Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2265


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“You have been thinking too much. Defeat my twelve Fire God Guards first before saying anything. Haha.”

Jiang Chen smiled with pride. He then took a few steps backwards while slightly grasping for breath as the injury he was suffering was quite severe. The suppression of the Luminous Cauldron had made him suffer quite a bit. At that moment, it was impossible for him to leave under the suppression of the Taichi Chart. If he left otherwise, the Divine Burying Flag would be suppressed and taken away by Helian Wushuang. This was something that Jiang Chen didn’t want to see. 

“Your flaming puppets are indeed very strong. However, I forgot to tell you that I am also a master of formation. Taste my Nine Palaces Sword Formation.”

Helian Wushuang sneered, and summoned out nine puppets as well. However, compared to Jiang Chen’s twelve Fire God Guards, they were obviously much weaker. They were only at the peak Void God Realm. However, the most important thing about these puppets was once the Nine Palaces Sword Formation was set up, they would become more vigorous than the twelve Fire God Guards. The mightiness emitted by the sword formation would fill up the gap of their strength. Meanwhile, under the Nine Palaces Sword Formation, Jiang Chen’s Fire God Guards were under absolute constraint. 

“Helian Wushuang is too incredible.” 

Yang Jian said in a deep voice. Since the beginning of the battle, Jiang Chen’s safety had fallen into a very embarrassing situation because none of them were able to help Helian Wushuang. Jiang Chen could only rely on his own power. It’s undeniable that Jiang Chen was put into despair after Helian Wushuang kept revealing different kinds of trump cards.

“He is the number two disciple in the Taichi Sect. Of course, he is formidable and it’s rare to have an expert like him in the Deer Mourn Mountain.”

“No one would disagree with what you said. Jiang Chen’s situation is really precarious.” 

“It’s hard to say. A mountain maybe higher than another mountain. I don’t believe that Jiang Chen will lose.”

Bai Yunfei chose to believe Jiang Chen unconditionally because there was no other way out right now. Jiang Chen was their last chance. If Jiang Chen was defeated, all of them would face death.

“Your Nine Palaces Sword Formation seemed to be  not that bad. But are you sure that you can resist my twelve Fire God Guards?” Jiang Chen said faintly. 

Helian Wushuang looked at his own Nine Palaces Sword Formation for a while then gave Jiang Chen a suspicious glance.

“Don’t try to play tricks on me. They might not be able to resist you but the moment I kill you, your flaming puppets won’t be able to break through my Nine Palaces Sword Formation. Haha.”

“I admire your insane confidence. However, you have to be sure that you can kill me first.”

Jiang Chen stepped on the void and soared to the sky, making Helian Wushuang look inferior. They once again clashed. Holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand, Jiang Chen used all of his strength and he was not reckless anymore at this moment. The same went to Helian Wushuang. He would definitely strike a heavy blow against Jiang Chen.

“It’s your honour to die under my Taichi Eight Trigrams Palm!”

Helian Wushuang raised up his hand, pressing against Jiang Chen with a towering fighting spirit. His palm attack was strong as it was formed from the spiritual air between the heavens and earth. 

Jiang Chen was unable to dodge the attack and was hit by Helian Wushuang’s palm twice. The pain he suffered was indescribable and now he suffered yet another severe injury.

“Heaven Sealing Qi Lockdown Grand Formation, open it up!”

Helian Wushuang sealed Jiang Chen down in his formation. The Heaven Sealing Qi Lockdown Grand Formation was a skill used to trap the air between the heavens and earth, so that Jiang Chen would not be able to escape easily by shuttling through the void.

Helian Wushuang’s Taichi Eight Trigrams Palm was all-conquering as it was formed by the spiritual air between the heavens and earth. Meanwhile, the Heaven Sealing Qi Lockdown Grand Formation had put Jiang Chen into a predicament.

“Jiang Chen won’t be able to run away this time.”

“All in all, we are defeated. We are too naive to believe that a Void God could save us.”

The Fire Qilin said with disdain. But it had no contempt for Jiang Chen as Jiang Chen had already gained its respect. A Divine Monster’s pride was even greater than a human—once they approved you, they would not change their mind.

What made the Fire Qilin heave a sigh was Xue Qianying, Yang Jian, Liao Bufan, Xiao Ying and the others. They had claimed themselves as peerless geniuses, but all of them became cowards at this moment. They did not have the competence to turn the situation around at all.

“Maybe this is destiny.”

Xue Qianying murmured as she could already foresee the ending of the battle was coming very soon. Under Helian Wushuang’s dreadful attacks, it was hard for Jiang Chen to make any counterattack. His flaming puppets were all under Helian Wushuang’s absolute constraint while he was repulsed by the Taichi Eight  Trigrams Palm. The Taichi Eight Trigrams Palms was a secret cultivation method of the Taichi Sect. The mightiness of this peerless cultivation technique was imaginable. 

Under the Heaven Sealing Qi Lockdown Grand Formation, Jiang Chen was in a complete passive position and was repulsed by Helian Wushuang over and over again.

“That’s right. We don’t have the right to complain here,” Yang Jian said coldly. 

The world was cruel and humans were cold-hearted. Jiang Chen was only a common disciple of the Outer Sect of the Profound Feng Sect. However, the cost and responsibility he bore for this battle was too high.

Jiang Chen did not choose to leave but choose to stay and fight until the end. This showed that he wanted everyone to live. At least, they would not be killed by the ruthless Helian Wushuang.

However, the expected ending still happened. This was an ending and suffering that no one was willing to accept.

“Jiang Chen, I, Bai Yunfei will see you as my role model. Although you have lost, you gain the glory.”

Bai Yunfei was furious and his heart trembled. Unfortunately, he couldn’t offer any help at all. Under the grand formation, Jiang Chen was repulsed again. He could feel that a sword was stabbing on his heart as they could only let Jiang Chen fight alone against Helian Wushuang. They could only stand and watch the battle.

“You won’t be able to defeat me.”

Helian Wushuang stared at Jiang Chen ruthlessly while attacking him with his terrifying palm. Jiang Chen was extremely careful now that he fell into a passive position. Everyone’s eyes were filled with sympathy as Jiang Chen’s current situation was miserable. His preservation of staying for the people of Profound Feng Sect was really admirable.

“He’s really silly but adorable.”

Yang Jian murmured. He wished that Jiang Chen chose to leave at the very beginning. If he did so, this scene would not have happened. 

Jiang Chen wiped away the blood on the corner of his mouth while trying to dodge Helian Wushuang’s attack. But the space he was allowed to move was very limited under Heaven Sealing Qi Lockdown Grand Formation. Right now, being attacked was the only situation for Jiang Chen as he did not have any chance to counterattack at all. 

Right now, Helian Wushuang also took this chance to keep attacking Jiang Chen. If he did not kill Jiang Chen at this moment, Jiang Chen might come up with different kinds of tricks again. If that happened, he would suffer a great loss as Jiang Chen was a huge troublemaker to him. 

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