Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2263


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Everyone was dumbstruck by Jiang Chen’s void shuttling technique. One should know that even formidable Divine Kings or Hierarchs might not be able to do that. Void Shuttling was quite dangerous as well. If anything went wrong, one could easily be killed in the void turbulence. 

Ever since Jiang Chen entered the Divine World, he had never used his Great Void Technique in front of anyone else because he would not simply cast the technique unless he encountered a real crisis. This was a way to help him survive. In fact, if he wanted to run away right now, Helian Wushuang would not be able to stop him. If he chose to hide inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, it would be even harder to find him. However, he couldn’t leave Bai Yunfei, Yang Jian and the others behind. He didn't want to do that.

Although Jiang Chen was not a man full of kindness, he still knew and valued friendship. Yang Jian and Bai Yunfei were not ungrateful men. For Jiang Chen, they were definitely worth befriending. Jiang Chen always made friends with people according to his conduct. If he did not care for you, he would not care even if you’re formidable.

“Void shuttling? Let me see how you are going to shuttle through my Taichi Boundless Great Formation!” 

Helian Wushuang snorted. In a flash, he set up the Taichi Boundless Great Formation using around three hundred Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones. It looked quite mystical as the surrounding ten miles within the canyon were engulfed by the formation. By controlling the formation, he could control the situation. Although Jiang Chen was shuttling through the void, he was confident that he could sense Jiang Chen’s location within the Taichi Boundless Great Formation. 

“This formation is indeed quite mystical.”

Jiang Chen frowned. The invisible energy shield covered the surrounding ten miles of the entire canyon. Jiang Chen shivered in his heart, but he was going to show Helian Wushuang his true colours.

“This formation is formed up by the spiritual air between the heavens and earth. If I create a disturbance on the spiritual air between the heavens and earth, the formation might lose its effect.”

Jiang Chen kept his Heavenly Dragon Sword and started wielding the Divine Burying Flag. He then started spinning it around the whole universe. Thunderstorms, waves, and snow filled the entire canyon. The Taichi Boundless Great Formation that Helian Wushuang had set up started to shake right now as the spiritual air was in chaos. At this moment, a gloomy wind swept across the canyon and shook the mountains. Helian Wushuang immediately withdrew himself while his face was filled with seriousness. 

“Is this…… the Divine Burying Flag?”

Xua Qianying’s countenance fell as she had never expected that Jiang Chen would also possess the Divine Burying Flag apart from his Heavenly Dragon Sword, which was even more powerful than a Divine tool. The Divine Burying Flag was undeniably a Heavenly Divine Tool, moreover, it was especially effective in restraining things with dark power.

The mightiness of the Divine Burying Flag was quite terrifying. It was almost impossible for those under the Heavenly God realm to overcome this Divine Tool.

“Oh no? This guy has the Divine Burying Flag? It’s ridiculous. I have heard that the Divine Burying Flag only existed in the tomb of a peerless expert. Only in the divine tomb one could see such an existence. Almost no one knows the formidable power of the Divine Burying Flag. It is not something that could bring luck,” Xiao Ying said. 

At this moment, no one dared to underestimate Jiang Chen anymore. Regardless of the Heavenly Dragon Sword or the Divine Burying Flag, they were both Divine Tools. They were peerless treasures that they might not have the qualification to obtain. However, they were unexpectedly possessed by Jiang Chen, who was only a Void God.

Anyway, this represented Jiang Chen’s capability. Despite feeling slightly unresigned, Liao Bufan was well-aware that he would not be a match for Jiang Chen if they were going to have a life-and-death battle. How would he be able to do that with his Mid Void God strength? Jiang Chen’s background and identity was mysterious to them as well because he had these two peerless Divine Tools.

Yang Jian and Bai Yunfei exchanged a glance with each other then smiled bitterly. However, they were actually quite grateful that Jiang Chen was a Profound Feng Sect’s disciple.

“I guess that it is impossible for me to think about achieving your standard.”

Bai Yunfei was a bit sad when thinking about Jiang Chen’s background. There was a huge gap between him and Jiang Chen in terms of their strength. It would be ridiculous for him to think about competing with Jiang Chen in the future. However, Jiang Chen had mentioned before that he wanted to challenge Yan Huo Demon Yan Cheng instead of him.

If Jiang Chen could eliminate Helian Wushuang, of course, Yan Cheng would only be a piece of cake to him. Only now did Bai Yunfei truly understand that Jiang Chen and him had different levels of eyesight. 

Yang Jian felt the same. Although Jiang Chen had been very mysterious about his background, he was pure and kind-hearted. With his Great Void Technique, Yang Jian, Bai Yunfei and the others knew that it would be  just a piece of cake for him to escape this place as Helian Wushuang would not be able to stop him. However, he did not leave even until now. This showed that there were two reasons. Firstly, he was unwilling to see others getting killed, so he decided to stay here at the cost of his life. Another reason was that he was confident that he could defeat Helian Wushuang. 

No matter which one was the reason, both reasons were good for Yang Jian and others. A brother like Jiang Chen deserved their effort in the battle.

The Taichi Boundless Great Formation was damaged by Jiang Chen and was now broken. The hundreds of Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones vanished at this moment and it’s heartbreaking. However, Helian Wushuang did not seem to care about all of this at all. Instead, he was thrilled by Jiang Chen’s treasures, the Heavenly Dragon Sword and Divine Burying Flag.

These two things were not less worthy than the value of the Dragon Ball.

“I am going to have a good harvest today. The past five years was not wasted luckily. Now only I know the true harvest is here. Hahaha.”

Helian Wushuang looked at Jiang Chen as if he was looking at a delicious chicken drumstick.

“If you want to leave today, I won’t be able to stop you. But if you don’t want to leave, then taste my strength today. A Void God bastard. The Divine Tools are wasted in your hands. It’s better if you give them to me. If I go back with that sword and flag, even my annoying brother would not be a match for me. I really have an irresistible divine luck today. hahaha”  

Helian Wushuang, with the bamboo flute in hand, stepped on the green bull and charged towards Jiang Chen. The bamboo flute was incredibly dreadful. The strike it made was in the form of sound waves every time. 

To deal with this attack, Jiang Chen had no choice but to be very careful. In addition, Helian Wushuang was indeed a powerful expert. If he made any mistake, he might be killed. 

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