Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2307

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Jiang Chen only had his eyes on the Green Jade Profound Tortoise while clashing against one the beast, again and again. The beast dared not to take Jiang Chen’s blade head-on. At this moment, Jiang Chen was pinning down the beast, allowing Tang Zhen to act more freely. The two beasts were pretty strong, especially their defensive abilities. For someone like Tang Zhen who was also at the Late True God Realm, he could not do anything against them. 

“Motherf*cker. I refused to believe that I cannot break this clam’s shell,” Tang Zhen said while clenching his teeth as he unleashed his full strength. 

He launched a barrage of piercing spear strikes on the Heavenly River Female Clam. But the beast did not feel anything, it chose to be silent and passively defended the attack, which angered Tang Zhen. Because no matter what he did, he could not break its defence. Now, he was anticipating Jiang Chen to break the shell of this bastard. After that, both of them could threaten the clam together. 

“Brother Jiang, can you break this bastard open?” Tang Zhen shouted. 

“Rest assured. This beast is no match for me.” Jiang Chen replied confidently. 

“Very well. You’ll handle this bastard.” 

“Watch me shatter this bastard’s shell. Haha.” Jiang Chen laughed as he waved his sharp blade.

The Green Jade Profound Tortoise was angered. 

“Dammit. Stop calling me a bastard!” The Green Jade Profound Tortoise roared. 

He hated it the most when others called him a bastard. He’s a Profound Tortoise, a bloodline that was infinitely near a Divine Beast. To be called a bastard… Frustrating! 

“Alright. Bastard.” Jiang Chen lightly smiled. 

The Green Jade Profound Tortoise was thoroughly angered and continuously tackled Jiang Chen with its explosive strength. Its sturdy, rock hard shell was not something that could be easily broken by anyone else. 

Jiang Chen used his Heavenly Dragon Sword to attack, and the blade vibrated from the backlash. His arm felt numb after he was sent reeling from it. Obviously, Jiang Chen was at a disadvantage, this Green Jade Profound Tortoise managed to pressure him. 

“Brother Jiang, you alright?” Tang Zhen shouted. 

“I’m fine, relax. This bastard cannot do anything to me.” Jiang Chen’s eyes squinted. Looks like he has to show some of his cards. 

He had never used the Sword of Solitude after managing to learn it. This was his strongest sword technique. Let’s see whether this Green Jade Profound Tortoise could withstand the Sword of Solitude! 

“You can’t break my defence. Stop dreaming. Unless it’s an attack from a Divine King expert. Not even a Peak Heavenly God could cut open my defence!” The Green Jade Profound Tortoise sneered.

“Let’s see whether your shell is tougher or my sword is sharper.” Jiang Chen sneered and the Heavenly Dragon Sword shot up towards the sky. 

“Sword of Solitude, I am the sword intent!” 

Jiang Chen suddenly entered into a profound state and the whole sky trembled, as if the heavens and earth were weeping. 

The sword intent of solitude, cutting down on the mortal realm from the void.  

“What a powerful sword intent!” Tang Zhen said solemnly. 

At this moment, his eyes squinted. He had never thought that Jiang Chen could unleash such a powerful technique. 

“Pretty powerful. But it’s useless in front of me!” The Green Jade Profound Tortoise shouted. 

“Incomplete Heaven, shattered earth, Styx River Divine Armour!” 

The shell of the Green Jade Profound Tortoise was suddenly engulfed by a terrifying energy barrier. That energy barrier completely covered up its whole shell and body. This technique was able to boost the Green Jade Profound Tortoise defensive abilities to the maximum. 

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen’s sword intent was not to be trifled with. Plus, it was not the Heavenly Dragon Sword that cuts down from above, but the Sword of Solitude. 

Jiang Chen suddenly opened his eyes and the sword intent came down. The sturdiest shield and sharpest blade had finally clashed. Who will come out victorious? 

Jiang Chen was unfazed. Currently, the Green Jade Profound Tortoise was also looking straight at Jiang Chen. 

Unfortunately for Jiang Chen, it seemed that his blade was not able to cut through the Green Jade Profound Tortoise’s Styx River Divine Armour. At this moment, Tang Zhen silently sighed in his heart. 

Looks like Jiang Chen is still not strong enough. Or that fella’s defensive abilities are just too overpowered. Can it not be broken? 

“In the end, we still lost?” Tang Zhen frowned. 

Jiang Chen’s sword intent returned to the void. At this moment, Jiang Chen was knocked backwards, and suffered a minor injury. The counterforce of the Green Jade Profound Tortoise was not something easy for Jiang Chen to deal with. 


But at this moment, the situation suddenly changed. The Green Jade Profound Tortoise coughed out blood and dyed the large part of the lake red, it was terrifying. 

Jiang Chen and Tang Zhen carefully looked at the Green Jade Profound Tortoise. It’s shell started to crack from within. Even though it did not look like it was severely injured, its shell was still shattered from the inside. It must have suffered a lethal injury. 

“Such terrifying sword intent.” Tang Zhen nodded and looked at Jiang Chen. 

That blade was exceptionally dominating. Only the Green Jade Profound Tortoise knew how powerful the sword was because the Sword of Solitude managed to crack its defence from within. 

Jiang Chen silently breathed out a sigh of relief from his heart. The Sword of Solitude was indeed powerful. That sword intent helped him in breaking the Green Jade Profound Tortoise defence. At first, he was a bit doubtful. But the beast could not hide its injury. Jiang Chen finally felt confident from this result. This blade had thoroughly broken the beast’s confidence. 

“Old Tortoise!” The Heavenly River Female Clam roared and instantly leapt towards the Green Jade Profound Tortoise, and pulled the tortoise down towards the lake. 

The Heavenly River Female Clam knew that the Green Jade Profound Tortoise was gravely injured. Now, knowing that she could not face Jiang Chen and Tang Zhen alone, the only option left for her was to hide. As long as they hide under the lake these two humans will not be able to trouble them. 

After the disappearance of the Heavenly River Female Clam and Green Jade Profound Tortoise, the lake became silent and no ripples could be seen anymore. 

“Why didn’t you stop the Heavenly River Female Clam?” Jiang Chen coughed once and asked. 

“I… I got too excited and forgot about it.” Tang Zhen replied awkwardly.

Because he did not expect that the Heavenly River Female Clam would rush towards the tortoise and run away together. 

“So, what now? They have thoroughly submerged into the bottom of the lake. Are we going to dive into the lake? We may not be able to defeat the  Heavenly River Female Clam underwater,” Jiang Chen said seriously. 

It was a pity that Tang Zhen let that opportunity go. 

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