Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2287

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“I heard that tomorrow night there’s a big auction at the eastern Ju Yuan Auction House. Should we go and check it out? Sect Lord,” Bai Yunfei said with a smile. 

God knows where he got the information that there will be a big auction at the eastern side with a big crowd. 

Xuan Qingming frowned but seeing Jiang Chen and the others happy expressions, he couldn’t bear to be harsh with them. Moreover, Jiang Chen had just helped Profound Feng Sect, toppling even the Divine Pill Sect. Such an honour made Xuan Qingfeng feel proud. 

“Come back before the sun sets,” Xuan Qingming said. 

Bai Yunfei and the others cheered. Since it was their first time being so far out from the sect and to be here in the largest city of the Linhe Boundary. How could they suppress their excitement? 

“Go with them. Come back before the sun sets tomorrow.” Ren Yuanzi looked at the eager disciples behind him. 

After all, they were still in the state where they’re still cultivating their heart in this secular world (still get enticed/excited by the things of the secular world). Just like how he was in the past. Nobody could run away from the temptation of the secular world. It’ll be a lesson for them in the future, they’ll have to meet different kinds of people, scenes and challenges to grow.

Jiang Chen was different, no matter it was in the human world, Immortal World, or even the current Divine World, he was always calm. Compared to those youngsters of the Divine World, he had reincarnated thrice; hence, he had been through a lot, it’s not something that could be compared with these people. 

Jiang Chen’s calmness and quietness was different from the others, making him much more exceptional. 

Old Ancestor Di Long and Mu Tianen had their disciples follow them to have some fun. Perhaps this will be their last, because nobody knows how many people will come out of the secret realm in the end. Not even Ren Yuanzi or Old Ancestor Di Long, the great elder of their respective  sects, could be sure that these eighty-ish people will not change after going into that battlefield. It will be a true baptism from the secular world, abandoned by the whole world. You can only rely on yourself, you’ll be living for the sake of your own self, alone. 

“The Secret Hidden Realm is filled with treasures and dangers. You’ll have to be wary against the dangers within and also the dangers beside you. Only the peerless ones could come out of there.”

Old Ancestor Di Long’s gaze slightly moved and looked at the empty Eastern City and said quietly. 

“Those that managed to come out of there will have their personality changed and grow tremendously. Just like… us. Nobody could simply succeed, one needs to pay a great price to succeed. The Hidden Secret Realm is truly a place that one hates and loves it greatly.” 

“I hope so, I hope that there will be more people coming out alive this time.” Xuan Qingming sighed. 

On the second day, Jiang Chen, Bai Yunfei, Yang Jian and the others came to the Ju Yuan Auction House that housed the largest auction in the Ancient Dragon City. The attendees of this auction are those true experts and wealthy ones. They were all there for the sake of getting their hands of the great treasures that were going to come out. 

“I heard that there will be a Ten-Thousand Years Blood Spirit Mushroom and a Human Faced Demon Ginseng, those are supreme grade immortal medicines.” 

“Bah! I heard that there will be Divine Tools on this auction too. This Ju Yuan Auction House is the largest auction ground of the whole Eastern City, after all. There are certainly many treasures here.”

“You’re right. You can get anything as long as you have the cash for it. Haha, but the finale of the auction is a formula for an Immortal Grade pill. The people of the Divine Pill Sect are also here, they are dead set on getting that item.”

More people gathered near the entrance of the building that could house 100,000 people. 

“Greetings, the entrance fee is 10 mid-grade divine origin stones.”

The guards at the entrance shocked Bai Yunfei and the others. 10 mid-grade divine origin stone just for the entry fee? Wouldn’t they earn like 10,000+ high-grade divine origin stones from just the entrance fee? Isn’t it too much? Even though some of them felt pained,  since they’re already here they could not return without getting anything. 

“This is fifty mid-grade divine origin stones.” 

Jiang Chen paid the guards and the latter nodded. The guards were careful not to down on anyone because they never know who they’re dealing with here. They’ll be instantly killed if they offended the wrong person. After all, lives are nothing for the strong and powerful.  

“Thank you, Brother Jiang.” Man Shuai said. 

“You’re too polite, it’s nothing much.” Jiang Chen waved. 

Yang Jian, Bai Yunfei and Wang Chongyang smiled towards Jiang Chen as a form of thanks. They’re all brothers from the same sect, hence Jiang Chen did not think much about it. Moreover, it’s just a few divine origin stones, Jiang Chen never bothered much about it. 

Tsk tsk tsk, look at this place, it’s bigger than our sect’s martial arena. Filthy rich. It’s my first time seeing such a big building,” Bai Yunfei said. 

“The Ancient Dragon City has a long history and the people here have some great background. The people behind Ju Yuan Auction House are certainly someone strong and are possibly even on-par with our Sect Lords. The hidden experts in this city are numerous,” Yang Jian said. 

“Yeah. It’s fully occupied. Truly envious. But isn’t this too crowded?” Man Shuai said. 

“You guys look around, I’ll go and pawn some stuff.” Jiang Chen said and walked towards the staff. 

“I would like to auction some items.” 

“The auction is starting in less than an hour, would you please…” 

“Are you sure you can bear the responsibility? Shouldn’t you ask what I am planning to auction?” 

Jiang Chen’s words immediately made the staff at a loss of words and did not know what to do. What Jiang Chen said was right. If someone was planning to auction a valuable item, then he could not bear the responsibility. 


The staff member nodded and brought Jiang Chen into a hall while clenching his teeth. 

“May I ask, what are you planning to auction?” 

“A Divine Tool,” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

Currently, there was no one in the hall, other than the two staff members. 

At this moment, the two staffs were stunned, blinking their eyes as they couldn’t believe what they just heard. 

“I’ll call our manager.” 

One of them quickly ran and looked for their manager. Jiang Chen sat down and was served with tea. 

In less than two minutes, a graceful young woman came out. She had an alluring appearance that could entice any man, but Jiang Chen had seen many beautiful women in his life, he was already immune to it. 

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