Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2267

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“Your concern is not needed. Your Heaven Sealing Qi Lockdown Grand Formation is truly air-tight. Let this lightning tribulation give you a lesson. I cannot run away, but neither can you. I’ll pull you down to the grave with me, so what? Hahaha!” Jiang Chen said proudly while giving off a maniacal laugh with his eyes filled with cold killing intent. 

“Trying to take me down with you? You’re not worthy.” Helian Wushuang instantly moved, trying to leave the Heaven Sealing Qi Lockdown Grand Formation. 

But at this moment, the thunder clouds finally fell. 

“Bastard! You’re playing with fire! Don’t you know that?!”  

Helian Wushuang’s eyes had a shred of fear. Now, he finally knew that the lightning tribulation was not a joke. However, Jiang Chen could also not run away from this heavenly tribulation. Jiang Chen wanted to die together with him, upon which he initially thought that Jiang Chen didn’t have the guts to do so. 

“You will never kill me,” Helian Wushuang harrumphed as he flew away. 

However, the heavenly lightning on top of his head struck at this moment. Everyone felt pained from just looking. The Dawn Sky Golden Lightning struck on Helian Wushuang’s head. 

“No!” Helian Wushuang roared furiously, and withstood the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning. 

Unfortunately, he was gravely injured from this single bolt of lightning. Jiang Chen’s lips curved into a sly smile. It’s just one.  

After that, the rumbling became much more frequent, the terrifying thunder clouds were gathering. Jiang Chen was leisurely walking below the lightning tribulation without fear. Whereas, Helian Wushuang was continuously struck by a dozen of Dawn Sky Golden Lightning. The pain… The Dawn Sky Golden Lightning was only aiming at Helian Wushuang, it’s like it’s ignoring Jiang Chen. 

“I cannot accept this. I cannot accept this!!!” Helian Wushuang’s face was covered with tears and one could see rage and regret in his eyes. 

With the barrage of lightning striking on his body, he lost all methods of defending himself. He was like a dying dog, helplessly struggling. 

“How are you okay? How?!” Helian Wushuang shouted as his injuries worsened. 

His expression was worsening by the second as he roared unceasingly. Jiang Chen walked towards Helian Wushuang and took a Dawn Sky Golden Lightning head-on, completely unharmed. This further pissed Helian Wushuang off. 

Xue Qianying couldn’t help but shiver from this sight. The instant the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning struck, Helian Wushuang despaired. At that moment, he lost all desire. Most importantly, Jiang Chen could ignore the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation. 

Amidst the sighing and shock, they could only choose to respect Jiang Chen from a distance. Even if Jiang Chen were to fall now, they wouldn’t dare to ask the Dragon Ball from him because only God knows what cards he has left on his sleeve. Facing the Fire Qilin, facing Helian Wushuang, one of the strongest disciples of Taichi Sect, Jiang Chen was able to pull cards after cards out of his sleeves. This fellow was like the ultimate hidden boss. 

Yet, he was only a Mid Void God, and every one of them thought that he’s an easy target. This fellow’s acting skills were better than anyone. 

“I really want to know why the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation only struck Helian Wushuang and not Jiang Chen?”

“I too have the same question.” Liao Bufan looked at Xiao Ying and said. 

At this moment, Helian Wushuang’s body was smoking from the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning.  

“Why, why……” Helian Wushuang murmured painfully as he died in regret!

His body was burned to ashes, his whole body charred. In the end, Helian Wushuang’s body became a pile of ash under the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning. 

He died in his own Heaven Sealing Qi Lockdown Grand Formation. He could only blame himself for his death. 

Bai Yunfei couldn’t help but shiver. This Jiang Chen is unbelievably strong. 

“So weak? Aren’t you strong? How did you become so weak? Can’t even take on a few lightning strikes. Shame. Haih.” Jiang Chen said disdainfully and shook his head. 

Xue Qianying couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Do you think everyone is as monstrous as you? Who else can take it? Nobody could withstand that lightning tribulation like he’s going through a walk! 

“Finally, that fellow is dead.” The Fire Qilin’s eyes shone, plotting something. 

At this moment, the Ya Zi disappeared without a trace. The Fire Qilin felt the situation was going bad and took this chance to run away too. Jiang Chen was too lazy to hunt down those two fellows. After all, the Dragon Ball was already in his possession, plus he was also gravely injured. 

“Why are you unharmed when the Heavenly Lightning struck you?” Xue Qianying asked Jiang Chen. 

She was genuinely curious. Did he wear any protection charm or armour? That couldn’t be. Otherwise, he would not be injured by Helian Wushuang. 

“Yeah. I am curious too.” Yang Jian looked at Jiang Chen and asked. 

“Maybe, because of my great charisma, my looks. Who can say what happened? Is it wrong for me to be handsome?” Jiang Chen gave Xue Qianying a smoky look. 

“Shameless!” Xue Qianying said while blushing. 

This fellow still dares to flirt with her. But in the end, if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, Helian Wushuang or the Fire Qilin would have never let them go. 

“Is it wrong for me to be handsome? Senior Yang. Aren’t I modest?” Jiang Chen said innocently. 

“Ye-yeah. You’re very modest.” Yang Jian said while clenching his teeth. He felt disgusted having to say that word out himself. 

Xue Qianying, Liao Bufan and Xiao Ying left. They did not want the Dragon Ball anymore, Jiang Chen allowing them to return safely was enough for them. 

Moreover, since he had no enmities towards those big sects, he did not need to silence them and make enemies for him and the Profound Feng Sect, it will not be a good trade. 

“Taichi Sect. I will never forgive you. Good luck.” Xue Qianying left a word and left. 

The grand canyon was in tatters and ruins. But the place was still as cold as ever. 

“This time, it is all thanks to you Jiang Chen. You really hid pretty deep. Not even the Fire Qilin nor Helian Wushuang was your match. I heard that Helian Wushuang was one of Taichi Sect’s prodigies. His brother is even stronger than him.” Bai Yunfei said with a smile, feeling happy for Jiang Chen. 

After going through such an ordeal, Jiang Chen finally got the Dragon Ball he wanted. 

“Yeah, we would’ve died here if it wasn’t for you. There is always someone better than us in the world…. We need to leave here as soon as possible. The people of Taichi Sect will certainly come. We must not say a word on what has happened here today.” Yang Jian said solemnly. 

Jiang Chen and the gang did not have a chance to rest and quickly left the Qiyun Mountain Range. 

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