Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2279


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“Even though the Yellow Flame Sect came to challenge us today, when it comes to the Hidden Secret Realm, all four of us brotherly sects have the sturdiest alliance. But you have to remember, not everyone will be able to support you. The sect won’t be there to help you, so you have to rely on your own ability. But don’t worry too much because Heavenly Gods and above cannot enter the realm; only those below could.”

“Basically, the ones entering the realm are True Gods but there are some at the peak who are sent by a few super sects. Unfortunately, your current strength is still too weak. If it wasn’t for you instantly killing Yan Cheng who was a Half-Step True God, I would not have approved you to enter that place. Because the Hidden Secret Realm is filled with danger dubbed as the grave of experts. Out of the 9,999 people who entered the place, only 1000 of them usually remained. But those 1000 people will become powerful figures in this Linhe Boundary.” 

Xuan Qingming said with a serious expression in which Jiang Chen was extremely grateful. 

“Thank you, Sect Lord. Then, we shall take our leave now,” Jiang Chen said. 


Jiang Chen and Ling Yun left the grand hall. Ling Yun’s expression was still solemn and cold, as if she could never be happy. 

“This time, it is all thanks to you. I would’ve been gravely injured by him if it wasn’t for you even if his attack can’t kill me.”

Jiang Chen looked at Ling Yun. This woman never smiled. Always wearing that expression. Are all powerful women like this? 

“Nevermind that.” Ling Yun answered. 

What answer is that? But no matter what, Ling Yun still cared about him. But her character was just that, not wasting any words. 

“I will let you see a different me after I come back,” Jiang Chen looked at the leaving Ling Yun’s back and smirked. 

Jiang Chen came to the foot of Deer Mourn Mountain to train and found that someone extremely strong was following him. 

“Who is it? Why don’t you come out?”

Jiang Chen’s keen sense rendered the opponent’s stealthiness useless. But the opponent’s strength was still quite dangerous. It felt on-par with the Great Elder, maybe even stronger… 

“You’re sharp.” A deep voice reverberated in Jiang Chen’s ears. 

Jiang Chen suddenly turned his head and found a giant demonic beast. On its feet, all the greenery withered and flames could be seen, anywhere it steps upon had become charred. 

It was the Fire Qilin! 

“Have you been following me since the Qiyun Mountain Range?” Jiang Chen frowned as if he was facing a great opponent. 

He felt somebody was tailing him before, but the feeling vanished after he entered the sect. It’s probably because of the sect’s great protection formation that hindered the Fire Qilin. And now that he went out to the foot of the Deer Mourn Mountain to train, the beast, that had recovered all its strength, appeared before him once again. 

“Yes.” The Fire Qilin replied. 

“What do you want? This place is right below Profound Feng Sect, even if you want to do something, you shouldn’t have chosen this place, right? Moreover, I’ve already devoured the Dragon Ball, you can’t get it even if you want to.” Jiang Chen said. 

“I am here today for a trade.” The Fire Qilin said seriously. 

“A trade? Hehe, please, do indulge me. I am quite interested in it.” Jiang Chen shrugs. 

He wanted to see what the beast, who’s tailing him for such a long time, was up to. 

“I want your Five Elemental True Fire!” The Fire Qilin said. 

“Hahaha, looks like you’re dreaming.” Jiang Chen laughed. 

“Do not misunderstand, I do not want your Five Elemental True Fire essence. My bad for wording it wrongly. I need to grow, and I need to devour flames to be able to. Normal beast flame had little to no effect on me now. Plus, there aren't many beasts that possess beast flame. Hence, I need to find and devour other special flames to increase my strength and grow. Whereby your Five Elemental True Fire is extremely great for my growth. I too have the Qilin Saint Fire, but it’s yet to be formed. The other remaining four flames are great for me too. Hence, I would like to devour your Five Elemental True Fire and in return, I shall become your protector.” The Fire Qilin said solemnly. 

Jiang Chen felt the beast’s sincerity. The beast needed to continuously devour special flames to grow. Moreover, the beast was an ancient saintly beast, a proud beast that would not even bow down to the dragons. 

The Fire Qilin willingly bowed and begged which truly shocked Jiang Chen. Plus, the beast was quite strong, a Late True God, nonetheless it was not a threat towards Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen had saved the beast before. Hence, being the prideful beast that it is, it would not do something ungrateful to its benefactor. These beasts are sometimes more cute and honest than humans. 

“Rest assured. I will not covet your Five Elemental True Fire. I am satisfied as long as my Qilin Saint Fire is able to grow. Because the Five Elemental True Fire is also important to you. I do not want the essence of your flames.” The Fire Qilin said as if scared that Jiang Chen would be worried. 

“Is this your honest thought? But, you’ll have to be my mount, what do you say? Agree?” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 


“Haha. I’m just playing with you. I am surprised by your honesty. Moreover, I won’t lose anything if you devour my Five Elemental True Fire. So, I accept.” Jiang Chen suddenly smiled. 

“Really?” The Fire Qilin was extremely grateful. 

Jiang Chen patted the Fire Qilin's prideful head. If you regard me as your brother, then I will not treat you badly. But if you dare think of doing anything funny, I believe you should know of my techniques. 

Jiang Chen thought confidently. He believed he would not lose against the beast in a battle of life-and-death. There was a gap of three realms between them but Jiang Chen’s technique was abundant. 

“Rest assured. My Qilin Clan’s promise is precious and will be kept.” The Fire Qilin said proudly. 

“My name is Xuanyuan Fengqi.” 

“Jiang Chen!” 

“However,  I need to go to the Hidden Secret Realm afterwards, can you follow me?”

“I can transform to the size of an ant and stay on your shoulder to cultivate. My Qilin Clan’s ability to conceal is top-notch, nobody can detect me.” Xuanyuan Fengqi said confidently.  

Suddenly, the giant Xuanyuan Fengqi changed into the size of an ant and landed on Jiang Chen’s shoulder. 

“Interesting, hahaha.”  

Jiang Chen caressed Xuanyuan Fengqi head and the latter harrumphed, indicating its dissatisfaction. 

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