Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2272

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“You’re only bragging. As you can see, Elder Ling looks very serious right now, the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill must not be easy to make.”

“That’s for them. But for me, concocting this pill is just a piece of cake.” Jiang Chen said with disdain. 

His skill in alchemy had already reached almost the highest level. However, there were some medicinal pills that he was not able to concoct due to the limitation of his cultivation realm. Nevertheless, after having heard of this Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill, he knew that it’s not that difficult to concoct this pill.

“Look! They are ready for concocting the pill now.”

Someone shouted. 

On the square, Lin Zhongqiang and Jiang Hao exchanged a glance. As Lin Zhongqiang was still a senior to him, Jiang Hao still paid his respect by slightly bowing down his head. 

Jiang Hao was not slow in action. He immediately waved his hand, pushed out a set of herbs that were for concocting the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill and put them in front of Lin Zhongqiang. Obviously, he had been ready for this.

“You came here fully prepared.” 

Jiang Hao smiled but remained silent. In total, there were more than thirty kinds of herbs surrounding him right now. He took out the essence of each of the herbs, smashed them for concoction later. He opened up his pill concocting furnace and started focusing on making the pill.

When the fire gushed out from Jiang Hao’s hand, Lin Zhongqiang’s countenance fell completely. Only now did he realise why Jiang Hao insisted to challenge him and compete for the concoction of the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. This was because the Beast Flame he 

possessed was extraordinarily different. It was even more powerful than his Beast Flame.

“The Beast Fire of Burning Dragon Bear. How about Elder Ling’s fire flame?”

Jiang Hao was very confident that the Beast Fire of Burning Dragon Bear would definitely play a critical role in concocting this pill. And it could even help him make a Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill of higher effectiveness. Burning Dragon Bear was quite a mythical monster and its Beast Fire was even ferocious. Lin Zhongqiang wanted to have a Beast Fire like this but his wish was not fulfilled.

Currently, he was using the Beast Fire of Fire Scale Wolf which was at a completely different level from Burning Dragon Bear. The more powerful the Beast Fire was, the higher the chance of success and the more effective the medicinal pill would be.

“It's a Fire Scale Wolf. It is slightly weaker than yous. But we are concocting pills right now, so let’s see what kind of pill we managed to come out later,” Lin Zhongqiang said faintly. 

He was still very calm and steady. Of course, as a master and senior, he could not lose his own head in this situation. On the other hand, Jiang Hao had already defeated more than ten people until now. He was full of confidence. Even if he lost this competition, he was not under any pressure at all. However, it was a different case for Lin Zhongqiang who was carrying his sect’s reputation right now and also his own dignity. 

Nevertheless, Lin Zhongqiang was not really worried about being defeated by this Jiang Hao because Jiang Hao was still a young disciple. He knew how far Jiang Hao could go as a young disciple. He did not believe that Jing Hao would be able to overcome him in terms of their skill in concoction. Although Wang Hongyu had been surpassed by his own disciple, Lin Zhongqiang knew that he would not submit to anyone easily.

Jiang Hao took the lead, immediately choosing the herbs, and put them into the furnace and started concocting. He was quite careful when doing this process because he only wanted the essence. 

Not to be outdone, Lin Zhongqiang started concocting as well. Compared to Jiang Hao, his process was more gentle and steady. Jiang Hao looked more nervous but it was not hard to realise that Lin Zhongqiang was also quite nervous. He could not lose in this competition. More accurately, he could not afford losing the competition. This competition must have been seen as a real contest between Profound Feng Sect and Yellow Flame Sect.

Xuan Qingming was watching the competition between Lin Zhongqiang and Jiang Hao, without saying any words. As the Sect Master, he should not ask about matters like this. However, the opponent was too aggressive and pushed them too far until the eldery had taken action. This issue had become not a trivial matter anymore. 

This young man seemed like the most outstanding disciple in the Yellow Flame Sect. No one from Profound Feng Sect was capable of surpassing him? Was it necessary for Elder Ling to take action? 

“Don’t worry, Sect Master. Elder Ling is the number one elder in terms of alchemy in our sect. It’s impossible for him to lose.” The Great Elder said calmly.

“I hope so.”

Xuan Qingming nod silently. He could only now wait for the final result. How could a young disciple of Yellow Flame Sect cause so much chaos in Profound Feng Sect?

Jiang Hao casted his Beast Fire that had caused great shock among the public. The Beast Fire was indeed extraordinary compared to Elder Lin’s Beast Fire. It was obviously more powerful. However, they were not competing about whose Beast Fire was more powerful. They were competing about the quality of the  Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill.

Jiang Hao was full of confidence and his actions were extremely adept. One could see that he had been attempting to concoct this pill for many times for today’s battle. 

No matter what, Lin Zhongqiang was still a master so his skill was not weak as well. Many people were dumbfounded at his concocting technique. However, his skill was nothing impressive in Jiang Chen’s eyes.

In less than half an hour, their pills were almost formed up. Both of them seemed very confident in their own creation.

Jiang Hao was very prepared for this even before the battle. Once he wins, his reputation would definitely soar to the sky. With the exception to other domains, he would definitely become a prestigious cultivator among the young generation in the Deer Mourn Mountain. On the other hand, if he lost in the battle, it did not matter much since his opponent was a senior.


Jiang Hao shouted. He took out the pill from the furnace and held the pill in his hands. His face carried some kind of excitement. Apparently, he was not worried about his pill at all. After all, he had displayed an extraordinary skill and the efficacy of the pill must be the best among all the pills he had concocted.

On the other hand, Ling Zhongqiang looked quite solemn and this had sparked the curiosity of the Profound Feng Sect’s people. They were also worried about him. 

“Is  Jiang Hao really better than Elder Ling?” 

“I don’t think so. Elder Ling had been prestigious for his skill for more than hundred years. He is a real master of concocting pills. How would he be defeated by a young disciple? This young man is too arrogant. I think Elder Ling is trying to leave him some dignity.”

“It’s hard to say. I can see that Elder Ling looks really serious now. Once he loses, our sect will really be humiliated. Elder Ling is not the only one who will lose to him.”

“Shut your mouth up! Bullsh*ting. Elder Lins won’t lose. He will definitely not lose.”

Of course, everyone wished that Elder Ling would win and when he do, they’ll cast this arrogant young man out of Profound Feng Sect. However, it was only their wonderful wish.

Would the fact really be so?

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and could not help shaking his head. 

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