Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2309

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Tang Zhen’s mental shock was shown all over his face. 

*Ahhh!!!*  Heavenly River Female Clam yelled. 

She became weaker as she had lost the support of the lake. Meanwhile, the Green Jade Profound Tortoise was also on its last legs. 

“Currently, you are not my match.” Tang Zhen said disdainfully as he pierced with his spear. 

The Heavenly River Female Clam was slowly losing her consciousness from the attacks. 

Finally, Tang Zhen managed to show what he’s worth after Jiang Chen helped him, and they were able to take down the Heavenly River Female Clam and Green Jade Profound Tortoise. 

“Even though a Divine Tortoise has a long lifespan, it still died in such a manner.” Jiang Chen sighed as he grasped the Green Jade Profound Tortoise. 

This Green Jade Profound Tortoise could be forged into an exceptionally great defensive armour that not even a Heavenly God expert could do anything against, and not even a Divine King could shatter it. 

“Such a domineering divine pagoda, it truly made me feel envious.” A loud shout could be heard. 

Jiang Chen frowned and looked at the source of the voice. Two handsome youths slowly came towards their location. 

“Big Brother, Second Brother. Haha. You guys are just in time. Allow me to introduce my friend, this is Jiang Chen. It is all thanks to Brother Jiang that I am able to get the Heavenly River Female Clam and the Water Repelling Spirit Pearl.” Tang Zhen said with a loud laugh. 

“Who doesn’t know the person who even disregarded the people of the Divine Pill Sect? Haha, Jiang Chen. I am the second great guardian of the Clear Stream Sect, Wu Rufeng.” Wu Rufeng squinted his eyes and nodded. 

“A prodigy. Fantastic.” Xuanyuan Canglan said with a smile. His identity was as clear as day. 

Jiang Chen’s expression was calm and he only gave a faint smile. But without speaking any further, these two were clearly strong. One could see a faint hint of dominance in their eyes, obviously not as easy going as Tang Zhen. 

“Both of you are over exaggerating. You guys are the true future leaders of the Linhe Boundary. I am but a small character that has nothing worth mentioning. Hehe.” Jiang Chen shook his head. 

“How can you be a nobody, you even went against the people of the Divine Pill Sect? Hehe. Younger Brother Jiang’s pagoda is truly powerful. Can you let me borrow it and have a look? ” Xuanyuan Canglan smiled. 

Tang Zhen's expression changed. 

“Big Brother. What is the meaning of this?” 

“Just taking a quick glance, what’s the problem? I think Younger Brother Jiang will not mind. If he’s this stingy about it, then it just means that third brother has befriended a ‘not-so-great’ friend.” Wu Rufeng shrugged. 

“In the end, you’re eyeing on my pagoda, huh?” Jiang Chen’s eyes became slightly cold as he said disdainfully. 

“Eh? Let’s not simply jump into conclusion. It’s not like everybody is born to be bad. Could it be that you won’t allow us to have a look? Looks like Younger Brother Jiang does not regard us brothers as friends.” Wu Rufeng said.

“Such a dirty excuse, on the surface it looks justifiable. But in fact, it is dirty to the core. Brother Tang, looks like your brothers do not like me. I shall take my leave now.”

“Big Brother, Second Brother, what are you guys doing? Why are you guys being so forceful? What about me?” Tang Zhen shouted. 

“Leaving so soon? Hehe. I feel like something is still missing. Leave the pagoda behind and you can leave in one piece.” Xuanyuan Canglan said. 

“Big Brother!” Tang Zhen roared furiously. 

“Third Brother, you’re still too young. Second Brother, look after him. I don’t want him to cause further trouble.” Xuanyuan Canglan frowned. 

Wu Rufeng had already pinned Tang Zhen down, not allowing the latter to do anything funny. 

“You guys are now robbing me in broad daylight? Hahaha. ” Jiang Chen laughed in a ridiculing manner. 

These two fellas are different from Tang Zhen. Coveting my Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and in such a shameless manner too. 

“Since you’ve put it like this… Looks like you understand what’s happening. Let it go. You’re unqualified for that item. It’s still not too late to surrender. You’ve helped my third brother, so I will not kill you for this. ” Xuanyuan Canglan said as if he was benevolent. 

“I feel ashamed for you guys. Haih. Although you two are disciples of Clear Stream Sect, you guys are that shameless. I will not give it to you. If you want it, come and get it through my dead body.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

“You’re overconfident. You think your Half-Step True God cultivation realm could get away from me?” Xuanyuan Canglan laughed as he shook his head, finding Jiang Chen’s words were exceptionally funny. 

“Without even trying… how would you know what the result would be?” Jiang Chen looked at Xuanyuan Canglan proudly. 

At this moment, he will have to risk his life and fight.  

“Big Brother, you cannot be treacherous. You must not! You've been my role model since long ago.” Tang Zhen looked at Xuanyuan Canglan as if his eyes were going to pop out. 

Since he was young, Xuanyuan Canglan had been his role model, whether it was in terms of cultivation, or how to be a proper man, etc. But at this moment, his perfect invincible big brother was doing something preposterous. To think he wanted Jiang Chen to leave his pagoda behind. This was something he had never thought of no matter what. 

“I have nothing to do with him. The one who is treacherous is not me.” Xuanyuan Canglan said with a pale smile. 

Tang Zhen was slightly stunned as his expression became bitter and sad. 

Yeah… Big Brother is right… he’s not the one who is treacherous but it is I. Tang Zhen felt conflicted. He finally knew the meaning of the saying: ‘A human’s heart is vicious’. His most respected Big Brother had forgotten about his dreams and vengeance. Absolutely treacherous. 

“Third Brother why are you so stubborn? Big Brother is doing this for the sake of our sect. This lad is not strong but his combat strength is exceptional. Plus, he is exceptionally great in the art of alchemy. He’s very hard to deal with. That pagoda on his hands is mysterious too. We’re just asking it to have a look and you see how he’s reacting to it? Should we beg with our knees? Hehe.” Wu Rufeng said as he pushed the responsibilities to Jiang Chen. 

“Third Brother, you’ll understand some things in the future. You’re too naive.” Xuanyuan Canglan shouted. 

For Tang Zhen, those words were like thunder that resounded in his mind. At this moment, the image of that invincible and perfect brother was beginning to shatter piece by piece. 

“I’m sorry, Brother Jiang! I’ve put you in danger.” Tang Zhen shouted, his eyes were filled with regret and hatred. 

Jiang Chen was unfazed. 

“Some people are fated to be born for the sake of the Heavens. Some are fated to never understand what emotion or affection means. For these people, they are more suited to be called living corpses. I will not compromise even towards the very end. Clear Stream Sect, so what? Linhe Boundary, so what? I refuse to acknowledge you all, what can the Heavens do about me? Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen looked at the sky proudly, without fear, and was filled with dominance, as he stood proudly. 

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