Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2310

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“Surprisingly, though he’s weak, he has guts. Haha.” Wu Rufeng said with a giant laugh while looking at Jiang Chen with disdain. 

From his point of view, this fella is courting death. Everything would’ve been great if he just handed over the item quietly. He’ll have to pay for his life for an inanimate item. Until the moment before his death, only then will he finally understand that it is not worth it. 

“You people shall never understand the meaning of guts.” 

Wu Rufen was disdainful towards Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen too never considered him as an equal. Jiang Chen knew that he had no chance of running away now, he could only fight with his life on the line. As long as the enemy was not at the Heavenly God Realm, then he will have a chance for sure. 

“You’re hard-headed for sure. But being stubborn does not mean you’re going to leave with your life. From what I said before, I will not kill you because of what you’ve done for Tang Zhen. But it’s a pity that you’re stubborn, sometimes, you need to know when to give up, only by giving up you’ll gain something.”  Xuanyuan Canglan said as if he was giving Jiang Chen a lecture in life. 

“I feel disgusted hearing it from you. Why don’t you give out something from your side? As the Buddha says, losing something means something is gained, something gained means losing something.” 

Xuanyuan Canglan sneered. At this moment, Xuanyuan Canglan does not want to talk any further. 

“Then, we’ll have to use your last resort. Second Brother, kill him.”  Xuanyuan Canglan said as if he had given Jiang Chen a death sentence. 

Wu Rufeng slightly nodded. At this moment, Tang Zhen’s pupil constricted and his expression changed because he could not do anything as he was pinned by his Second Brother. 

“Alright. There’s no need for Big Brother to act for such trash. Haha.” Wu Rufeng held his blade in his hand and slowly moved towards Jiang Chen. 

“Let’s see whether you’re as the rumours say, having three heads and six arms.” 

Wu Rufeng said and then rushed towards Jiang Chen with his superior speed. A Peak Late True God was three levels higher than Jiang Chen. At this moment, Jiang Chen’s expression became extremely serious. Without hesitation, he unleashed his Dragon Transformation and used his Heavenly Dragon Sword to defend against Wu Rufeng. Unfortunately, he could not completely defend against the barrage of attack as the gap between them was too big. The speed and strength behind both of them were completely different. 

“Interesting. Looks like you’re truly capable, to be able to keep up with me as a Half-Step True God. Those disciples other than from the ten great sects are truly incapable if they’re compared with you. But it’s a pity, hmph hmph, people like you die every other day.” 

Wu Rufeng waved his powerful sword techniques. Both of them clashed continuously with Jiang Chen at a disadvantage. He did not find an opportunity to counterattack.

“Motherf*cker!” Jiang Chen threw his arm and the 12 Fire God Guards instantly surrounded Wu Rufeng. Now, he could finally stand on-par against Wu Rufeng.

“This fella… looks like he’s not all talk. To think he could force Rufeng to use the Bright Moon Sword Technique. Exceptional, these twelve flame puppets are even stronger than him.” Xuanyuan Canglan murmured.

“Bright Moon Sword Technique!” Wu Rufeng’s swordplay reached the supreme heaven with vigour. 

Jiang Chen would’ve been pushed back if it weren’t for his Heavenly Dragon Sword. 

Jiang Chen was calm as he had the twelve flame puppets helping him. He entered a profound state as he kept on retreating as he battled on. Wu Rufeng could not catch him. With the help of the Great Divination Art, he managed to slightly see-through Wu Rufeng’s swordplay, making him more unflustered. 

But he dared not to be careless. This Wu Rufeng was the strongest he had faced until now. Peak Late True God and his big brother must be in a similar realm who was surely much harder to deal with. 

“Good lad, you’re finally worth being serious for. You should be proud even if you die.” Wu Rufeng became serious.

Jiang Chen’s cards made him pretty shocked. Twelve flame puppets with a unique technique, it looked like Jiang Chen was able to analyse his Bright Moon Sword Technique, which cut down the efficiency of his sword technique as he was unable to land a lethal strike on Jiang Chen. 

“Bright moon on the sky, invincible sword under the heavens!”

Wu Rufeng’s giant blade swept across his enemy. The twelve puppets blocked his attack, but the puppets were not in a great state after taking on his attack as they staggered backwards. 

Jiang Chen felt an invisible pressure from Wu Rufeng’s giant blade. Even after the Great Divination Art analysing the enemy’s sword technique, he still could not completely mitigate this attack. 

“Solitude, sleeplessness to solve a thousand worries!” Jiang Chen once again unleashed the Sword of Solitude.  

This time, Wu Rufeng’s expression changed drastically. Jiang Chen’s sword surpassed even time and space.  Wu Rufeng could not do anything against the attack as it closed in. He was forced backwards after taking on the blow. If it weren’t for the difference in their cultivation realm, he would’ve lost the battle there and then. 

Xuanyuan Canglan was slightly shocked. This fella’s sword intent is pretty terrifying. That sweeping solitude sword intent gave him a tinge sense of danger. But that was all, the difference between them was not something that could be overcome by a sword intent. 

“Good lad, this is getting more and more surprising.” Wu Rufeng shouted. 

The Bright Moon Sword Technique was his famous unique skill. Only one person was able to break his sword technique in the whole Clear Stream Sect, or even in the whole Linhe Boundary—that was his big brother standing behind him. 

Wu Rufeng erupted a terrifying sword move and swept it towards Jiang Chen. At this moment, the twelve flame puppets felt powerless and were continuously pushed back by Wu Rufeng. Jiang Chen used the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps and unleashed the Five Elements Battle Dragon Seal and Slaughter Dragon Seal to stop Wu Rufeng’s track, yet to no avail. 

The riverbed was cut apart and collapsed from Wu Rufeng’s technique. 

“Ancestral Dragon Pagoda suppress my enemy!” Jiang Chen shouted. 

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda instantly shone with bright light and clashed against Wu Rufeng’s giant blade. The pagoda was unmoved and Wu Rufeng was gasping for air due to the sudden appearance of the pagoda. 

“Such domineering pagoda. I want it.”  Xuanyuan Canglan’s eyes became cold. 

At this moment, Wu Rufeng was suppressed by the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda as he could not unleash his full strength. But Jiang Chen was spending a vast number of divine origin energy to control the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. This was not an efficient solution. 

In the meanwhile,  Xuanyuan Canglan was preparing to act. At this moment, Jiang Chen’s eyes were filled with anger. These two shameless fellows!



Several ear-piercing roars erupted. Jiang Chen looked back as he saw three giant pythons come out from the bottom of the lake. 

Jiang Chen sucked the lake dry and the three giant pythons had already shown one part of their tail. But could have guessed that it was three giant pythons. A hundred Zhang tall pythons. The moment Wu Rufeng cut apart the riverbed, the beast finally showed its whole body. The beast was originally hibernating but was unexpectedly disturbed by Wu Rufeng. As the beast roared and came out from its slumber. 

At that moment, Wu Rufeng, Jiang Chen and  Xuanyuan Canglan showed an expression full of shock 

A roar coming from the beast made everyone’s expression change. 

“This is a Heavenly God Realm Giant Python, run!”  Xuanyuan Canglan roared. 

At this moment, his overbearing attitude and arrogance were useless. Because if he acted any slower, he would’ve been devoured by the beast whole. 

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