The flow of time here is not right, it’s moving slower than outside, by a large margin to boot. It’s 30 times slower from the outside world. Holy crap. Is this a Time Divine Tool?” The Fire Qilin couldn’t control his excitement. 

“Quiet down. What are you shouting at? Country bumpkin, that is bad-manners. Where the hell are you when I’m getting my ass kicked.”  Jiang Chen said with extreme dissatisfaction. 

“Let me tell you, I have the strength to beat that guy. But if I have to fight every single time, what will you do? Wouldn’t you become a canary that’s getting protected? Then what is there for you to get from this trial? But worry not, I will not stand aside when your life is in a crisis that you cannot face.” Fire Qilin said in a serious manner. 

“Ok. You’re right. You passed.” Jiang Chen said and waved his hand. 

He understood that. But this fella’s attitude was what made him angry. He was truly in danger earlier although he’s still far away from being close to death. 

“Tell me. Is this a Time Divine Tool?” The Fire Qilin became excited once again as he talked about the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. 

A Time Divine Tool signifies the peak of the whole Divine World. Even the best of the best of the Divine World wants their very own Time Divine Tool. It was extremely precious that even God Emperor would be tempted. 

“To be precise, it’s not a Time Divine Tool.”

“What is that?” Fire Qilin anxiously asked. 

“It’s a Space-Time Divine Tool.” 

The Fire Qilin took a deep breath. Yeah… it’s a giant Space-Time Divine Tool. This is my first time hearing it. Isn’t this huge? A Space-Time Divine Tool… 

“The flow of time is slower by 30 times here. Meaning, you’ll have to train for 30 days outside and you’ll only need a day here? Isn’t this pure gain?” The Fire Qilin was extremely excited and he even danced a little. 

He never thought Jiang Chen could possess such a divine item, it was truly shocking. 

“Bah, ignorance is bliss. Look at your pitiful face. Can’t you act proper?” Jiang Chen scolded Fire Qilin. 

The Fire Qilin wasn’t angered but said in a serious manner:

“Can I train here next time?”

“You sure you want to be here?” Jiang Chen asked. 

The Fire Qilin’s head was like a little woodpecker as he continuously nodded. 

“Alright, it’s settled then, from now on, you’ll train on the 33rd floor.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Don’t call me without anything serious. Hehe.” Fire Qilin giggled as he fell into bliss thinking about the slower flow of time. 

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