Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2290

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Jiang Chen too, was extremely confident. He still had a dozen or so Divine Tools in his inventory. Worse come to worse, I’ll just smack you down with these divine tools. 

The grey-robed youth’s expression was calm, a clear smug and sneering expression could be seen on his face. He was dead set on getting the Immortal Grade Pill Formula. He will not give up even if Jiang Chen tries to stop him. 

The grey-robed youth completely looked down on Jiang Chen. As the number two prodigy in the whole Divine Pill Sect, no one was able to stand in his path. That peerless monster did not come, hence, he was the number one right now. He was even treated with the same status as Jiang Chengzi. Because no one knew how terrifying he could become. It’s even said that he was bound to become one of the most important elders of the Divine Pill sect in the future. 

“Senior Lang Ya, you have to avenge me.” The youth, named Li Yanchao, said while gritting his teeth. 

Lang Ya, the super prodigy of the Divine Pill Sect. The most famous guy within the sect, even the elders of the sect have to be afraid of him. Because his father’s achievement was something that could not be overcome. His father sent him to the Divine Pill Sect to further cultivate his skills, which allowed him to become who he was today. A man who was skilled in cultivation and in the art of alchemy. 

There was no weakness under that skinny figure. He wanted that pill formula, but he might not be able to concoct it successfully. However, it’ll serve as an experience for his path in alchemy. 

Jiang Chen also wanted that pill formula. The medicinal pills created from the formula would certainly be Immortal Grade. Not even the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill could reach the Immortal Grade, even if Jiang Chen were to put all his effort into creating a perfect one. The greatest result he would get was a Peak Supreme Grade. Hence, the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill was not an Immortal Grade Pill. 

“10,500.” Lang Ya said. 

At this moment, the whole crowd was in clamour. More people felt like they were becoming an audience in this clash. No matter if it was Jiang Chen or Lang Ya of the Divine Pill Sect, none of them were willing to back off. 






“You……” Lang Ya’s expression became gloomy. 

At this moment, he could not stay calm anymore, since it was a large amount that was being raised. Even Jiang Chengzi who was standing beside him pulled his arm, giving him a hint that he should stop if he could no longer continue. 

“Elder Jiang, let me borrow 3,000 Divine Origine Stones.” 

Jiang Chengzi had never thought that he had jumped into the trap he made himself. 3000 divine origin stones was all he had. Do you think an elder like me is as rich as you? But at this moment, he also could not take it anymore. 


This time, Lang Ya shouted fiercely. 

“This two fellas… this is too exciting. They’re definitely onto each other. None of them is willing to back off. Haha.”

“Yeah. The final winner will only be the Ju Yuan Auction House.”

“Right?! But this clash is way too exciting. 1000 high-grade divine origin stones each bid. Oh My God. I do not even have a thousand in my vault.”

“Today’s trip is truly worth it. Haha. Enjoyable!”

The battle between Jiang Chen and Lang Ya had caused quite a number of people to be shocked and excited. 1000 high-grade divine origin stones for every bid, since when did divine origin stones become worthless? The world of the wealthy could not be understood by others. 

Jiang Chen was confident. I have more than enough divine tools, three if two is not enough, four if three is not enough. I’ll just flood you down with these. 

“Jiang Chen, do you have that many divine origin stones? We’re dead meat if we can’t make it out.” Bai Yunfei said worriedly. 

“Nope.” Jiang Chen shrugged and said. 

“What? You really don’t have it? I knew it.” Bai Yunfei said solemnly. 

“Let’s stop bidding, why should we continue to fight?”

“I still have my divine tools. I’ll just pawn them out, isn’t that okay?”

Everyone was stunned. Yang Jian, Wang Chongyang and Man Shuai… The way Jiang Chen spoke…. Pawn those divine tools? 

Nobody dared to speak anymore and the site became completely silent. Because Jiang Chen was truly extremely dominating. ‘Spendthrift’ could not be used to describe him anymore. Meaning, if it’s not under any special circumstances, who would sell their divine tolls? Wouldn’t it be better to use it? 

However, Jiang Chen went against the norm, selling off his divine tools to buy a pill formula. But in Jiang Chen’s opinion, a divine tool was less attractive compared to that pill formula. 


Jiang Chen and Lang Ya looked at each other from afar. 

“16,000! Jiang Chen, are you sure you want to thoroughly offend us, the Divine Pill Sect?” Lang Ya said.  

“What are you trying to say? Am I here in this auction just to offend your Divine Pill Sect? The people here today will be our witness. Could we not bid on the items that we want?”

Jiang Chen’s word lit the whole auction house. Yeah on what basis that you’re able to bid and we can't? Are you bullying us with your authority? Yes, the Divine Pill Sect is strong, but is it stronger than the masses? 

“Jiang Chen. You better watch out. Hmph.” Lang Yan harrumphed and became silent because he did not want to give Jiang Chen a chance to incite the crowd. 

That was not beneficial for him and the Divine Pill Sect. This Ancient Dragon City and its lord were not any weaker than the Divine Pill Sect and its sect lord. Hence, nobody dares to be reckless in this city. 

“17,000.” Jiang Chen raised his bid again and he did so with so much ease. 

Whereby every time Lang Ya raised his bid, he felt like he was constipating. It felt like those divine origin stones were forced out from his body. 


Lang Ya was at his limit. He only had 14,000 divine origin stones. He was prepared to get those medicinal ingredients and the Immortal Grade Pill Formula. In the end, he did not get those ingredients and he may even lose the pill formula. Could I still not win against him with the 3000 divine origin stones that I borrowed from elder Jiang Chengzi? 

What is his background? Is he really just a disciple of Profound Feng Sect? How could he be so rich?

“Why so stingy? Raising the bid for such a small amount each time. How much do you guys think I should raise next time?” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“20,000! 20,000!”

“20,000! 20,000!”

Waves of voices could be heard reverberating throughout the auction site. The crowd was excited, each and every one of their eyes were lit up by this exciting event. The Ju Yuan Auction House would earn tons and tons of cash and every one was extremely excited. 

“Alright, I’ll accept the request of the audience, 20,000 high-grade divine origin stones.” Jiang Chen waved his hand. 

The host Hao Dabing was dumbfounded. What?! To raise the bid just like that? To ask the crowd how much to raise? And 2000 to boot?! Holy crap isn’t this … D*mn! 

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